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Default The Wu-Tang Corp Top 101

Ok, so I color coordinated the highlighted verses in case anybody cares, it goes

red = RZA
lime = GZA
cyan = Ghostface Killah
gold = U-God
orange = Ol' Dirty Bastard
magenta = Raekwon
silver = Masta Killa
purple = Method Man
Blue = Inspectah Deck
green = Cappadonna,Streetlife,Affiliates

#101 Buck 50 - Supreme Clientele - 279 pts.

Artists:Method Man/Ghostface Killah/Cappadonna/Redman

I heard the corp is bout that, psychotherapy, we all buggin' where the couch at?

Wu til they bury me...

A last chance entry in the polls, the fans decided it was too good to be left off. What you essentially have here is a bass driven sample with overlapping bells/whistles and an occasional guitar riff, which is great, but not compared to the lyrics. Mef, Cappa, Redman, and Ghost destroy the track lyrically and many quotable lines are left to sift through. A favorite of mine is Red's "Your weed got more seeds than ODB, can't smoke wit cha HUUUUAAAAHH!!!" One of Ghost's key career moments in buck 50 is

"starks with the parcheesi face, measly pace
ol' face ghostface, jump out the window for a little taste

the droopy look, my main bitches call me lazy
educated birds say ghost you so crazy!

followed by... "there's no love to be found".-FH

Ghost's humorous side is exposed, and a new dimension to his game is shown to fans, who previously had witnessed him as simply just a battle-rapper.

The ending hook, like so many designed on Mef based tracks is incredibly memorable and demands replays.

"The F'n Wu will open ya"

fav lines - "Tyco nightglow velvet pose, special effects
High-tech armors merc you at the shows
Cancun, catch me in the room, eatin grouper.."

"Shoe fly shoo, Wally Don Clark crew
Fuck y'all wanna do? Crack a brew, smoke an L or two
And flip like (HUH)
Killin for the whole click is sick like (HUH)
You and your stank bitch eat a dick like (HUH)
Baby shake your shit, girl you're thick like (HUH)
Gettin rich like (HUH) Yeah.."

#100 Biscuits - The Pretty Toney Album - 279.5 pts.

Artists:Ghostface Killah/Trife
Producer:True Master

High grand piano notes accompanied by a muffled horn sample provide the upbeat atmosphere for this extremely visually descriptive ghost song, one of the better True Master productions. An off key hook which Ghost has used before effectively (Theodore) drives the hook, which demands a loud sing along.

Call ya bluff, ya'll faggots don't want no beef, grind ya teeth and just roll with it, don't risk it, fuck around a be a statistic...

Both the hook and the beat are very addictive as is Trife's verse which to me is his breakout record, showing just how good he can be, and is a clear reason why Trife has become Ghost's affiliate wing-man.

fav line- "We gon' -- we gon' get our money
If he front, they gon' read about the rocks in his tummy
Mouth was red, socks was bloody, fuck all the talkin'
Safety off and shit, crept out, "What up money? Freeze!"
Don't move, turn around, act like James Brown
And get down! Get slapped with the put down
Wasn't you the same clown? Uptown, yappin'
I keep big Shirley on my side, so What's Happenin'?"

#99 Damage - Return to the 36 Chambers : The Dirty Version - 280 pts.

Artists:Ol' Dirty Bastard/GZA
Producer:RZA/4th Disciple

A battle rap song to the fullest with Dirty and the Genius trading shots like a John Woo film. The beat is so dark and grimey with odd sounds filling the soundscape

You'll be wishing ya fuckin' ass stayed home and played Yahtzee

Quotables engulf this song in which we get the first glimpse of Genius' kids who intro the song.

fav lines - "I got the asiatic flow mixed with disco
roll up on the scene like the count of Monte Crisco
and MC's start to vanish
I stepped up to a jet black kid, started speakin spanish!
Yo he wasn't from Panama
I asked him how he get so dark, the nigga said suntama!"

"Or watchin Happy Days sweatin Potsie
with Ralphie and Richie Cunningham, Joni and Chachi"

#98 I Can't Go to Sleep - The W - 281 pts.

Artists:Ghostface Killah/RZA/Isaac Hayes

A heavily used sample Walk on By, by Isaac Hayes as well as an added chorus by Hayes himself cements this as a can't miss classic from the Wu's third album. Social consciousness is spewed throughout with Rza and Ghost hammering home the lyrics with Ghost paying homage...

Peace to Biggie Tupac Big L and Big Pun

...while Rza mentions assassinated civil rights leaders...

They shot Malcolm in the chest front of his little seeds
Jesse watched, as they shot King on the balcony

The impact of the words is actually bigger than the song itself, and that's saying a whole lot.

fav lines-"Stop at the cheeba spot, then pass the leak spot
So past y'all niggaz again, you took a cheap shot
Not knowin FUCKIN WITH ME, you get your meat chopped

"I can't go to sleep, I can't shut my eyes
They shot the father at his mom's building seven times
They shot Malcolm in the chest front of his little seeds
Jesse watched, as they shot King on the balcony
Exported Marcus, Garvey cause he tried to spark us
with the knowledge of ourselves, and our forefathers
Ohh Jacqueline you heard the rifle shots cracklin
Her husband head in her hair, you tried to put it back in

#97 The Birth - Birth of a Prince - 281.5 pts.

Producer:Bronze Nazareth

The first of two Bronze Nazareth productions from BOAP to make the list, This beat is slow and melancholy matching the extremely conscious RZA lyrics perfectly,

We the people, supposed to be equal
But the men who wrote that, they was evil

...bellows RZA in a cracked and sorrowful voice, seeming barely able to hold it together. Warning, this song is not for everybody, those not wanting to hear a different version of that written in textbooks may find RZA's rantings ridiculous.

fav lines - "We the people, supposed to be equal
But the men who wrote that, they was evil
Slave owners, who did not include us
They just used us, and abused us
First they trick you, then mentally kill you
And use technologies, to rebuild you"

"Yo, as a life can be slowed down 20 frames per second
Seen through Panavision
The inner light inside my mind's shines expands the prism
A man of wisdom, victorious and the glorious"

#96 Mic Trippin' - Beneath the Surface - 282 pts.


Here a fairly simplistic overlapping drum and vibrating string sample with breaks and voice samples scratched in sets the mood for The Genius' visceral lyrics and hard hitting hooks

Adjust this, til its EQ'ed like never
Watch a mega watt bang spot, raise the lever

Along Ghost's and Rae's lines of slang style, GZA does a nice job here with lyrics that are very interpretive.

fav lines- "The decoy, scan this with high tech radar
Til my mic strike, leave a state-size crater"

"First lesson came from the session, room one
From the longest awaited, but the strongest made it
Complex, complicated, compressed elongated
Homicidial sub-title"

#95 Unspoken Word - RZA as Bobby Digital in Stereo - 294 pts.


What can you say about these lyrics? People will dissect them for years to come. Rza gives a stern warning to those listening...

We see a snake in the garden, we get rid of you

The beat is simple repeating voice sample and low short string jabs, easy but very effective. Not the highlight though, once again the lyrics are.

lyrics - "Yo, yo it's the unspoken word
You not heard, get your brains open
Controlled emotions freewill
as the same token
Keep a sword tucked sharp inside your personal
We can bust a shot or we can bust a verse or two

Word's on the street Dunn Dunn Bobby's goin Digital
Hoverin the city inside the Wonder Woman's invisible jet
Clouded by the Meth we move undetected
in secret society sects, NARC's radar
suspected us to be a cumulus cloud, ejectin lightning
Strikin like a wild knuckle fight, in New Brighton
A million strands of spider webs weaved to make my vest
The energy compacted deep within, my inner chest
One touch of my eagle claw clutch, rips your guts
Brass head kill you fast with a rapid, head bust
Ninjas spyin, the ammo flyin, the steel iron
Blow a nigga neck from his head, like dandelions
My team is a magazine of M-16's
But we calmly, defeat your army, by blowin steam
Noisy as a thousand barkin dogs, rap's sweat hogs
Welcome back to the catalogue, hip-hop cyborg
Bobby Digital, keyboard clogged bitch you analog
We blowin smoke creatin Scooby Doo fogs
Escape cell block eight's my tape on the rocks
Sean Connery, calmly bombin MC's, who stuck on my phenomenon
Word up, no hurry up, for the merrier
You worry Duck, you get touched by the razor cut
You feel the flurry huh, don't worry yo
You get cut by the razor, yo, yo, yo yo

The Wu rag tied around your head, like a doo rag
Carry large black guns in small school bags
Funeral date, will be engraved on the wall, in roman numerals
The Looney Tune niggaz I be rollin with, be screwin you
Quick to make a nigga shit in his pants, with one glance
Laid back like a fat Huffy bike, on the kickstands
My Clan'll make the most hardrock chump turn to glass
and shatter, leave no traces of your matter
You kids playin hot feet, wait til you go to sleep I pull your teeth
I'm vegetarian BITCH, I don't need the beef
So how I spell relief? Ruler Z, Arm Leg Leg Arm Head
You don't qualify
You don't have supply
It's a natural high

It's Bobby Digital, word you can't ridicule
We see a snake in the garden, we get rid of you

(Bobby you be on that bullshit) ALL THE TIME
(With them big words and shit) I FREE Y'ALL NIGGAZ MINDS
(What the fuck you think you are some king or somethin
Motherfucker you ain't shit, high profilin)

Yo, yo, my enemies of the Killa Bee Clan's founds their peers
Buried for a thousand years, or drowned in tears
My unpredictable lyrics straight, and spine tingling
like slime from a baby's mouth, bitch niggaz you be lingerin
Bobby bobs panties from bitches with big asses
(Bobby you be buggin!) Girl my mind flashes
My seeds be royal, niggaz sweat muslim oil
My Earth gave birth to the fertile crescent soil
No time for fragile planet for small wombs
My dick bust a universe, my nuts weigh a moon, stay in tune
Champagne thoughts with Bud Light money, blunts dipped in honey
Digital, make the gloomiest day feel sunny
Slang slides slashes for him plan record upon the Lord
Confuse you like a forty-eight track mixboard
Milli phaser blast a hole in your back the size of moon craters
These anti-crucified on my Technic crossfader
Fuck the bloodshed, you be leakin your soul
Physical mental emotion we will control
Infinite darts I apply to your back, like horse brandin
I clear a thousand men with a jaw of an assbone, black Samson

It's Bobby Digital, word you can't ridicule
See a snake in the garden, we get rid of you
Slimy savages, against the Digital
Fuck you Analog, the shit is critical

Bobby Digital, word you can't ridicule
See a snake in the garden, we get rid of you
You slimy savages, shit is gettin critical
Fuck you Analog niggaz we be Digital

Bobby Digital
Word up fuck that (Bobby Digital!)

