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Exclamation can we kick BROTHER ALI out the country?!!?!?!?!?!!?

im so sick of this fat frosty piece of shit...

everyones favorite albino rapper... brother ali... needs to go...

anytime you diss a brother ali theres a "mature listener" ready to attack!!!!!!!!!!

save it...

you make rap music!!!!!!!!!!!!

you rhyme words on a beat and have a small nerd audience... make some entertaining shit or retire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ali thinks hes the second coming of chuck d... he so desperately wants to get calls from the govt. so he can say hes putting himself in danger releasing his boring ass music... the govt. doesnt care... brother ali is rubbing sun block into his bald head to face the ppl on stage for an hour... this dude wouldnt last a day in the 3rd world..he should thank god everyday for being born in the USA... he can go into CVS anywhere anytime and buy life saving cream to rub into his bloated body!!!!!!!!!!!!

chuck d sold records... chuck d had an audience.. chuck d educated the numbers...

brother ali is making "DEAR AMERICA" songs for vegan pot heads in flip flops that think SLUG is top 5 DOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

theres a difference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pretty much everything about ali annoys me...

his "i got so much soul ima roll my words like a preeeeaaaachhhherrrrrr" style makes me cringe...

his made up stories about punching ppl out make me laugh...

the way he revised his origin story makes me shake my head..

when ali first came out niggas thought he was a black albino.. that was the story and i never heard ali say SHIT...

til ali got a little attention and started getting asked about it...

then ali ran with the story of him being raised by blacks (lie) and thinking he was black since hes albino..

LOL @ a guy like brother ali being raised by a black family out in minnesota


a boy being raised by wolves is more believable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

always funny to me that a guy who had a wrestlers bio coming into the game is now making politically charged rap records telling others how to live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fat preachy bullshit artist...

LOL @ white muslims

LOL @ white muslims that look like they eat hot dogs

LOL @ white muslim albinos making anti-american rap records

WHAT WORLD IS THIS!?!?!?!?!!?!?

brother ali is just another delusional rapper with a manufactured back story..

hes got some talent but he makes boring music for boring ppl...

raps about drugs >>> raps about foreign policy

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