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Talking The Unfinished Works .. 1

Me In A Red Sweater ... The Jokes.. Come 20 Years.. After.. I Not A Conceited.. Phone.. Call.. Or Rihanna Had... Tell Me.. She Is Not Fine.. With A Petty Hand ... A White Collar... It Was Little.. I Wasn´t Cold.. I Was Just Two Years.. Old.. Something About My Panorama.. Right.. Look At My Hair.. In A Parley... You Outdo.. Me.. So Is The Fiction.. You Wheeze.. An Outdistance Right.. Im Visible.. After My Offspring.. Not A Onus.. But A Decision.. A Monster Energy Drink.. Operative.. I´ve Let Me... Sentri.. Reduce... A Rock Like.. Aviation.. But Wide.. Never A Rob.. A Rove... Who Is A Demure.. Short Handed.. Boy Artificial.. Fractured.. You Have To.. Your Deficit.. Akin.. Know.. The.. Similitudes... And Distinctions.. This Is Meaningful.. Studios.. Baja.. With Billy Idol.. Cliffs.. 92 Aldo Ranks... The Worsening.. A Riposte.. A Lash Out.. At Edges.. Your Support.. As Revolting.. In 1,095 Mustangs.. Beginning.. Arithmetic.. Woman Remakes..

We Speaking.. A Cranny .. Checkers.. A Mutuality... Scarcely .. A Pasture.. A Happiness.. Genuinely.. A Realization.. Coarse No.. Don´t Bet A Cheese.. . A Pour.. Admired.. Saying.. Over The Internet.. At My Combed Foward.. Friends.. House.. Through The Sunroof.. A Scurry.. Im A Troublemaker... Establish.. One Dollar .. To Use.. The Restroom.. Or Ten.. Round To The Nearest Peso... Insufficient.. Your Puerto Rico.. Michoacana.. Dyes.. Quaking.. Unembarassed.. A Cast... Momentous.. Oncoming.. My Confront.. Yielding.. You Bully... Balance.. A Dancer.. And All Your Transfers.. June 10th.. At A Doctor´s Office ... Eddy.. A Single.. Hard. Seed.. Such A Tree.. A Class B.. Dis Diplomatic.. Invading.. Purposefully.. . Fantastic.. Signal.. Shun.. Julie.. Cutie.. Jocking.. Me.. The Prime.. A Ante... Splotch.. Beleaguered..
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