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Default ~~Don Ern's Exclusives & Instrumental Music Thread~~

"In the beginning, God created the Elohim, the language of the heaven and the language of the earth."

- Genesis 1:1

By most, this verse is translated with heaven and earth being the direct objects. However, Eth, the Hebrew word used to indicate a direct object, also represents the entire Hebrew language because it is the first and last Hebrew letters. This is what Jesus is refering to when he states that he is the alpha and the omega. In this context, heaven and earth are appositives.

God's name was never written or spoken, because He is completely beyond all human comprehension. This tradition is still visible today in the Jewish tradition of doing neither. For this same reason, God is never mentioned in the Bible, but His presence is implied. In this sentence we have a plural subject and a singular verb. This is grammatically inaccurate, but is done to indicate that it is God, who is not mentioned in this verse, that is doing the creating, and it is the Elohim, the word usually translated as God, that is the direct object. This is not the only way this verse can be understood, but it is essential to understand what follows.

There are twelve total ways thus passage can be translated and each one is seen as important. The Bible itself is a spiritual guidebook, and the books of Genesis and Ezekiel are understood as the keys to understanding prophecy.

I. "In the beginning, God created"
II. "With the beginning, God created"
III. "In the beginning, God healed"
IV. "With the beginning, God healed"
V. "In the head, God created"
VI. "With the head, God created"
VII. "In the head, God healed"
VIII."With the head, God healed"
IX. "In wisdom, God created"
X. "With wisdom, God created"
XI. "In wisdom, God healed"
XII. "With wisdom, God healed"

This is because beth can either mean "with" or "in", reshit can mean either "beginning", "head", or "wisdom", and bara can mean either "created" or "healed". Meditating upon these XII different translation will make its meaning clearer. Pay particular attention to numbers V, VIII, and XII.

*To Be Continued
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