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Post "mouser " pg 5

- they got that same feeling ... look ..

why did i fuck up .. i may never have her .. I really hope.... so many .. make up ... i wish i can fall in love again .. and never let go ... i would go back in time to check me ... like biff.. i wouldn't be a dick ... like that fool ... a serious.. talk.. whats up tito.. what 's up stupid... bitch.... the hip hop part would be cool .... i wouldn't of believed.. it .... all i knew... i was really liking her... its in history for sure... but its.. gone.. now..... i would mack like there was no tomorrow..<< love... amor.. passion... romance.. love affair... love.. its making me go crazy.. wherever my deathbed will be .. just know... i really liked you and loved you ... a good example.. j'lo's first husband... it hurts... me so much... its becoming an everyday .. thing.... the Chabela.. classic.. can't compare to this one .. .this one.. is in its own world... on Earth.. but not mine... how i choose we can walk somewhere alone... i know so many are out there... how many m c 's want to battle me.. all the ballers.. you are all so lucky .. hearing people.. talk... saying your name.. my brother Ross said it .. Hell yeah . .she was ... she was ... bomba.. . my likes.. my likes... other girls.. like jessica.. only have a part of you ... that one magazine.. had an exact picture of you ... looking at me .. dressed up .. damn.. twins.. i wanted to keep it .. so i can show.. one day ... my lady.. i showed .. my brother .. my other brother ... Dime Piece.... Dime ... Piece... Edgar .. Edgar, Ross, Christine.. i really liked her .... it hurts me ... i don't have her in my life ... she made feel like the best .. an escape.. inside this world . ...-
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