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Wow ... that is a trip ... just goes to show we're all more interconnected than we care to think. But anyway ... back to these words man ... Just reread it and it gave me the chills again ... seems like you've encompassed all aspects of humanity, past and present, in these lines. The competiveness of our nature, the selfishness of our actions, the level of concern that we have, or lack thereof, when it comes to the impact that we have on this planet, youíve managed to showcase them all. Man is considered to be the greatest and most intelligent life form there is, but we are also the most destructive. We distort and/or corrupt so much of what we come in contact with, and itís all done in the name of "good." It's very disheartening when you sit back and think about it. Everything we do is based on acquiring something from another, and those who fall prey to the victimization either continue to be preyed upon, or become predators themselves. Itís a repetitive global cycle that exists on every level of society that we all continue to witness, but somehow canít seem to break. How much suffering and destruction is it going to take before we realize that we are truly our own worst enemy? Once again youíve done a great job Noel Ö loved the depth of the content Ö look forward to seeing more!!

Cheers Dae. I only just saw this post. Very nearly completely missed it. Looks like you got a pretty good grasp of what this piece was about. Sadly I think human nature is human nature. I wouldn't expect too much of a change for the better anytime soon. And then there's always the problem of it only taking one greedy, power hungry motherfucker to fuck up the good work of many. Thanks for your input.
I am not on much nowadays either, has been a busy year for me . Would be great to catch up though! I might go on a little holiday up the coast sometime soon. Who knows, we may cross paths...
Yeah it's been a real busy year for me too. What with working a few hours a week, surfing all day, practicing guitar, reading, writing...yeah I've been flat out lolz. Maybe we will cross paths. I'm sort of back on the net now, and hopefully will be properly back on soon, so at the very least I'll try to send you a message soon. You know, a reply to that last one you sent in like...March maybe? March 2009 maybe? lolz