#94 Gravel Pit - The W - 295 pts.

Artists:RZA/Method Man/Ghostface Killah/Raekwon/U-God/Madame Majestic

Even though it finished poorly, I'm gonna use my old review because I still think it's very important to the catalog.

Never has a Wu-tang song sparked such controversy and debate, internally amongst its hardest of hardcore fans. I am of the opinion that any song or form of media that invokes an emotion, whether good or bad, is great. Did the Wu sell out? Did they cave in to external pressures, the pressure to be a hit making machine? Did they go back on their promise to never bow to commercialism? I believe that the answer to those questions is up to the fans to decide.

Just about everything on here is an expansion of who they are and what they could do. I think a lot of where the whole controversy started could be traced back to RZA's decision to use a hi-hat on the beat which almost forces his lyricists to do double-time on the mic, something which made them work even harder than they were normally used to. The result is a more polished less raw sound than fans had become accustomed to on Wu-Tang Forever and 36 Chambers. Personally, I think its better to be over-polished, than under, like the sloppy "conditioner" is. But where the sound of the beat and lyrics may suggest commercial concession the lyrics themselves suggest otherwise. Mef eloquently states in his verse

"Can't stand niggas that floss too much, Can't stand Bentleys they cost too much",

a line that encompasses Mef's feelings from the very beginning of his career on hip hop artists who flaunt their money, but don't use it wisely, and bring nothing of artistic value to the mic. If Ghost is conceding to commercialism in the second verse, why would he drop so much of his signature slang rap that the general music listening public knows nothing about? Only Wu-heads bother to digest his lyrics so they had to be for them right? The first two verses don't come close to telling the whole story like U-God's does. He details a spiraling circle of jealousy ,then biting, then hating that goes on with the Wu. First comes envious emcees who try to mimic their style and the same emcees are coming back around after the fact blasting Wu saying they can't move a crowd? Well this song is a crowd mover. There, U-God "Grabbed the mic with no excuses". Happy? Some are some aren't and that's more than okay. All families need a shake up now and then to get the blood fired up.

With the oh so familiar Armstrong trumpets introducing the song you know its Wu right away. The hook does what it's supposed to snaring the listener in and almost forcing a sing along. Flutes mix with the hi-hat and snare raps perfectly creating a groove that is incredibly addicting. The music world thought so too, as it flew to the top of the 106 + Park music countdown to become #1 two weeks in a row. This was another reason it was blasted amongst Wu-Tang's hardcore fans, as 106 + Park's audience is primarily a mainsteam one. However I feel the decision to put the song on the countdown was mainly due to the video itself, which is so far outside the box compared to the one-dimensional cliche'ed videos that were flooding the airwaves at the times. Extravagant set-pieces and wardrobes highlighted a live-action flintstone-esque video which showcased the T.V. watching, lighter side of the Wu Tang personality. A sharp contrast from the lyrics which suggest something much darker. While the real fans would hear and see the entire picture, the dumb would mostly be intrigued by the drum. And indeed they were.......Love it or hate it this is a great song.

fav lines-"Follow me, Wu-Tang gotta be
The best thing since Starks in Clark Wallabees"

"pass the blunt
My nigga don't front
You had it for a minute but it seem like a month"

"The world's greatest, Las Vegas, paid as rock
Skin painted on my face look ageless
Perfect combos, Ghost bang out condos
Jeff from Hamo, ex three bangos
Bancos, stank hoes in plain clothes
Change those, bang those, same old, same old"

"Admire the greats, on fire wit a heart of hate
Bitter shark, every part I take, heavy darts that quake
It's okay, all fakes, get caught by the dropkicks
You know the thrill, yes it's Park Hill
Yo we hit 'em with the hot grits...
On the go, check the flow, sayin Wu don't rock shit...
Stop quick, hold the gossip, stop sweatin my pockets
I hear the hot shit"

#93 Nigga Please - Nigga Please - 298 pts.

Artists:Ol' Dirty Bastard/RZA

An eclectic Rza beat, both Dirty-ish especially on the hooks and Wu-tang-ish on the verses features blaring horns and soft guitar notes. The percussion never takes over the song allowing Dirty to be as crazy and loud as he wants, and his legendary inflections are all over the place

Kill all the government microchips in my body
I'm the paranoid nigga at your party

as are his personal revelations about his personal life, which ultimately leads to the saddest part of the sond, the ending outro by RZA, and an announcement of a project never realized, The Abbot and the crazy Monk.

fav lines-"I dead niggas like a dog buries a bone
You could never set me up I raise the pain volume
Nominate me, as presidential MC
My career so intelligent unique physique"

"I'm immune to all viruses
I get the cocaine it cleans out my sinuses
Just for slinging *nuh* I get a quarter a mil
I'll have it raining ice drops the size of automobiles"

#92 Y'all Been Warned - Iron Flag - 300 pts.

Artists:Method Man/RZA/Inspectah Deck/Raekwon/Masta Killa
Producer:True Master

A repeating almost Killarmy-llike beat rumbles with eerie sounds scattered on the track, Mef kills the hook which is very memorable,

Y'all Been Warned, about them Killa Bees on the swarm
Y'all Been Warned, You either step or get stepped upon

Correct me if I'm wrong but fake thugs never last long
Can't wait until ya fake ass gone

Y'all Been Warned, about them Killa Bees on the swarm
Y'all Been Warned, You either step or get stepped upon
Nigga, uh-oh! I think they're playin our song
Lit blunts, Clan in Da Front, sayin "It's on!"

but it's not all hook because in the third verse we are surprised by Raekwon and Masta Killa bouncing off each other ala Red and Mef, Raekwon really goes off here, one of his best especially flow-wise and voice intonation. Oh yeah, and like on most group tracks, Deck is simply ridiculous.

fav lines- "The mad doctor, stay locked in the O-R
In too deep, beyond reach of the sonar
Still a vet, say my name next to hall of fame
Hurtin third string players, first day in the game
It's on, son, the Killa Bee swarm come
Make the world shake with one continuous drum"

"Wave ya gun, Killa (I got you)
Shoot this nigga in his face fast, mumblin (I heard y'all forgot Wu)
Wear ya crown, black down (Watch the block too)
Blow at y'all niggas (Blowin at the cops too)
Eh-yo, my Wallets stay Bulletproofs racin in Coups, yea we the realest
Ultraviolet leathers on, pealin this, love lookin the illest
Gorilla things, monster background with a history
You're pumpin crack, yap clowns, we all real in here
Strap a bomb on a family member, let y'all niggas know we here
Blasted, it's like cheeba when I splashed it
Real reefer heads'll know the meanin of hittin glass
I told y'alls, against y'all, Ginsengs, avenge Gods
Picture me stabbin you in the yard for R's
Kid saw Staten, nine Bin Ladens
Valors on, colorful draws, lookin all relaxed in"

#91 Severe Punishment - Wu-Tang Forever - 302 pts.

Artists:U-God/GZA/Raekwon/RZA/Masta Killa

Dark, dirty, grimey, twisted, sick, insane.... all the words you can think of, but raw describes it best. This song brings out the inner evil in me. All 5 emcees who spit on this do so without reservations or holding back. No concessions no fluff, just raw. The hook is simply one of the best Kung-fu samples ever laid to wax...

I despise your killing, and raping
You're... despicable

Are you, my judge?

It's just... you should be punished
I'm going to chop off your arm, so are you ready?

Everybody is very good here but RZA in particular shines, His surreal yet self-conscious lyrics must be digested and examined, they're just that intriguing.

fav lines - "Shit is copper, it ain't worth the mic stands
used by backup singers in Atlantic City bands"

"Fabulous establishment metabolism, Blackfoot Indian
Cherokee started out smaller than amphibian
Then grew to a physical body with five meridian"

#90 Rawhide - Return to the 36 Chambers : The Dirty Version - 304 pts.

Artists:Ol' Dirty Bastard/Method Man/Raekwon

An off beat yet goofy (matching Ol' Dirty's sense of style) melody along with an interpolation of the song Rawhide by the Blues Brothers on the hook makes this an excellent addition to the Top 101. Dirty provides one of the funniest lines in the history of hip hop...

I came out my momma pussy -- I'm on welfare
Twenty-six years old -- still on welfare!

as well as Raekwon's silencer line which is incredibly clever. Not only is it funny and clever though, it's also extremely twisted too...

"I wanna see blood, whether it's period, or bussin' yo' fuckin' face some BLOOD ! I'm going out my fuckin' mind, everytime I get around devils, huh, huh, let me calm down, niggas better start runnin', cause i'm comin', I'm dope like fuckin' heroin !" DAMN ! rawest shit I ever heard, "see murder which is caused when you fuck with the negative and positive charge.... " GODDAMN ! - 6x6

fav lines- "Let me calm down, you niggaz better start runnin
Cause I'm comin, I'm dope like fuckin heroin
Wu-Tang Bloodkin, a goblin, who come tough like lambskin
Imagine, gettin shot up with Ol Dirty insulin
You bound to catch AIDS or somethin
Not sayin I got it, but nigga if I got it you got it!!"

"RZA pump the shit just like a shotty
Watch me run it John Gotti
Collidin on the track, like gin and watty
Check the calender, I warn any challenger
to step up {*whoosh*} feel the blast from the silencer"

#89 Wildflower - Ironman - 307 pts.

Artists:Ghostface Killah

The introduction to ghost's misogynistic ways is revealed in this instant classic. The beat in the forefront is simple. 2 notes repeated throughout the song. The background is where it hooks you in. That and ghost's unforgiving slap-in-yo-face lyrics.

Yo bitch I fucked your friend, yeah you stank hoe

Short but incredibly sweet. Exact opposite of a love letter.

fav line- "I got jerked, gave away my pussy, that shit hurt
It feel like somebody died or shot your old Earth
But fuck it, I fucked you on a chair with three legs
Broken tables, had you screamin while you was bitin on my cables
Whistlin to the washing machine, I threw it on spin
If your pussy dry, spit on my dick and put it in"

#88 Labels - Liquid Swords - 309 pts.


