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Thread: Kell16 Vs SurreaL (1st round)

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    dude..im NOT frontin...just because i didnt write a fuckin book on what i thought about this 1 fuckin battle doesnt mean i htoguth your shit was whack...i just think in my opinion, kell had batter punches....so if you wanna post and argue..whatever ima do the same..cause all your sayin is bullshit....im not gonna sit down and let u say whatever u think abotu me without u actually knowing me....so wtf then? lol and your the iggnorent one thinkin abyone here would post liekme...im the only me...recongize SL.....you throwing a fuckin fit....not calm the fuck down..and lets see what other voters got to say..and i really dont need any dipshtis quoting me on this....and said wtf i wanted to how i wanted to...and thats that...if u dont think so..so be it...carry on on vote...regardless of what i might say....ok then?.......

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    Default Re: Kell16 Vs SurreaL (1st round)

    fuuuuck!.....yo surreal, check this out.....legit, cut the shit, no one cares, peace

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    lol sicka....ima stop there

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    man, im throwing the fit?, look's like you are, im just saying, you're still being a dick, that's all im saying, I could giva fuck less who you are, now let's go our own way's on this, you don't like me, I had respect for you, but once again you ran you're mouth, so peace.

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    ya'll niggaas is looney man, kill that net arguing shit, not only is it childish to "type in insults", it's embarrasing fam

    fuck this damn battle, just vote or not

    i really don't care now

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