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Thread: yanks yanked, sox socked

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    Default yanks yanked, sox socked

    with both of these teams one and done, whos gonna still be interested in watching these playoffs? im pretty much done.
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    Default Re: yanks yanked, sox socked

    I Am Very Upset After This Lose And Will Not Be Able To Watch Any Baseball Till Next Year.

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    Default Re: yanks yanked, sox socked

    The Jew in the Yankees must be pissed off. Ha cut the payroll buddy

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    Default Re: yanks yanked, sox socked

    i was all for the red sox but since theyre out ill support angels since they got my favorite player vlad, not really intrested ethier

    but mostly concentrate on the nfl though

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    Default Re: yanks yanked, sox socked

    I wont watch but the Whitesox and Cardinals is a good match up for the world series.
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