Nobody ever did songs like this. This is Gza's incredible mind at work. The beat is dark and dirty. No hook necessary.

The CAPITOL of this rugged slang, is WU-TANG
Witty Unpredictable Talent And Natural Game

fav lines - "And if you ain't boned a mic you couldn't hurt a bee
That's like going to Venus driving a MERCURY"

#87 Knowledge God - Only Built for Cuban Linx - 310 pts.

Artists:Ghostface Killah/Raekwon

The first of a buttload of tracks off of Only Built for Cuban Linx to be featured on our countdown is a RZA original, mixing different piano and string notes brilliantly, the melody on the hooks really is beautiful as are Raekwon's vocals...

Yo why's my niggas always yellin that broke shit
Let's get money Son, now you wanna smoke shit

Chill God, yo the Son don't chill Allah
What's today's mathematics Son? Knowledge God

The drug references, mafioso slang terms and wisdom dropped on this record give it an excellent replay value.

fav lines- "Keys twenty-four a brick
Columbians be on some bullshit, that's why Poppy got hit
Stay tuned, word up, I hope to see you in June
By the way, I seen your bitch, she was up in this cat's room
Skeyed up, weed the fuck up, to top it off
look beat up, with two crack fiends huggin your seed up
I took care of that, though, but don't worry bout it
I got your back though"

#86 Execute Them - The Swarm - 312 pts.

Artists:Raekwon/Inspectah Deck/Masta Killa/Streetlife

As soon as the track begins you know you have entered one of the darkest chambers...
With the crazy bumblebee scratch effect RZA is again producing into unknown realms in the hip hop universe. That sound like they came from another world and the harsh comand of

Execute Them

at the beginning wakes you up to the harsh reality of the track. The beat can only be described as "Pure Shaolin". with the light strums of a mandolin reminding me of a nightime eastern docks. StreetLife in the background just sets the whole thing off expertly.

Raekwon blesses the track before he even starts his verse...

"Whippin' The Reagle On Yall Beagle-Lookin' Mothafuckers"

Rae completly speaks in tongues on this dark beat.
It seems effortless to him...

"Yo...James spin off...Slang Dames Wanna Hit Off
Check This Slovak-Lock It Down...Lames Get Off
Jury Match-Rrange Rack...Fists Of Fury-Act"

This was one of the verses that really got me into Masta Killa...
His approach was unlike anyone I had ever heard before
A straight Assassin on the beat...

"We Roll...Through The Dark Damp Litter Of The Forest
Floor Lies Gold Bless 'Em With A C-Note...Throw 'Em Overboat
Slit His Stomach So The Body Won't Float"

And Deck just follows suit and jooks the beat with his own signature sound...
INS shines with his cerebral approach...always reminds me of water.
It's like he clenses the track after Rae & Killa have just murdered it...

"Soldier Of Fortune Lost In The Madness
Brandish Your Weapon Or Get Dropped To The Canvas
Quote Bandit Hold The Belt Single-Handed
Most Demanded Assassin Is What I'm Branded"

A true example of just a few select members coming together to create a masterpiece.
Another track that could be described as "The Essence Of The Wu"

***review by Whers

#85 Fam (Member's Only) - Legend of a Liquid Sword - 324 pts.

Artists:RZA/Masta Killa/GZA

Mathematics scratches a sample of Gladys Knight & The Pips, Between Her Goodbye and My Hello with a sinister kung-fu throwback Liquid Swords like beat, and as in Protect Ya Neck the vulgarities are masked by Kung-fu smacks and swords swinging. A song about loyalty as the hook demonstrates

Yo just what we stand for, Loyalty
What we strive for, Righteousness

What we live and die for
Strictly fam members only

RZA once again is a highlight for me, how anybody can say he's not a great emcee is beyond me.

fav lines- "Ayo ayo
Great minds think alike
We used to drink all night
Think about things thats wrong and how to make it right
Ice cold bottles of brass, time flashes
A hundred blunts passes
Before the God asked us
What's the square miles of the planet?
Why is the axis slanted?
How much is covered by water?
How much is granite?
God body be flowing like the chi energy inside your artery"

#84 Got Your Money - Nigga Please - 327 pts.

Artists:Ol' Dirty Bastard/Kelis
Producer:The Neptunes

Commercial? Who gives a shit! Neptunes hooked dirty up here. Hook by Kelis - FIRE!!! While Dirty's lyrics on this song (or the rest of the album for that matter) don't come close to anything he did on Enter the 36 or Return, he commands attention with his inflections and style. And the video is gonzo.

You can call me Dirty, and then lift up yo' skirt
And you want some of this Dirty, god made Dirt and Dirt bust yo' ass

that line is soooo dirty. no rhyme necessary, Dirty is and always will be one of a kind and this song demonstrates it.

fav lines- "You give me your number
I call you up
You act like your pussy don't interupt
I don't have no trouble with you fuckin me
But I have a little problem with you not fuckin me
Baby you know I'ma take care of you
Cuz you say you got my baby and I know it ain't true"

#83 Ghost Deini - Supreme Clientele - 327.5 pts. (1)

Artists:Ghostface Killah/Superb

Bizarre noises, whistles and bells provide the backdrop for Ghost's storytelling on this track, never one to shy away from controversy Ghost mutters...

Ghostface this, Ghostface that
Ghost sold crack, now his revelations spoken thru rap

I find it interesting that Superb says he ghostwrote Ghost's lyrics because GFK takes a big steaming dump on Perb's verse, especially descriptively...

Hot night, Jamaica, Came thru in a booger green '68 Pacer

That's just Ghost going that extra mile to get his descriptions across.

fav lines-"Hold me down, hand me my cake, dusty, bake, activate
Fuck your corny debates
I'm like cake or maybe like $10,000 rabbits
The kid walked thru, switch up his accent "Now I'm from Paris"
Cash the bill, frozen element, Seagal
Signs from the most high causes me to break them all
How the fuck was y'all niggas thinkin? You think I fell off the ledge?
The legendary Ghost Deini might be dead?
Never, Impossible"

#82 Brooklyn Babies - Digital Bullet - 329 pts.

Artists:The Force M.D.s/RZA/Masta Killa

An incredibly original beat that speeds up and slows down almost like a tide Masta once again shines on another member's solo, and the video is incredibly grimey and city-like. RZA's lyrics reveal the personal

A Brooklyn baby, I was born up in King's County
Inside the womb seven months before the Queen found me

Did you catch that? His ol' earth was 7 months prego before she knew!

fav lines- "A Brooklyn baby, I was bron up in King's County
Inside the womb seven months before the Queen found me
Up in wroughty Brownsville with fiends around me
Now roam gat in Staten with Cream Team around me
They called me Bobby, cousin, really got the black Harley
Taught his son how to spike cats like Lee Harvey
Oswald, alls well that ends well
My big brother Divine, he pushed the Benz well"

#81 Iron Flag/The Glock - Iron Flag - 329.5 pts.

Artists:Raekwon/Masta Killa/Inspectah Deck/U-God/RZA/Ghostface Killah/Cappadonna

I can't tell you what a bitter disappointment this is for me, 2 of my top 3 gone already. I'm gonna use my old review of Iron Flag, but first I want to mention that RZA couldn't completely erase Cappadonna from Iron Flag, his leg on the cover and his chorus on The Glock still remain.

At a time when the world was dark and needed a boost both mentally and musically, the Wu rushed to released Iron Flag to it's fans. The result was an off-balance album with ebb and flow problems that wasn't highly regarded by fans or critics. Underneath all the problems however is a musical diamond in the rough. Even if unintentional, the decision to put both these two 3 minute songs on the same track was ingenious. It's a Yin and Yang battle between the opposite sides of the Wu Tang spectrum of music. One largely dark and underground, the other as above as can be. If you love the more ear-friendly Wu sound you love Iron Flag and if you love the dirty underground sounds the Wu bring you love The Glock. The biggest of fans think they are both 5 star tracks and truly they are.

Iron flag is one of the greatest hip hop beats I've ever heard. You are intro'ed into the song greeted by Raekwon and the all familiar sped up "oh man" as well as scratches, and those scratches eventually expose 3 words "iron flag brothers". That's your hook and that's all you need. Cause the strings destroy the shit! The strings are beautiful and when weaved to the percussion create a complexity that demands to be heard over and over and over.....

Yada Yada Yada perfect beat whatever? right? how bout these lyrics! Raekwon comes with some mind blowing ridiculous slang, some of his best material in quite some time.

"Color glocks splitters just listen there's UFO visitors, Fly paintings remainin, reclinin pro-commissioner, One boot off he Rudolph, know he hyped flew off, Hibernatin, dead in the makin, ear-rake him, gear-rake him"

I had to listen to those lines like 50 times just to figure out what it is he's saying and now that I've figured it out I have absolutely no clue what it means. But its great! His flow is incredibly on point. Masta's verse is seamlessly transitioned from Rae's with no hook in between.

Devestatin shockwaves strikin the nation

, Newsflash, warn the people, assassination, The hour of detonation, pure untampered or mixed in any form, In any form mixed untampered it's pure, Dissect each line of the rhyme, Find my ingredients and nutrients, Teach patience and obedience before movement"

His poetic flow at its best, he destroys the track as well. After a brief interlude of Raekwon's hook Deck comes in with the third verse that lays waste to the track. His flow, voice inflections, and intensity are all at very high levels. This is one of my favorite verses he has ever done.

"Aiyyo you know the half, some get respect, most we show the path
They quoted trash while we spoke math, blowin fast
Expose the craft, first picks chosen in the draft
I don't flash, hoes love me cause I hold a stash
Known to blast, paramedics couldn't close the gash
Floatin past in an alley with the oak dash
Show the cash, watch it blow in half, it's no fair
They goin mad, check their tape recorders and their notepads

Crabs wanna play me close and grab
Can't believe you on the canvas, I'm just throwin jabs

Where the powers you supposed to have, hand in your soldier rag
You posin bad, show your ass son, you won't last
With heavy weights that elevate the whole mass
Compose a smash, rollin grass at Ghost lab"

After Deck's verse the scratch "drink to your new life" is added to the iron flag brothers scratch in the outro which fades the song into its dark counterpart The Glock.

