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Thread: How's everything?

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    Default How's everything?

    Sup yall, I said I was not gonna come back but i figured I must.. I also had thoughts of wanting to crumble their whole empire if i could..lol Also I just had to get away i been feeling worse and worse and getting sicker as time passed, luckly i been feeling good some days now, thank God..

    A lot has surfaced, many threats, manys plans circling my head.. But i can't really say what it is exactly cus i'm afraid they might unleash on me, if they have not already, something that may just fuck me over till i can't function no more, you know how that goes..lol..

    well i'm gonna keep it short..

    Thanks, peace
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    anyone know when season 8 of curb your enthusiasm is coming out in america? Im feigning for that shit

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    Allah is my bitch
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    Canít stand Cilvaringz, by the way.... Itís never us coming with the gimmicks. Itís always on the outside, a "B" Wu guy or somebody like that coming with some crap thatís just so gimmicky. It makes you scratch your head and say, ĎWhy Wu-Tang?í when itís not Wu-Tang.
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    That's a guy in those pictures who's a woman?

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    ^ hahahaha

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