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Default Re: Fasting

personally I don't see how much of what was posted in this thread helped answer 36 chambers questions. Was a rather confusing combination of info if you ask me. But maybe that's just me. I'm sure somewhere in it all there is an answer

Just to add, though, it was already mentioned... I feel it is important to emphasise this point... Ramadan isn't simply about not eating and drinking. Though it is a major part. Think of it in the sense that in denying the body food and drink, the body craves the spiritual.

You can fast all year round, but what makes Ramadan special is that it is the month whereby the Holy Quran was revealed to the Prophet Muhammed(SAAW) and all humankind. Fast by day and prayer by night. While one should do good all year and stay away from bad all year round, ramadan is a month that really leaves the person with no excuses.

There are many reasons why we fast and many benefits. It puts you in a constant reflective state. Every action is measured for it's purpose, with the body serving as a constant reminder.

But I'll leave it at that, really, there are articles after articles on this topic. A simple search on the topic will leave you with enough reading material for years...

Originally Posted by SubtleEnergies
My spouse is currently fasting. Which means we aren't having any contact for a month
lmao, a worthwhile sacrifice. I'm sure you'll survive...

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