The Glock is like a military march set to wax, a rallying cry between brothers. It is also a warning to all who feel the Clan may be vulnerable as this song cleverly exposes all possible vulnerabilities the clan may have from Ghost's classic line

I fucked the shit out of Patricia Drummonds, Looked out the window when her man was comin'

to Masta's hard hitting

You niggaz thought somethin was sweet, cause we rollin with the seeds today

each verse being accompanied by the caveat


, the samurai sword of the modern urban world. Dark, eerie sounds accompany the slow march percussion and echoes put on the lyrics make it sound like they are talking from a cave. An underground masterpiece.

These songs invoke thoughts from Sun Tzu's The Art of War to Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket. An extraordinary blend of thoughts and sounds. True art.
With 2 five star songs on 1 track I ask you......How could it be ranked this low?

#80 Apollo Kids - Supreme Clientele - 331 pts.

Artists:Raekwon/Ghostface Killah

Ghost’s triumph. Wallabee factory, heavyweight champions belt and Mercedes. Fox minks, Jesus chains and champagne bottles. Ghost backs up his exaggerative arrogance and addictive swagger with some fresh flavored lyrics that fit the atmosphere perfectly. Beat rolls hard.


fav lines – “Catch me in the corner not speakin
Crushed out heavenly, U.G. rock the sweet daddy long fox minks
Chicken and brocolli, Wally's look stinky”

“Ghost is back, stretch Cadillacs, fruit cocktails”

“Take the stand, throw my hand all on the Bible
and tell lies too, I'm the ultimate
splash the Wolverine Razor Sharp ring, dolomite
student in role holdin it“

“Rawness, title is Hell-bound
Quick to reload around faces, surround look astound”

****reviewed by The GFX

#79 The Table - Immobilarity - 332 pts.

Artists:Raekwon/Masta Killa
Producer:Infinite Arkatechz

First off I have to say that this isn't just a Wu-Banga or a dope track...
It is a beautiful piece of music.

You really need to listen to the outro to "Friday" to appreciate the direction of which
"The Table" takes...After Raekwon speaks to his girl.
And then it's like he's had enough...and needs to get things off his chest...

Moet Got Me Acting Like A Fucking Goat In Here

Then comes some knowlegde over the erie flutes that will stay with me forever...

"Yo God Remember Back In The Days God ?
When We Came A Long Way And Shit Man...
We Supposed To Blessing Eachother On Our Physical Days And Shit...
You Know What I'm Saying ?
It's Like Basically...I Want To Hit My Family With Land And All That...
Diamonds And All Of That...We Ran Through That Chamber Dunn"

The beat is so soothing and calm...a true triumph...
Always reminds me of Waterfalls...real peaceful.

Raekwon tells yet another very insightful and complicated story or travels through time...
With his usual amount of slang intwined throughout.

Talking about his growing up and discovering his full potential...
A real "Looking Back" vibe.
His own Colossal verse has jewels spewing all over the place

And Masta Killa just ends the track with his usual precision.
I feel this beat was perfect for him.

Favourite Lines...

"Dress Nasty Like Fuck...Keep My Bird On The Job Yo
You Gotta Straighten Up...Do The Worst Thing To Hurt Her Heart...Damn
Took Care Of That...Shared, Even Shed A Tear For That
Bust My Gat To Throw Gear On Her Back
Damn Son...Why She Takin You Through That ?
She's A Part Of Me, Pardon Me Flow Allah, We Sworn We
Wisin Up Take Care Of Home Bases
Then We Slide To Another Part And Start More Hatred
Life is sacred...
The Other Side Of That Par...You Lie Naked...
Clothes In The Box Go 'Head Take It"

"Just A Broke Young-Dumb-Full Of Cum
Ready To Haunt Something Takes Something Of Yours
Here You Want Something ?
Growing Up Around Fifteen...
Watchin How The Big Niggas Rollin' With Big Cream, Big Schemes...
Quick To Flash Ya Gat-Laser-Beam
Pool Table Action Black Hundred Stacks Made My Niggas Leave
Some Be Sayin "Let 'Em Breathe"
The Others Wanna Deceive...How We Gonna Make It If We Don't Achieve" ?

"We Startin Showin Our Asses...Committing Burgularies
One Got Caught Threw Us All Off
Threw Us In The Hell Section Near The Boardwalk
Wonderin How The Sword Talk...
Did He Fall Off ? Did He Stand Like The Hawk That He Was In New York?
Kept The Waves Spinnin On The Cross...Of Course
Come Back Little Cutty Endorse
Risked It For His Kids The Pain Is Lost
We Sittin Back On A Better Note
Yellin' "Peace God...I Love You Love You To Death...You Thoroughbredable"
The Robbin Hood Of The Hood...
Sit Back It's All Good, Won't Spoil It If We Call It, We All Hood
Ha Ha"

"Soaked In Degrees Of Knowledge...Polished By Sun Rays
Carving By Nine Swordsmen To A Needle-Point Of Perfection
It's A Blessing To Deliver This Lesson
While Travellin' The planet...Extending Development
And Vote For The Mind...Never Ended
We Now Send It Long Winded...Descended
Infital, Bobby Digital, Abbot Of The Shaolin Isle
With Knowledge And Wisdom
The Original Sword Style Begin...Birth Of The Wu-Tang Clan"

My Mum loves this track...Again just shows the diversity of the Wu.

This a powerful song at I'm sure has helped many in trying times...including myself.

***review by WHERS

#78 What the Blood Clot - Tical - 333 pts.

Artists:Method Man

One of the best tracks on Meth's 1994 Platinum album Tical. It starts off with RZA's voice, he probably deserved it after lacing the track with a grimey 36 Chambers style beat with a piano loop that immediately gives you the chills...

The track is opened by RZA giving shout outs (reminiscent of Clan in Da Front) -

Shit is bangin! You see what I'm sayin? Our shit is bangin!Yo, Shaolin runnin this shit, son!
Runnin this shit! What's up, Y-Kim? Sup, nigga?
What's up? Representin Brownsville, Know I'm sayin? Base, peace to all my Brownsville niggaz! What's goin on, son? Peace to all my Putnam Avenue motherfuckers! Bedford-stuy! Peace to my Wild Wild West Brighton niggaz!

The Meth cuts out RZA and drops an epic verse...

All I hear is gun shots
Can I touch somethin? What the Blood Clot!?!
Nigga want Tical, make it happen
You know my fuckin style, fuck the rappin!
We can take it back to eighty-five
if you wanna start actin like you live
It's all good, I'm rollin' with my click
Owls, Backwoods and Phillies
Smokin cess blunts, mixed with illy
Got me flusted, now the whole world looks dusted
I'm in the area with the skill that never rusted (What?)
For real, nigga, touch it and you burn
When will motherfuckers learn?
What be spreadin like a germ? Haha, it's Meth, word
I be that early bird that got the worm and if you check it
I'm on point, like a fax machine you get the message
It's be no question it's them, bust the second guessin's
Keep your thoughts on your lessons
What the Blood Clot!?!
To tell the truth, you don't amaze me
Killa Hill Project, a Star Trek phaser couldn't phase me
What? Check the raider ruckus, fuck this
Smoke a dutchmaster, have em screamin for the dutchess
Yeah, I gotta have it, so I strive to stack my papes
If I don't do it for my delf, I'ma do it for Case
cuz that's my peoples, we givin you injections that be lethal
Weapons, when niggas start the half-steppin
Then I get evil
but don't let that negative vibe right there mislead you
I'm humble, a fuckin Killa Bee, far from bumble
I sting you *bzzzzz* and I bring you
Thirty-six Chambers of head banger, bitch
Why I deal with? I think the mic's on the fritz
Faggot soundmen, they be sabotagin' shit!

Finishes a 5 star verse Superman-style to make it a 6 star verse... (yes, it's that good people)

Look up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane...
Meth-Tical, let the whole world know my fuckin name

What the Blood Clot!?!

Meth finishes the song by giving shout outs (reminiscent of Wu Tang Clan Aint Nuthin Ta Fuck Wit)...

Yeah, yeah, you know what I'm sayin?
First of all I'd like to give a big peace and shout out
to my brothers in the belly of the beast
Raider Ruckus, y'all got my back and one love
June Lover, Shitty Brown, Pussin, Pil, P.L.O., Stack DAT, Dusty, Storm.
SUUU! We still in here, nigga
Jamel, one love, nigga, Nice, Uncle Eric AKA Shane
I ain't forget you, nigga, Shakim, nuttin
Big Sha, K. Fisk, Big Free from Cipher Heat
For all the fugitives on the run
Everybody from Riker's Island to San Quintan
And a big major shout out to my old dad who just got home, on work release, keep your heads up niggaz

***Review by Shizzah

#77 Older Gods - Wu-Tang Forever - 334 pts.

Artists:Ghostface Killah/Raekwon/GZA
Producer:4th Disciple

Ghost and Rae rollin through your hood in a Mercedes enlightening the streets with ridiculous flows.

Rollin with Guess vests pedestrians yo
holdin my nuts, fuckin thousand dollar lesbians

Nuff said. Simple, infecting beat by 4th Disciple using 3 simple key notes combined with a hard knocking bass - the Wu Forever sound served up on a plate. By the time the third verse rolls around everybody has stopped caring about GZA.

fav lines – “Aiyyo I roll like a bat out of hell
Evil acapell's fly spittin out of my grill
Before I hit the sky with springtime colors”

“I shitted on your hood kid
I shitted on your hood, got to your burner too late
I'm lookin real good“

“But I go line for line on the whole page
Your unspotted life on the mic is old age”

****reviewed by The GFX

#76 Protect Ya Neck (The Jump Off) - The W - 334.5 pts.

