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Default 95% of the beats made today SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is how i listen to rap now...

*gets youtube link from some nerd telling me to check ____*

*listens for 10 seconds*

*beat sucks rapper sucks*


RAP SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

95% of the producers who could make good beats back in the day fucking SUCK now!!!!!!!!

it must be hard if you can still rap...

rappers going through 1000's of beats that SUCK... getting old listening to wack beat tapes... looking for SOMETHING...

then theres the old washed up rapper that cant pick a beat to save his life anymore, cuz he lost his safety net of having producers that could get him good tracks to rap on... now hes on his own... writing to garbage thats overflowing his gmail account!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BWHWBHAHAHBWHAHAHAB @ producers who lease beats online


you got these nobody producers that cry like faggots when some big producer steals their beat they sent in mass e-mails with no tags to every big producer online

"OMG i spent 10 minutes on that beat this is a shady business"

you think!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?

LOL @ no name producers crying on twitter to rappers that bought their wack beats looking for "royalties"

the album made 0$ IDIOT...

"ive been screwed over so much in this industry"...

yeah seriously... cant believe you didnt see points on an album that sold less than 100 copies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bitch made rappers and cry baby bitch producers....

you got guys like just blaze... who literally does NOTHING but arrange his record collection... if just blaze drops a beat now... its STOLEN... he goes through his e-mail, and mixes over a track some dumb kid sent him untagged... then some loser rapper blows his budget on the beat and ends up crying about the industry eating him alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

everyone has a beat tape.... i can listen to 10 beat tapes and not hear ONE good beat....

you got these bums over producing records... david gueta laser sounds and electro pulse...

then you got these minimalist "lets keep it simple" producers... trying to "bring it back" by flipping classic samples in the most unimaginable boring hack fashion... some of these kids even sample pre-exisiting rap songs.. LOL @ sampling a sampled rap track

guys like dj premier holding underground rappers HOSTAGE...

rappers give preem 6 G'z up front for a beat hoping they get a termanology banger... and not an apathy ICP rock type joint...

^^^ apathy wearing face paint for his premier track

preem has these UG rappers sweating bullets, hoping he sends them a beat before their deadline.... they already paid him... now they wait... if the track sucks.... tough luck... theyre too shook to tell preem or ask for another one cuz its preem... theyll make it the lead single and shoot a video for it no matter how BAD it is... cuz its preem...

ADVICE... find a good producer and do a whole album with him...

dj muggs is doing wack ass DUB STEP records... DUB STEP fans think hes a corny poser... ironically so do rap fans....

dr.dre has alex da kid making him melancholy gay shit....

buckwild gave CELPH TITLED... a whole crate of VINTAGE beats that AZ coulda dropped a classic with.... instead we get corny ass celph titled lying about fucking chicks in his cartoon voice over vintage bangers.. the guy that dyed his beard so he could drop nigga on his shit made a song called "fuckmaster sex" over a classic buckwild beat AZ woulda stopped time on... DAMN... big l ghost should haunt buckwild for that....

LOL @ dying your gold beard black though celph is a CHUMP

decent rapper embarrassing person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pete rock is afraid of horns now...

its crazy...

showbiz dropping whole turds with KRS...

stoupe lost his shit and made an opera album with some singer bitch that isnt even good.... hope he hit it.... he trashed JMT for a some vampire chick....

where the good producers at!?!!?!?!!?!?!?!?

alchemist trying to be roc marciano... hearing marceberg fucked his sound up... dont get me wrong he still ALC but hes doing a lot of this string/string/no drum shit and forgetting he is ALC the lab explosion that makes super bangers....

LOL @ epic producers

epic producer = hack that grew up listening to limp bizkit that downloaded free beat software so he could sample movie soundtracks on amazon.com so he can make beats to feature on european rap compilations

im listening to MIC TYSON right now its very good.. sean price picks good beats... unfortunately hes getting old and probably hates rap as much as i do... its over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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