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Thread: New Beat - Happy Go Lucky ft. Memphis Bleek

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    Default New Beat - Happy Go Lucky ft. Memphis Bleek

    Yo i dont like using artist like mephis bleek and jay-z all the time to put over my beats so if anybody knows where i can get some acappellas from let me know, it would be really helpful. Need some Wutang Joints or Nas or anybody other than "Hip Pop" cats

    Happy Go Lucky - you may need to listen to it twice because i got bleek rhyming as soon as it starts so there is no time to actually feel the beat. You'll understand when you hear it.

    I just uploaded a jay-z joint called Tommorrow but the beat isn't new, its actually 2 years old.

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    Default Re: New Beat - Happy Go Lucky ft. Memphis Bleek

    Yo yeah i dont like hearing Jay z and memph all da time either lol, deres plenty of accapellas u can dload from like limewire n dat- n u from NY? crawling with MC'S!! even on the tube!!

    ok the beat is nice nam;sayin, good quality- peace

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