Artists:Inspectah Deck/Raekwon/Method Man/Masta Killa/RZA/Ghostface Killah/U-God/Cappadonna/GZA

There's no remix here. The only thing resembling the first protect ya neck is the fact that most of the generals are on it. The change up in beat is a huge plus, prevents the track from getting boring. Mef annouces the return of the Wu bellowing

It's Them!!!!!!!!

fav- lines - "Now what Clan you know wit lines this ill?
Bust shots at Big Ben like we got time to kill
Niggas can't gel or I'm just too high to tell
Put on my gasoline boots and walk through hell
Wit 9 generals, 9 ninjas in your video
9 milli blow, semi auto wit no serial
Man metaphysical, I speak for criminals
Who don't pay they bills on time and fuck wit digital
Never seen, smoke a bag of evergreen
My sword got a jones, more heads for the severing
Johnny in the dungeon, takin all bets, throw ya ones in
Scared money don't make money, throw ya guns in"

"Wallo's comfortable, chocolate frosting
Your socks hangin out, yours is talkin
Rock so steadily, son, I'm still crazy
Sport my old Force MD furs in the 80's
Nat Turners wit burners, Jackie Joyner-Kersee
Taught y'all niggas how to rap, reimburse me
Rothsdale's, ruby red sales, Bloomingdale's, blocks
Ox tails chopped up in Caribbean spots
I'm nice, maxed out, creepin wit the ax out
Murder these bikini bitches, switchin with they backs out"

best lyric - tie Mef + Ghost

#75 Wolves - 8 Diagrams - 347 pts.

Artists:U-God/Method Man/Masta Killa/George Clinton

RZA pulls out all the stops on the production front as he mashes samples from Kill Bill, Western whistles, and a spooky P-funk chorus with George Clinton's spastic hook

a dog is a dog is a dog is a dog
Unlike the wolf, who made a widower of Grandpa

A jungle of musical atmosphere consisting of an almost eerie choir singing in the back and a whistle that makes the beat feathery but rich in content. Great verses from all 3 generals, but U-God definitely shows why RZA said his delivery on this album is pure quality.

Yo, must I flex my cash, to sex yo' ass

and Masta drops a line that hits hard and is unconventional by his standards...

Ladies like, Damn papa you lookin right
I'd love to give you some of this pussy and I'm a dyke

fav lines – “I'll do the honor, the Shaolin bomber
Shark skin armor, I'll bring the drama”

“Non-stop park killin, on the block we was killin 'em
The arch villans, when the blood start spillin
Any stuck start squealin, body bags we was fillin 'em“

***review by GFX & Rock

#74 Iron Maiden - Ironman - 347.5 pts.

Artists:Raekwon/Ghostface Killah/Cappadonna

Another great RZA jewel on the production. With the already known introduction for Ghostface from the movie 'The Education of Sonny Carson', the beat starts off after the kid says

'Just me and you motherfucker, just me and you, I put trademarks around your fucking eye'.

Raekwon's catchy 'Uh huh, Uh huh' immediately makes love to your ear. Raekwon's verse is one to love...

Many raps they crochetin'
Ay yo Iron, these niggas portrayin'
But haven't been payin'
For real, slide on these niggas like flesh fear
Caesar fade style, usually tough grenade
Throw a blade, fuck gettin' laid
Guzzle this shit like Gatorade
Big-dick Wallies have never half-suede
Connectin' with the hot style is done
Light up a chalis
I run with nuttin' but the wildest, foulest
Come on now, long-dick style
Niggas on the hit out, ay yo Iron bite my shit out

Eventually, bust a rap gun mentally
Been doin' this century kid, just meant to be

Get on your knees and bless me with a gem in the Caribbean
Skiin' off by P.M.
Snatch Canadian cream with Scandinavians
Fellatium style, play it like thirty-two Arabians
The greatest lesson is don't owe, you might get stole on
When I go bury me wit Valow on

If that was a verse to love, Ghost's is as usually to adore.With the classy start with

Sho 'nuff, hit the bank and thrust
Cool Nauticas Jamie Summer got trained on the tour bus

With his trademark images and metaphores, he finishes the verse with memorable

Tremendously obnoxious, no blotches
My telephone watch'll leave bartenders topless
Dead on the prosecutor, smacked a juror
Me and my girl'll run like Luke and Laura
We sit back on Malayan islands
Sippin' mix drinks out of boat coconut bowls, we whylin'

RZA's beat keeps lacing up the song more and more,with the occasional sample from the above mentioned movie to keep the rawness present.Rae's solid hook to add to the flow of the song

Sit back jollyin'
My team be gamin' like three card Rolly an'
Drug Somalians pollyin'

With Cappacinno's more-than-pure-dopeness verse to exit the show...

Deep meditation sound orientated, war the blizzard
Rap para-medical the wizard
Cappadonna, never caterin' to none
My microphone and three verse weigh a ton of slaughter
You oughta five thousand back across the water
My laboratory story keep me flowin' with the glory
Acapella or deep dirty instrumental
I could blow the sky like the stormy wind blew
One gallon of whylin', Park Hill profilin'
I cut your face up rough fifty sure while you're smilin'
For violatin' my position,
I leave you smoked like a crackhead on a mission
Two tokes of mic dope, one stroke of elegance
Rated like the movie graphic told intelligence
Person to person, it'd be hard for you to take a trophy
You better off to get somebody out to try to smoke me
'Cause I'm P-L-O T-K-O every day
Dancehall General, Party Fanatic Colonel
Cappadonna son'a old school just go infernal
Veteran for rappin' with the new set of rule of hard rappin'
Ninety-six jive, I keep the live crowd clappin'
When I bow, all praises due to Staten Isle
I spark the mic and Shaolin spark the methtical
Every evenin', I have a by myself meetin'
Thinkin' who's gonna be the next to catch a beatin'
From my mental slangin', bitchin' rap twist the point of warfare
I brutalize, all competition catch ill hair
Chance him, that's what they said, threw up a ransom
I jacked it, stripped the beat naked and packed it
Gimme my rewards

With another sample from the movie that fades out at the end...

***Review by Shizzah

#73 Beneath the Surface - Beneath the Surface - 354.5 pts.

Artists:GZA/Killah Priest/Res
Producer:Inspectah Deck

A meeting of the minds comes together as Priest and GZA swarm the mic with their visual wordplay

On a man-made lake, there's a sheet of thin ice
Where unskilled skaters, couldn't figure-8 twice
At 16, uncut, direct from the cult
Head on assault, the result, death by the bolt

Deck brings a nice beat which goes along with the futuristic theme of the album as the hooks are hollow, giving the voice a computer-like feel.

fav lines-"Scratch underneath the surface, where does your purpose lie?
It seems our world is worthless, like we're pawns beneath the sky
Change the race by reason, and ashes just the wind
The left is so our we're breathin, keep ourself from givin in"

"Love and hatred, home is most sacred
Both species, they lay naked in the tombs of oasis
Think back on niggas I ate with, spent the day with
Guns we played with, niggas I relate with
We broke bread, I heard through a vine niggas workin for the Feds
Sent out secretly to take my head
I lay back and meditate to the words they say
Skip town for a mutten goofy dred
Had a friend tell my family I was dead
Return at the last fall of the autumn leaves
Operate the plan accordingly, in case the Feds are recordin me
Sign all documents, using forgery, cuz just a near thought of me
Like Solomon, spoke bluntly
Told the word I'm black and calmly
Howls from the grave haunt me
The smell of death's upon me, I dwell in the hills like Gandhi
Been in the presence of mad peasants, and old kings
Who sold everything, on a quest for god's divine
Slept in caves to get a clear mind
Who prayed 3 times, when the moon lit and the sun rise
I met dwellers in the desert, talked to shepherds
Been in the mouth of many leopards
Felt the death kiss, of Satan's mistress
Walked the vacant districts, for 4 religions, studied Pagan scriptures
True philosophers and physicians, on a cure missions
Who harden their hearts, to ward the weak, sick and afflicted
Candles lit, gamble with a bitch
Who made me love her, when I touch her, soft cause hide claws
Bees with sweet honey in they mouth
Have bitter stingers at they tail
Walk through the chambers of death, take a hold on to hell
Embracing her was like embracing a 3rd world"

#72 Bells of War - Wu-Tang Forever - 357 pts.

Artists:U-God/Method Man/RZA/Masta Killa/Raekwon/Ghostface Killah

Depressing atmosphere created by an incredible minimalist beat. U-God's opening verse is superior,

Verbal smarts, spark the word, visit my scripture
Exotic wine, holding nine, Picasso pictures

followed by a solid Mef verse, of course RZA droppin’ knowledge and a short but sweet Ghost verse. Great idea to use conversations instead of hooks, another example of the Wu being able to do whatever the fuck they want and get away with it. RZA on the outro with a OH SHIT line...

Yo Shorty, you don't even gotta go to summer school
Pick up the Wu-Tang double CD
And you'll get all the education you need this year

fav lines – whole U-God verse

“Wack MC's only lasted one season”

“These is words from the Arch Bishop, some call it six up
The Betty Crocker, marvel cake stakes admissor
Wax janitor, black Jack Mulligan from Canada
Slam dance, tarantula style, youse a fan of the
Monopoly king, Slavic poetry
Carnegie Hall's off the hook, let's push through the armory”

***review by The GFX

#71 Daytona 500 - Ironman - 362 pts.

Artists:The Force M.D.s/Raekwon/Ghostface Killah/Cappadonna

Hey let's take a sample from Saturday Night Fever and rap over it. Who else but the Wu could pull that off? Extra props on the speed racer video for this song. Rae, Capp and Ghost all come extremely strong with the vocals.

The arsonist, who burn with his pen regardless
Slaying all these earthlings and fake foreigners

fav line- "Kiss the pyramid experiment with high explosive
I slapbox with Jesus, lick shots at Joseph
Zoomin like binoculars, the rap blacksmith
Money's Rolex, with sparkles, Chef ragtop is spotless"

#70 Protect Ya Neck II (In the Zoo) - Return to the 36 Chambers : The Dirty Version - 367 pts.

Artists:Ol' Dirty Bastard/Buddha Monk/Prodigal Sunn/Zu Keeper/Murdoc/Killah Priest/12 O'Clock/Shorty Shit Stain/60 Second Assassin

Hut One, Hut Two, Hut Three, Hut!! Old Dirty Bastard Live and Uncut
If there was any song in the wu catalogue which defined pure energy and rawness, it would be this one. Appearing on ODB's classic debut Return to the 36 Chambers, Protect Ya Neck II The Zoo was every bit the follow up to the original..just a hell of a lot grimier, if Protect Ya Neck came from the streets, this one came from the sewers. Bringing together ODB's other group fam Brooklyn Zu and fellow brooklynites Sunz Of Man, the song combines dark lyrics with just outright insanity.

