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Thread: Go Team USA??? The FIBA World Championships

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    we never win games like this and this time we didnt choke. this team has surprised me more than anyone. i never thought we could even get to the quarter finals cause we had a money hungry douche bag named Turkoglu as our captain.

    We are going to lose badly tomorrow, theres a feeling in Turkey as if winning Silver is good enough. you know theres no hunger for Gold. thats why i think we wont do very well. hopefully im wrong though.

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    lol we got raped, what a shit way to finish the tournament. no heart at all. Turkoglu quit on the fucking team, what a fucking dick. after the semi's the team were promised $1.5million each, so they got what they want. they fucking settled for 2nd place in the tournament. atleast play physical, push them around and shit. i mean atleast make a game out of it dont get blown out by 20.

    talking on team USA, this whole tournament Rose has sucked bad. Durant obviously the best player and pretty much carried team USA to Gold. without him i doubt they would have made it passed the semis. he made that much of a difference.

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    he is going to be the best player in the NBA over the next ten years

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    HAN its because the NBA is a fraternity of millionaires and 90 percent of them don't care, they just want to make their money, not get hurt and semi compete.

    Its a joke.
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