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Tyler Durden
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Default Beef on Wu Corp

Im pretty much a new starter on Wu Corp and thought I knew it all about the Wu when I started here.

I began posting in the Wu chamber like a good little boy untill I noticed people were mentioning GC. I was confused and looked to elders about this GC that people with 10,000 plus posts were talking about but to no avail.

Eventually I ralsied what this meant and began to venture. I few times I had been shot down for just tiptoing into the promise land.

The slang was confusing and everyone seemed to know each other from previous threads.
My question is, how many of you fuckers actually take beef from one thread and bring it up in another?

I say this as I have been torn up by a couple of posters a long time ago about nothing in particular but then got respect from them in the next thread.
As a forum virgin I was confused by this but then grew to realise that this was the norm here. (For some people).

Skampoe springs to mind as when I was on about 300 posts he tore me to shreds in a thread, really shitted on me, then when I mentioned something in a different thread he gave me props on my comment. Which I thought was funny as fuck.

This is why I never take beef from one thread into another (unless it has something to do with child porn).

So does anyone else out there take some old beef and reproduce it for no reason in a new thread that has nothing to do with it?

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