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Default Diss Me For Messing With Prostitutes But Ya'll Waste Money On Life..........

club strippers? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I've never been to a strip club and i'll never go to one because i'm not wasting money on a stripper to see her dance half naked. At least when i get with a prostitute, i'm gonna get some intimacy and i'm gonna get my money's worth. Strippers don't give you any ass and if they do give you some ass, they charge you a lot. Prostitutes i deal with only charge $20 and $40 and i don't deal with dirty ugly prostitutes. The ones i deal with are cute and got nice bodies. There is one black stripper i deal with and she charges $100 for a hour and $120 for 2 hours of intimacy. She also charges me $50 for 30 minutes. I usually don't give women $100 for intimacy but this girl is worth it because she's a dimepiece. I wish i didn't have to give money to women for them to be intimate with me but i'd rather do that than go on a date and spend a lot of money and i gotta wait to get some ass LOL. I'd also rather not have a girlfriend because having a girlfriend doesn't necessarily mean she's gonna give me some ass for free.

Bottom line is you gotta spend money on women for them to be with you and give you some ass whether you're taking them on a date and buying them stuff or if they're a prostitute because ain't no woman gonna give guys ass for free. That's just the way it is. Ya'll fellas who be talking that dumb shit talking about all you gotta have is game aka conversation to get some ass, that's a damn lie. If that's all you gotta have, then ya'll be fucking with fat and ugly bitches hahahahahahahahahahaha. Ain't no cute dimepiece gonna give guys ass for free and i know most guys want cute slim women and not ugly and fat bitches.
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