[Ol Dirty Bastard]

See let a nigga come through with that bullshit
Anytime you pop that shit nigga
I'ma tell you you can suck a dick, you can suck a pussy
I know, it'll come to what? Say what?
Now I'ma let all you motherfuckers know
See them knows that this is something you can't fuck
Whether you from Brooklyn, whether you from Manhattan
You from Queens nigga, I don't give a fuck, where you be motherfucker!
Where you reside... motherfucker! How you live? How you seeeeeeee...

Sort the stack outs, this one's the blackout
Three-fifty-seven to your mouth, blaaow!!

[Buddah Monk - Brooklyn Zu]

Dunn can you hear me? Raw is how I'm inflicting this
It's that G type slang that makes this real sickening
Ignite my styles I got my hand pon the trigger
Starts from the smallest and hits the bigger nigga

[Prodigal Sunn - Sunz of Man]

Yo, straight actin live about them hellfires
a known mental killer, or thriller, assassin of terror
The hot bloody fatal mixture of carbonate water
Homicidal manslaughter, death is the order start the mission
Travel like the speed of wind
Through the valley of sin, I step to ville and murdered many man
Serving justice in my vicinity

[Zu Keeper - Brooklyn Zu]

(This is, Brooklyn, Zu!!)
Za-za-za, za-za-za
Zuh-za-zah, z-zz-zz-z-z-zz-zz-z-dah-duh-dnn-duh

[Murdoc - Brooklyn Zu]

I get down I get down I crack your fuckin crown
Lay around and watch some real niggaz break ground
I can't shop cuz every bro blowin up the spot
Hit rocks and niggaz know

[Killah Priest - Sunz of Man]

Yo! Niggaz grab the mic like the bites of a scorpion
Nervous, that's why the Zoo brought me in
Now bring em forth, like the tortures at the courts
Before the case begin, first break me in
his brain! And make sure he can't maintain the calmness
Ya harmless, watch how I bomb this
stage like, mail, pre hands that be the move
Now your Posse is your fuckin Platoon
Stale cells, just flows through the air
I'm like a ninja, once I send ya down stairs
Then I get furious, imperious, the lyricist
with the cleverest rhyme
Erupt to deduct your fuckin mind

[12 O'Clock - Brooklyn Zu]

Fuck shit up on the hurry-up
Known for burying ducks through more styles than a muck
Warning you chump, brain is out for lunch
given the power punch, soon to be paid like Donald Trump
Never fall victim to no bitch
Jerked my dick, but still got more hoes than a pimp
And score more points than Shawn Kemp
Keepin powerfully strong like the center on the Knicks
Hut one, hut two, hut three, hut!!
Ol Dirty Bastard live and uncut

(Shame on a nigga who tried to run game on a...)

[Shorty Shit Stain - Brooklyn Zu]

Got more props than the President
My hardcore represent, blowin niggaz back who never had this
Cause I'm gifted, so you can get wrapped
The shit I'm kickin, send it to your MOMS for Christmas
And tell her Shorty Shit Stain sent it
Soon to have more green than the Jolly Green Giant
Cuz niggaz rap styles just down is aspired
You shoulda stayed HOME instead of picking up a microphone
But if you wanna run on up, like you TOUGH
I call your bluff, and blow you down with my hardcore
stuff, I shine like twenty-four carat

[Ol' Dirty Bastard]

Roll and stroll with the party scene
Nigga wanna know me as Mr. Clean
Wza-wza-wza-wza-Wu-Tang, flip the script and
Test my skill niggaz, you're trippin
Drugged up from sniffin, you're the one who's riffin
I'm not Opie, save that old shit for Andy Griffith
Start to flip, slip, cuz you're slippin
While you sleep I be the God on point, with Scottie Pippen
as I, jump on stage, flip rip a show
Strip and rip a hoe, wayyy like Bo
Jackson while I'm still taxin maxin
Relaxin sittin back sellin good tracks and
Again and again when I rock the jam
WANNA SEE EM UP IN THE AIR! Throw up your hand
Introducin, one-man band in town
It's wild, with the style couldn't stand nigga
When the jump, stepped, to the center
of the rhyme inventor, MC's come at the
You get dap slapped, across the MC map
Your ass that's your ass, on a whore shot
Come on through I black and blue your whole crew
Then I get Rudy with the Hong Kong Foo
Ol Dirty Bastard, MC killer
Money maker, Brooklyn, challenger
That I lay down like towel
Then I get higher!!

[60 Second Assassin - Sunz of Man]

Here comes the illlll, type ruffer
Style be untouched I'm leavin broken down grammars on the pen
Who who what? What brings it? Tighter than your anus
Chambers this name is for the deepest trainers
Keep it stainless, steel, on time it is the windmill
Deadly venom kills, at the last of the Sam's Mill
60 Second, nucleus, attack on your set
Hit you with the blast (yo close the door)
*gun blast*

***Review by Tauro

#69 Fish - Ironman - 367.5 pts.

Artists:Ghostface Killa/Cappadonna/Raekwon
Producer:True Master

Quotables galore, a hard hitting beat, and a memorable movie quote in the beginning highlight this very underrated classic from Ironman. The piano notes hit so hard it's like the keys are being slammed and the horns supply ample back-up to the melody. Perhaps this was meant to be on Cuban Linx?

We eat fish, tossed salads and make rap ballads

It feels like it with the drug references all over the place. Still I'm glad the Ironman saved it for himself.

fav lines-"and then I still never go down
Until the last round I shine,
when RZA do his thing motherfucka, I'ma do mine"

"They still gettin' this paper scraper
Fake haters from Jamaica, wizards be passin like Lakers
And if you comin' from Lex, Lewis, Rich Liberace
Fetus style and block your goals like hockey...."

#68 R.A.G.U. - Fishscale - 372 pts.

Artists:Ghostface Killa/Raekwon
Producer:Pete Rock

Strings you could imagine being part of a 60's love story score are highlighted with refreshing bass/drum-hits, providing the backdrop for some good ol' R.A.G.U. storytelling. Both verses mesh together and harmonize like in the OBFCL days so well, they could be written by one MC.

I'm in the crib watchin Larry King Live, the new Guccis on

fav lines -"Proceded to talk to him, then you heard the heavy face slap
Think I broke my wrist, now I'm at the hospital vexed
Fucked up my writing hand, that's my check
Now I wanna kill this lil' nigga true
Only thing that stop my gun flamin cause he related to you"

"Send him uptown, he get bagged, yo he never call me
Come home and still blow cats for me
Pump crack, stabbin all them hoodrat shorties"

"Shit I put one in my balls, what the fuck y'all lookin at me for?
Call the police, do somethin
Motherfuckers standin around, watch when I get better
All hell's gonna be terror"

***Review by The GFX

#67 A Day to God is 1000 Years - Birth of a Prince - 367.5 pts.

Producer:Bronze Nazareth

Bronze comes correct with this fantastic beat consisting of flutes and accoustic guitar. Rza drops an incredible amount of knowledge (some call it cliche but I don't know what theyre talking about) The title alone is incredibly thought provoking as are the lyrics.

My verbal heart symphony will strike the epiphany

fav lines- "Yo, yo, the A-1 sauce, the Divine Force
My mind blind force is known to blow time off course
Even, if I rode around the world on a blind horse
Strapped down, I'd still get my point across"

"I be the fatal flyin', I'm like NATO flyin'
Over your country and droppin' down forty tons of iron
Filled with explosives, your chance is hopeless
We have your head poppin' up like the blowfish"

"The runaway train with no track
I got the heart of Faye Dunaway whippin' that child with the coatrack"

^^^ Mommie dearest omage

"then excel, to be masters of your circumference
First, by obtainin' mastery of your common sense
This supreme wisdom clears a man's vision
You can see it through the lies and the fantism
Of the equivocal, two-faced political individual
Who's only out for residual, fabricatin' lies
To eradicate the wise
But we come to civilize and gravitate to the skies
Of the heavenly celestial sphere
Trust me, son, it's there, in between your ears"

#66 Mef vs. Chef - Tical - 379 pts.

Artists:Raekwon/Method Man

Duel, worthy of a general
If you want to fight, fight with me!
One to one! Man to man!

We all know the story how RZA used to pick the MCs who would rip his beats, leting the MCs battle it out for that spot on the record. Well this is lyrical Kung-Fu at it's finest. In the red corner we have Method Man, in the blue corner- Raekwon The Chef. The eerie RZA beat provides the battle ring. With lyrical jabs being thrown around, I was always under the impression that Rae's the winner in this competition, with lines like: "I'm goin all out kid no turnbacks you could try to front, get smoked and that's that", and the three bells ringing after his verse.

Fav lines:-

"No question, cha-cha-BLOW in the session
Bloodshot in that direction, cypher
'Tack you like chess moves best move
Yo, yeah, yo
The boards, your ass
'Tack, 'tack, 'tack, uH! *bell rings*
'Tack the boards like chess moves best move
at Rae through, comin at your motherfuckin crew"

"niggaz thought, that they could walk a dog but they caught
a bad situation, cause I'm a sandwich short
of a picnic, cause you ain't equipped with the sickening
style, blowing up the spot like ballistic
missiles, I be comin through like the four-nine-three-eleven
tearing up the power-u, Me-Tical"

***Review by 6x6 Chambaz

#65 I Gotcha Back - Liquid Swords - 381 pts. (1)


A dark, threatning beat highlights RZA's early producing days and shows why fans long for those days to be back. The whole song is so well aranged, from the expansive, exhaustive hook to GZA's verse that is full of big city life experiences and views, straight from the gutter. From the movies Fresh to Smokin' Aces, this dark beat has survived and thrived throughout the years.

Coulda wrote a book with a title 'Age 12 and Goin through Hell'
Then I realized the plan
I'm trapped in a deadly video game, with just one man

fav lines - "I was always taught my do's and don'ts
For do's I did, and for don'ts, I said I won't"

"It's so hard to escape the gunfire
I wish I could rule it out like an umpire
But it's an everlasting game, and it never cease to exist
Only the players change, so..."

#64 Dangerous Grounds - Tical 2000 : Judgment Day - 384 pts.

Artists:Method Man/Streetlife
Producer:True Master

So many quotables in one song over a beat that is so simple a ten year old could have composed it by accident. Fantastic verses and semi-hooks all around.

