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Post "mouser " pg 4

- not the fool i dont know

I've been through a lot with you... the o.g. days were better ... damn it hurts.. it hurts.. i feel .. it hasn't gone away... somebody.. hates.. me... damn i can't stop.. screaming... Dogg pound.. c d .. number 14 13 i fucked up ... light up a match.. damn .. its not funny .... its real.. how trips.. to the ocean.. go.. the ocean.. looks.. different... at times..... i wish.. i was there at nighttime... damn.. i'm trippin.. i would.. stay... asleep.. in the sand... wake up.. the next morning.. a wave.. hitting.. me.... instead of a dog.. licking..my face... telling.. me.. to wake.. up.. awake.. no.. the water.. bugs... i would love to spend.. a night... hide.. from.. anybody.. else.... go through a stroll.... by a lighthouse... cops.. saying.. pau.. pau... trippin.. present.. day... a perfect.. spot.. a spot.. to make.. talk... the most.. perfect.. spot.. to make out... not.. Bloomington.. High... as many.. beers.. as you want... all these.. couples..... cars.. parked... music.. sounds.. and the beautiful.. conversations... they are having.. I ain't nosy.. i think.. its.. pimp... parked.. in this.. area.... my jacket.. says.. hi... my jacket.. is cool.. little hands.. were on there..... little nails.. my hand.. looked. ... monstrous.. why is touch.. making me feel like this.. Burberry touch.. yes... but touch... you .. really were fine.... i almost.. cried.. seeing that picture.. that was with me... what i said.. straight out .. i felt. .. it felt.. as though.. you were looking.. at me.... i wish... >> it .. .. looked.. better up close.. i wish i would of kept you.. .my mexican. i dont know from what state.... i have to know..... a first and only.. i lose.. macking on you was the best.. you can hear .. the water .. crashing... little rocks... the moon.. and moonlight.. looking.. like a 4'11 person with blush.. .macking .. crazy.. i was.. happy.. you were ..my lady... besides.. Edgar.. who knows... the ones.. that came after me.. i know.. they got that same feeling.. look..

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