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Default KNOW da LEDGE

Take a breath, take a sip, take a puff whatever…

Now this is what it is brejin, it might be cuz of Mr. Tyskie or cuz of Mr. Piff but it’s what created the moment therefore it is more important than all else as a lot of people need different stimuli to achieve their personal realization or bring forth their energy/action at the moment. I’m not writing this to exalt self or anything like that rather I just need to state this cuz I’ve been around since the very conception of this forum so I just want to underline what this Know the Ledge thing is about. Maybe before I write anything I should shout out all the administrators and veterans here that have been building and contributing constructive knowledge and also big ups to all the other people who’ve contributed and to all the foul shit… nothing is new under the sun, the acts of Set has been known since – the role of the fool is to give the wise a job. Now before you start saying this post is wack read on a few more lines. I remember back in 1999 when I was already somehow mentally, physically and spiritually developed, how everybody was talking about how you can download music off of the internet on Napster. At that time where I lived it was hard to get ahold of LPs like the Last Shall Be First, Heist of the Century, Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars and so forth so I ran a search on Napster and started getting the exclusives. I say this cuz I remember how this time marked an important era, an era of the people of the 80s who in somehow significant numbers continued on the essence of the people of the 50s, 60s and 70s. They’re saying we’re entering into the sign of the Aquarius. Before Know The Ledge and this whole forum was created we had forums like on KZA’s site although back in the day there was the infamous battle between the Wu Corp peeps and the KZA site peeps haha! I remember that dude 33 the Great from KZA, he had a nice track out with Timbo King! Even before that we had 5 Elements, my man Bloody Fists was running that outta Holland before Jordi took over and even before that we had the Wu-Tang Dynasty. From 1998-2001 Wu-Tang (considering they were way ahead of their time) started hitting the internet masses really hard that’s when all the major stuff was going on on IRC and everything else. For those who know RWTC, LCN and all that. We had mad peoples building back then in late 90s early 00s… That was the time when all the all crazy knowledge was circulating around the net and not that it’s not happening now but now it’s just way different. Now we have more people waking up to the reality of the world and a lot still not understanding it, all types of people of all types of age. Decade by decade something new is being manifested the whole universe revolves around a Law. I remember Know the Ledge sparked up it was crazy. We had everybody here from all corners of the globe building strong! Big ups to Cradle to the Grave too we had that going on In what ’04, ’05. For all those interested we’re trying to spark the Cradle back up. Yeah Wu Corp was an extensive forum and aside all the Wu-Chamber and the news and all the Wu stuff that everybody was reading anyway we had the KTL! Yo this universal knowledge really exploded in peoples’ faces and a lot of masses were affected by it and a lot started in music Hip-Hop and Wu-Tang! Anyway it’s all about KNOWING your LEDGE. Think about it you’re on a 200 story building you have to know where the ledge is, this one has no barrier. Where are your limits? What are your limits? Also what does it mean to know and is what you know true? Because of the yearning of the people for spiritual, intellectual, metaphysic, academic and scientific knowledge this forum was created. We live in an era where people are saturated by foulness of the governments and aristocratic nations and popular culture. You have the Anglo-Americans, the Communist , the Masons all fighting over something – financially, culturally, historically, religiously etc. History was made and we appraise it or reject it. We benefit from it but also hurt from it. Basically what I’m saying is make sure you don’t step over your ledge but also don’t be afraid to look down and see what’s down there. Understand that evil is a part of the equation. Use the current times to reflect upon the source and manifest the true culture and civilization.

"Stay awake to the ways of this world 'cuz shit is deep"

"Those who die today are reborn tomorrow, those who die tomorrow will live again. Those who live Ma'at do not die"
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wow.. peace..
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