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Default tree of life (6) - my birthday

so.. let me talk some shit and respect that! lol same old story

tree of life
three most high gods are existing in this material world.
mr. unknowledgement - SHIVA - king of the ghosts and demons
mr. temptation - brahma - the creator
mr. virtue - vishnu - the energy supply
these three demigods are straight below the universal father - supreme god (allah, christ, many names...)

in the beginning of this material universe, god gave birth to the first son brahma using the energies of vishnu, what brought life to vishnu as well. out of this creation came the dirtness - shiva... brahma is creating with energy of vishnu and shiva is destroying the creation. they do their jobs nothing more. they canīt be blamed for what happened, cause they donīt even know who they are, as long god donīt wake em up and tell em about their true identity. these gods get born (incarnated) from time to time and sometimes they stay in spiritual world and rule the world from there... this time, they here... "the gods living right in this act"

well... this material universe is split in 7 little material worlds (dimensions), just like the continents. so... there are three most high demigods in every part (dimension). africa, europe, usa, australia... but still there are these three most high gods standing above all seven worlds! but there are reflections of these three in every world. in the states it is RZA (Shiva) Raekwon (Brahma) and GZA (Vishnu) ... wanna blame them for the situation over there (world 7)? nah... they donīt know who they are for real. since 3 years ago, even the first three (stationed in europe (world 6)) didnīt knew who they are and THAT`S the reason why the whole world is in illusion. an illusion created by the universal father, cause that was the plan!

hm... now god woke up the creator few years ago and the creator told the energy supply (vishnu) whatīs up... but still... both brahma and vishnu smoke the green and THAT`S why thereīs still illusion. brahma living in virtue since then, but still he smoking and THAT`S the reason why his powers canīt come alive for real... better said. Vishnu is the tipping point. ONLY if he starts to live like he supposed to, in true virtue, brahma can create like he supposed to. no matter... this is a picture of the most high demigods canīt nobody kill us- so deal with us . when raekwon sayin "son" or "pa" he callin out on Brahma, his spiritual reflection.. first to first... thatīs what its supposed to be . the greatst story ever told.. damn.. whats that ice water inc shit, lex diamond shit ??? HUH? damn bro! that can never change the world and chef will never be a true king if that heavenly connection wonīt be realised... " jumped out the plane kissed the hand of the white man" ayo donīt know what yo talkin bout dondon. iīm your brother father son --- iīm NOT your mother sister daughter... fuck that see.. we can start cleaning up world seven by bringing back true identities to the gods... when that happens, vishnu of world six (most high-dude in the picture-negative red drunkn munky) will follow... but there gots to be love and shares between black and white...

shiva ^ (world 6)

^ vishnu (left) brahma (right)
--- off topic

my man Elmar - he (36) reppin the ROCK section

my man chapman - he from the states too
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