Synchronize minds combine thoughts that motivate
Dont' perpetrate pass the blunt let it circulate

And once again street brings some of his finest work to Tical 2000.

fav lines- "Dangerous ground
Tre pound seven spin around for my bredren the clouds come down
War and peace, I take it to the street
Land sharp on my lawn chop the thumbs off a thief"

"Symbolic thrill like god he shocked it
Like a finger in a light socket, too good to be forgotten
In the rotten apple
I kick dirt on the sand castle
Check the flavor all natural"

"Mind detect mind
A P.L.O. da startin line
Deep Space Nine
Designed for knuckleheads who bust guns and throw signs
Let's converse snatch the tap from your purse
Body-surf on the verse head first"

"Blaze one with Jonathon, part man part fly
Handle my B-I camouflauge like G.I.
Fat like Joe, a day in the life
Your money or your life that's the life
Everybody can't afford ice in the struggle
Tryin to eat right another day another hustle hustle hustle"

#63 Uzi (Pinky Ring) - Iron Flag - 396 pts.

Artists:U-God/Raekwon/Ghostface Killah/RZA/Method Man/Inspectah Deck/Masta Killa/GZA

This track lives off the energy those nasty horns spark. Hard bass hits escort U-God as he opens up nicely followed by a catchy and swagger-soaked hook.
Ghost is just crazy jumpin on the track with great attitude. But Meth knocks all of them out. Over a typical RZA beat change Tical drops heat. Only Deck's verse
is able to catch one's ear after that Meth verse. Underrated track.

New York, New York!!

fav lines - "We got big guns in here, coke over there
With blue bag and E pills stashed under the chair"

"Dead King, thought he could ace Ghost
Queen, couldn't even jack Monk"

"John John, Bacardi straight up hold the ice
So nice like New York they had to name him twice
Name your price, I black out then change the lights
Give you the same advice that I gave my wife
Don't fuck with mine, Clan give you lumps in nine
Let the smoke cloud clear so the sun can shine
Culture shock, for some of us that's all we got
Whether you ball or not, you can all be shot"

"The Noble, Sir I mass mogul
Known to blast vocals, and move global on you locals"

"My brothers can't wait to squeeze the automatic
They need wreck like a drug dealer need a addict
Floatin on the 95, sting like a killer bee
Your hands can't hit what your eyes can't see"

***review by The GFX

#62 Presidential MC - 4:21...The Day After - 398 pts.

Artists:Raekwon/RZA/Method Man

This offering from 4/21 is an example of the perfect meld of lyric/hook/beat. It all fits perfectly like the last piece of a jigsaw puzzle. Rza sounds crazy with his monotonistic verse but it works just fine. Hook is great.

I, elect myself as presidential M.C.

best verse - mef
fav line - "So let's move on, until the day we laying in the casket
With them suits on, and I'm so cool that hell is only luke warm
Been too strong, for too, long, I'll probably die
With my boots on, and on my way to cash a coochie coupon"

#61 Nutmeg - Supreme Clientele - 398.5 pts.

Artists:Ghostface Killah/RZA
Producer:Black Moes-Art

The slang rap king never fails to surprise and awe his fans. Nutmeg is just another in a long list of songs that need to be broken down and analyzed for their meaning.

As soon as I drove off, Cap' came to me with three sawed-offs
Give one to Rae', let's season they broth

The ending hook demands to be shouted right along with.

fav lines- "Check out the rap kingpin, summertime fine jewelry drippin
Face in the box, I seen your ear twitchin
As soon as I drove off, Cap' came to me with three sawed-offs
Give one to Rae', let's season they broth
Lightning rod fever heaters, knock-kneeder Sheeba for hiva
Diva got rocked from the receiver bleeder"

I know, I know, I know, I know
I know, I know, I know, I know
I know, I know, I know, I know
I know, I know, I know, I know, I know
I know, I know, I know, I know
I know, I know, I know
I know, I know, I know, I know
I know, I know, I know, BREAK IT DOWN!"

#60 Silverbacks - No Said Date - 405 pts.

Artists:Inspectah Deck/Masta Killa/GZA
Producer:True Master

I must admit, this one flew under my radar, but as I sit here and listen to deck
and masta absolutely murder this track, I feel completely ignorant.

It's all official, steel pistol style whip you, to the gristle
While my team be stompin' you out after the whistle

Wu sounds abound in this very metaphorical track.

fav line-"I'm just lookin' out of the window
Watchin' the gunshots blow-ow
Thinkin' how we all was turnin' out
Keepin' my head above water
Got to make a weight when I can (cuz I can)
Temporary lay off, cop pay offs, daily rip offs
Informer tip off, clips lick off
The judge got hit off, boss got knocked off
Worker made a come off, cash got dropped off
Buildings got burnt out, sisters got turned out
Work out in the yard up North, tryin' to burst out
Pissy elevators, dirty cop favors
Tongues hiding razors, minors turn majors
Wave the bigger tools, shoot out inside the school yard
The game aint' changed, niggaz done made their own rules
They buildin' plans, they pull a million dollar scam
Watch for taped conversations, Jakes and dollar bands
The black market, labelled the movin' target
Dwellin' in the heartless projects
Evil eyes walkin', the BBS rims flossin'
The beat walk in, harassin' the street walkin'
They keep talkin', like the Rebel might slow up
They set me up to go up, the witness din't show up"

#59 Investigative Reports - Liquid Swords - 406 pts.

Artists:U-God/Raekwon/GZA/Ghostface Killah

Oh U-god, why can't you do hooks like this all the time?

Rugged rhymsters, crooked crimesters
Dime droppers, Twenty-five-to-lifers
Backstabbers, low blowers
Illegal... cocaine growers
Starvation, profanity
Anxiety, brothers tryin me
Gun slingers, dead ringers

Smoothly flowing beat with mind-boggling lyrics by Rae, Ghost, and Gza. Drug trafficking lyrics are rarely this good if ever.

fav line - " They used to heat up the cipher with a shot that was hyper
than your average JFK sniper
He just came home to spark it
Rolling like Kaufman, and lay that ass out like carpet
Stop the stuttering boy, save the planes for the five-oh
Then praise the God - chk-a-chk POW!
They be lick shots and premeditate to grab...
...and then they jet back to the lab
And then remain in Shaolin
An endangered island
Shorties lose blood by the gallon"

#58 Street Corner - Made in Brooklyn - 409 pts.

Artists:Inspectah Deck/Masta Killa/GZA
Producer:Bronze Nazareth

A great soft Bronze-laced beat which fits perfect with the lyrics that talk about struggles on the street and the ways they made ends meet. The opening verse by INS is absolutely flawless, and the opening lines about him being equal as his son in street struggles. He made me rewind that verse -

When the revolution come, you can see me on the front line
Firing my gun, standing right beside my son
If I go, it's understood that I stood for something
When my whole life, they told me, I was good for nothing

When the revolution come, you can see me on the front line
Firing my gun, standing right beside my son
If I go, it's understood that I stood for something
When my whole life, they told me, I was good for nothing
I was raised by the stray dogs, blazed off, layed off
Breaking laws, graveyard shifting every day war
Focus now, notice how, things change, soldier
I remain the same, I'm older now, I embrace the pain
I blame the struggle, nearly drove me insane
Thought I lost my head, til my brethren told me the same
No tears for the reaper, I've buried bout a thousand
In graffiti, "rest in peace" sprayed off throughout the housing
I tried to stay civilized, the hood's a prison inside
The only difference is the doors don't slide
Still we trapped in the animal cage, cuz we got animal ways
So we react, with the animal rage
And my sex is real, weapons peel, cheddar's the deal
Seen the depths of hell, now I stare, death in the grill
From the slave ships, to today's bricks, same shit
I'm awake, to the wickedness, and one, with the pavement.

Masta Killah drops a great short verse right after INS finishes, following with the hook -

It's me and you son,forever in the struggle
No doubt, we hustle, survival is the motto
Will you soon follow, a better tomorrow...for a better tomorrow

When the chorus ends, GZA comes in with an especially good verse, as we are used to hearing from the Genius.

When GZA and Deck are on a track, they always drop colossal verses, so you don't know who drops the better one. The same is with Street Corners.

***review by Shizzah

#57 Careful (Click, Click) - The W - 411 pts.

Artists:RZA/U-God/Masta Killa/Cappadonna/Ghostface Killah/Inspectah Deck

Insanely grimey beat, grimey lyrics, and a hard hitting hook...

Somethin in the hole went {Click Click}
The boxcutter went {Click Click}

The kind of song only a Wu-head would love. So underground it looks up at caskets.

fav line- "These are the bones, bones from the grave of Houdini
G-Deini, ronzoni noodles sprinkled on your embry'"

#56 All That I Got Is You - Ironman - 414 pts.

Artists:Ghostface Killah/Mary J. Blige/Popa Wu

Hip hop or not, this is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. Mary is perfect. Ghost's lyrics are heartbreaking.

I guess mommy wasn't strong enough, she just went down
Check it, fifteen of us in a three bedroom apartment
Roaches everywhere

fav line- "Yo, dwellin in the past, flashbacks when I was young
Whoever thought that I'd have a baby girl and three sons
I'm goin through this difficult stage I find it hard to believe
Why my old Earth had so many seeds
But she's an old woman, and due to me I respect that
I saw life for what it's really worth and took a step back
Family ain't family no more, we used to play ball
Eggs after school, eat grits cause we was poor
Grab the pliers for the channel, fix the hanger on the TV
Rockin each others pants to school wasn't easy
We survived winters, snotty nosed with no coats
We kept it real, but the older brother still had jokes
Sadly, daddy left me at the age of six
I didn't know nuttin but mommy neatly packed his shit
She cried, and grandma held the family down
I guess mommy wasn't strong enough, she just went down
Check it, fifteen of us in a three bedroom apartment
Roaches everywhere, cousins and aunts was there
Four in the bed, two at the foot, two at the head
I didn't like to sleep with Jon-Jon he peed the bed
Seven o'clock, pluckin roaches out the cereal box
Some shared the same spoon, watchin saturday cartoons
Sugar water was our thing, every meal was no thrill
In the summer, free lunch held us down like steel
And there was days I had to go to Tex house with a note
Stating "Gloria can I borrow some food I'm dead broke"
So embarrasin I couldn't stand to knock on they door
My friends might be laughin, I spent stamps in stores
Mommy where's the toilet paper, use the newspaper
Look Ms. Rose gave us a couch, she's the neighbor
Things was deep, my whole youth was sharper than cleats
Two brothers with muscular dystrophy, it killed me
But I remember this, mom's would lick her finger tips
To wipe the cold out my eye before school wit her spit
Case worker had her runnin back to face to face
I caught a case, housin tried to throw us out of our place
Sometimes I look up at the stars and analyze the sky
And ask myself was I meant to be here... why?
Yeah, yo"

#55 NYC Everything - RZA as Bobby Digital in Stereo - 416 pts.

