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Default A Dish Served

I dont drop that often but i just got the net at home so i'll be posting a lot more regularly n gettin involved n that u no.... heres something out the crates;

What an existence man,
i'm city livin driven by a vision,
a rapper self-taught thoughts of lackin peer support,
my pen'll liberate,ya mind was froze,
i got a goal 2 be the father that myself has never known,
so fuckin fire it up n start a bush fire kid i'm charged like a live-wire,
u in ma line of fire,make a move man ya stuck in a groove,
ma heds trapped in ma bennie hat, survivin off homegrown,
i blown the chance.
The opportunity knocked but thanks kid i tink i'll pass,left a deep gash,
fucked up but i still smash ya critics,
lights'll flicker while ya walls shake,
from the first earthquake to hit Britain since whenever,
crackin crusts like a whipcrack of leather,
i change my style like the Great British weather,
tainted inkpen, ma digi's weigh trhe heavier,
i got a g plate tranny van to rid ov ya,
ya like the timepiece sat on the meridian,
cuttin n patch it,
ma mindstates like av you seen the state of mine mate?
Never mind i'm on a permanant taxbreak
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Default Re: A Dish Served


a.k.a. The Difference saying check out my 1st video

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Default Re: A Dish Served

You have an interesting style, but you need to work on you flow. Lyrical content was okay as you played around with your words. Quite nice though.

PS: Keep posting, would like to see more of your verses.
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Default Re: A Dish Served

you need to elevate man

the flow was terrible in places
there were a couple ok lines
but keep spittin practice makes perfect
just be more creative wit it
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