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Default Re: 36 Chambers:Best Wu-Tang album, but in hip hop...?

Dont get me wrong...36 is one of the greatest hip hop albums ever...but yes, there are a couple other contenders like Illmatic, Reasonalble Doubt, Ready 2 Die, etc, etc. But Im not sure how anyone in there right mind could actually think that 36 is a better album than the double disc LP Wu-Tang Forever! Forever was the hottest, most rawest, truest and purest form of that kung-fu, shaolin, lyrical perfection feel that the clan has ever....put out. I think any really "TRUE" wu head, would agree with me here. I mean come on...a double disc, with over 10+ classic tracks on each freakin disc man. Man that dont happen with any camp. EVER! That album will be the rock and the standard for the clan and hip hop for a very, very long time. And I dont like saying that this is just my opinion. I honestly feel that this is a fact. This album left no holes, left nothing left for you to say, or to doubt about the clan. Each memeber was brilliant and in the peak of their career...even though most of the clan is still keepin it real...I would be shocked if they could ever do again like they did on forever.

This album cannot be touched by anything the hip hop game has ever seen.

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