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Originally Posted by RADIOACTIVE MAN View Post
I don't think u guys are getting it..Tyler the creator most likely won't see a lot of that money from the records he sold..especially via major, u gotta take into account promo costs, legalities etc, ghost selling that much via an independent might be more rewarding to him than compared to Tyler the creator if u wanna get technical about things, most of these mInstream dudes have 360 deals..don't believe the hype, they aren't seeing as much money as u think they seeing
I seriously doubt Ghost is making 6x more per album than Tyler just because its an independent label.

Lets say Ghost makes 6 dollars for every copy of 12 Reasons to Die and Tyler only makes 2 dollars for every copy of Wolf.

Tyler would have made $180,000 in his first week and Ghost would have made $90,000.

Also Tyler produced every track on Wolf so he gets paid for that too. There's pretty much no way in hell Ghost made more money off his album than Tyler did.
Originally Posted by WuLatino- MANGANI View Post
My favorite uncle was gay and died of AIDS when I was 16.

Just as a reminder.... Wu-Latino has never worked with the Wu-Tang Clan.
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