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Lightbulb My lady / Chabela Classic ... pg 7

- the bomb ones.. you girls.. . know who you are ..

I had been feeling .. one.. since.. back.. there... I macked..on this.. girl... shut up.. I slowly.. started.. floating.. I had.. to go... closed.. eyes.. I went back.. then forward.. a view... you want a mexican.. snowcone.. this would be at the park.... Swisha house.. anything Swisha house... Swisha house and blunts or quick sneaks.. An assist... more assists.. that was me... All night... I wish i could dunk... In L.a. you call Kobe.... Lakers.. all the way... you become.. friends... I 'm from L.a. .. the championships.. the best... that swish.. how about that.. when i seen a young.. Shawn Kemp... the back facing..me .. .. a 180 ... Gary Payton.. i think he had a three.. my brothers.. and cousin.. Pops.. my Pops.. a fan of N B A ... basketball.. Lakers... / Clippers.... N B A jam... this love is endless... I love you Pops.. jumping out of my seat... Years.. later.. you don't think i will... my fat a hot sauce move.. I don't need it .. i got you... sick.. let me see it again... all day.. with hushes.. I still see the lights... Perfect dark... your eyes.. you had your eyes closed.. your mouth was moving perfect.. courtesy.... what was happening.. ? so many years have passed.. I don't know if i existed.. like a smile.. saying o k .. take me.. you have.. me.. I'm yours... distracted for a little... Did you like me ? .. I macked on you ... pimply... I actually.. felt... like i won... thank you man.. i did... Macks were endless... this little rato.. Fuck.. Mouse.. whoever sees ... me... I will hope.. I can be with you.. I titled it .. when i go.. I have a better one... when couples.. mack.. i see at times.. I see your dark ass.. I see you lost.. a Tijuana.. morning.. that was me.. the way .. you opened.. I was that handsome.. Happy as fuck.. -
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