Artists:RZA/Method Man

Rza's omages to life as a child shine through in this little ditty. The beat is outrageous. Like cookies that were made wrong but taste phenominal anyway. Sick verses both by Mef and Rza here, as well as Mefs memorable outro hook

Can't forget Digi, if I did I'd feel gyp
Like my sandwich ain't a sandwich without Miracle Whip

Once again, more omages in a song that takes you back, well some of us anyway...

fav lines-
"I'm like Larry when the Fish-burn, I burn rubber
Cuz I'm not an easy lover
To the midnight, butt naked wit a knife
Ask my a-alikes, I've been crazy all my life"

#54 Heaterz - Wu-Tang Forever - 422 pts.

Artists:Raekwon/Inspectah Deck/Ol' Dirty Bastard/U-God/Cappadonna
Producer:True Master

An epic epic beat. The most surprising thing is the unbelievably strong lyrics by both u-god and cappadonna (who's lyrics are visual like ghost) who carry the end of the song.

Check out my arts, when I release my smarts
Hot like Pop Tarts, aim me at the charts

All on board ride the beat so well. Again no hook neccessary. The beat is a hook itself.

fav lines-"Yo this is MC wizardry, killa bee invasion
Men of respect, blessed with wisdom of the ancients
My words are blatant, lacerate necks for statements
are launched like lead projectiles, straight out the basement"

"The Jeffrey Dahmer Notre Damer sing the song the strongest
Brute force bullethole straight through your chorus"

"Last night, I took a trip down to Crown Heights
Fast life, females are trife, stay tight
I detect that parasite, satellite
RZA beat makes me wanna fight get hyped, come to do shows
My slang sound write secretary type
Backflip on the mic, I'm the poor black man
workin hard for the grand, I understand clear
Don't fear, peep my new gear it's different from yours
My style drop like jaws, you see me on tours
Don't you wait to say peace, the kid from the street
put my technology on the track, just then the core attack
Wu article CappaFive, CD attack
but my talk stage live killa beehive
Bermuda my life angle, rectangle gold fronts
Bring the gold dangle, never make me throw darts
Check out my arts, when I release my smarts
Hot like Pop Tarts, aim me at the charts"

#53 The Turn - Tical 0 : The Prequel - 423 pts.

Artists:Raekwon/Method Man

One of the best post-2000 Method Man songs, if not the best, and easily the best track on Tical 0: The Prequel. The only RZA produced track and he makes the beat stand out. The wonderful sample just fits with the eclectic beat.

Rae's trademark song opening is

Yeah, ah, yeah, yo, yo, yeah
Yeah, motivate, motivate, from the gate, ya'll
Yeah, aiyo, aiyo, aiyo

And moves on to drop a classic Rae-style verse:

And we the Gods, still tear the whole hood apart
Darts that'll splatter through faces, taste niggaz hearts

I'm intellectual, plus professional
And Walbaums to vegetables
Shit is right here, like buyin' fly gear
Dare any white man or fan nigga, ran through niggaz
Blew shotties in niggaz lobbies, the grand RZA
We left, the radio broke, I yoke my vocals, hittin' green smoke
Allah Math', show me when the needle broke
Numb the whole crowd up, stupid ass Loud fouled up
Never knew what they had, now they proud of us
Picture my vision, precision, lines jumpin' out of commission
Divine got me, nigga, the boss, he pop me
Rae, we gotta generate, lord, I feel the Ditech, the mildew
Buy jets and vehicles, steal a little
Wrap up the whole rap government

Method Man shows us that his flow and voice are timeless with the following :

Go head, ya'll floss wit it
Walk wit, I slap your boss wit it
Navy blue, New York fitted, I'm cold frost bitted
Two puffs and off wit it
You smell the herb, before I lit the spots its forfeit it
Blocks is hot, feel the shot from fourth/fifth it
With no regard for your boulevard, just the shit bag and bullet scar
It's the Riddler, riddle me this, riddle me that
Who the pretender? And who the door man that let them enter?
The Wu-Tang, 36 Cham', what you smokin'?
Got you in the game chokin, like Van Gundy coachin
Your street team, bunch of weaklings
Don't ever let me catch your reachin
Respect when a grown man is speakin
Shh, keep on sleepin, and just like TLC, I keep on -Creepin-
The five percent of ya'll, keep on teachin
The heat seakin, missile official, that got issues
Like Funk Doc got snot tissue, it's Hott Nikkels

Go head, ya'll floss wit it
Walk wit, I slap your boss wit it
Navy blue, New York fitted, I'm cold frost bitted
Two puffs and off wit it
You smell the herb, 'fore I lit the spots its forfeit it
Blocks is hot, feel the shot from fourth/fifth it
With no regard for your boulevard, just the shit bag and bullet scar
It's the Riddler, riddle me this, riddle me that
Who the pretender? And who the door man that let them enter?
The Wu-Tang, 36 Cham', what you smokin'?
Got you in the game chokin', like Van Gundy coachin'
Your street team, bunch of weaklings
Don't ever let me catch your reachin'
Respect when a grown man is speakin'
Shh, keep on sleepin', and just like TLC, I keep on "creepin"
The five percent of ya'll, keep on teachin'
The heat seakin', missile official, that got issues
Like Funk Doc got snot tissue, it's Hott Nikkels

Shh... shit ain't over...

Okay, now, same shit, different day, grindin, gettin paid
Self at it, automatic, guns that spit and spray
Gotta have it, ass grab it, time to slip and weight
Godbody, House your Party, watch the Kid N Play
Ya'll gon make me go postal, up in this muthafucka house
Full of bloodsuckers and hoes that love hustlers
Roll that izza, pour me another kizza
Bigga, to my nigga, so drunk they can't get up
Shotguns through nose, hot ones through foes
Let the herb spots run til the cops come, suppose
I was just another stick in the mud, on a Saturday
Thinkin', how I'mma get the fifth in the club
See my crew thick, everyday I fights to prove it
We comes undisputed, with batteries included
Honey's "bee" like Meth, I be like what?
They want some free cd's, I'm like "see these nuts"

***Review by Shizzah

#52 All I Need - Tical - 428 pts.

Artists:Method Man

It is not unfamiliar that Mr. Mef a.k.a. The Ticallion Stallion, has a big love for women. He is known to rap about it. His best work in that area, without a doubt, is All I Need.

RZA actually samples Mussorgsky's Pictures At the Exhibition on this, and makes a very grimey beat, with Mef and Streetlife (uncredited) rapping a very solid chorus

You're all that I need, I'll be there for you
If you keep it real with me, I'll keep it real witchu
Loving your whole schemes, it be in there boo
On top of that you got the good power-U

Meth then continues to describe his love to his queen

Shorty I'm there for you anytime you need me
For real girl, it's me in your world, believe me
Nuttin make a man feel better than a woman
Queen with a crown that be down for whatever
There are few things that's forever, my lady
We can make war or make babies
Back when I was nuttin
You made a brother feel like he was something
That's why I'm with you to this day boo no frontin

Even when the skies were gray
You would rub me on my back and say "Baby it'll be okay"

Now that's real to a brother like me baby
Never ever give my pussy away and keep it tight, aight?
And I'ma walk these dogs so we can live
In a fat ass crib with thousands of kids
Word life you don't need a ring to be my wife
Just be there for me I'm a make sure we
Be livin in the fucking lap of luxury
I'm realizing that ya didn't have to fuck with me
But ya did now I'm going all out kid
And I got mad love to give, you my nigga

With a chorus/short verse/chorus to continue to the end, Mef shows us his love is deeper than most of us thought. Under that Stud persona, Method Man is a softy.

#52-R I'll Be There for You/You're All I Need to Get By
(Puff Daddy remix)
- Single/B-side

Artists:Method Man/Mary J Blige
Producer:Puff Daddy/Poke

I never like a remix unless it adds something new to the table, and this is far beyond it's predecessor on Tical. The verses are basically the same with some minor tweaking, but Mary J. Blige's vocals are real attraction here beautifully melding R + B soul with raw hip hop beats and lyrics creating a symbiosis and a new genre in music. Ever copied, ever beloved by all fans of music worldwide this is the best love song Wu has ever done. And probably the best puffy mix of anything. His decision to use that Me & My Bitch sample by Notorious BIG sealed the deal.

Lie together, cry together, I swear to God I hope we fuckin die together

It won a Grammy, nuff said.

Mef's deviation from the other mix is a huge highlight for me...

I'm your Mister, you my Mrs. with hugs and kisses
Valentine cards and birthday wishes? Please
Be on another level of planning, of understanding
the bond between man and woman, and child
The highest elevation, cuz we above
All that romance crap, just show your love"

***reviews by Shizzah and Rock

#51 No Said Date - No Said Date - 436 pts.

Artists:Masta Killa

A sped up sample of Outkast's "Skew it on the Barbie" drives this track which is like the tag line for most of the Wu's releases, including the album of same title, said to be in the works for ten years. When is the Cure droppin Rza? "No Said Date" was his only reply.

Drunk with the victory, the Wu cavalry
Bomb the seminar, the last "hoo-ra" for chivalry
Classical, Yo-Yo Ma, laced in the bulletproof fabric
Crafted and mastered in space
What better place of birth than the Earth

Masta dropping his classic poetic flow...

fav lines-"Ain't enough ink for the thoughts I think
They travel so rapid, it's hard to grasp it
No assumption, Kay Slay get the shit thumpin'
Darts stay lethal, blaze one for the people
They travelled so far to witness
The killin' of a mastermind line-for-line
Half-time, center stage, 50 yard line
Long time, man for dead
Should've been, put one in his head
Before the poison spread to the body
Partly done, 'nough said... "

continued below....
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If your posts are not relevant to the thread or if there's a strong indication of trolling/rudeness/slander, the post will be deleted. As a moderator, it's my job to moderate to the best of my ability.

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