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Thread: "LOOK" New Track for the Audio Lounge: 5:30am Honesty

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    Default "LOOK" New Track for the Audio Lounge: 5:30am Honesty

    People peep this:

    A track from a project currently developing: 5:30am Honesty (Written by: Teknical Development produced by: Hey! Zeus Apollo)

    http://www.soundclick.com/teknicaldevelopment follow directions to music section.

    Also you can find here: One other Track: B.I.T.E (basic imitation through emceeing)

    Overdose me with some feed back from across the WORLD putting shit out on this audio lounge for the people to access more then what the fucking radio will allow to play.

    Good looking for the REAL DEDICATED HIP-HOP/RAP Listeners who don't look at what part of this many faced planet diferent emcees be coming from.

    P E A C E & R E S P E C T to the whole of wutang corp

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    Default Re: "LOOK" New Track for the Audio Lounge: 5:30am Honesty

    yess bruv..peace..love the beat..voice is dope..loving the accent...north man..im from west..quality is cool..sounds beeeaarrr underground..content is sick..delivery is nice....emotion is brilliant, you remind me of jehst a bit..

    dope bro..we should collab..keep it hip hop.


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    Default you right!

    yo' respect for your thread, checked out your shit and you fuc#ing sick
    Whenever time allows a collab it will be done

    P E A C E uk

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    Default Re: "LOOK" New Track for the Audio Lounge: 5:30am Honesty


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