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Default Slippy versus Vernsnatchula

Yo nak you siad you could still kill me today, here's a pre-emptive attack bitch- take your time.......

Snatch, if you were an ass you still wouldn’t know how to drop hot shit/
you could be a B-1 and still couldn’t top what I drop on the spot bitch/
This "pussy" must’ve gave me Jock itch, because he’s got me scratching my "head"/
how’s your style gonna mimic a Sealy Posturepedic and try and put me to bed?/
My punches will leave this kid more "Puffy" then Sean Combs/
V-snapper couldn’t come "boulder" if he was stacked in a double D bra holmes!/
I should nick name you Jaw Bone, because sucking dick is the only way you could spit funky/
Call me a Gorrila Pimp, cuz, I’ll swollow this chimp emcee whole and shit monkey/
V-Snack you couldn’t come funky-fresh if you were a Herb sealed air tight from Mexico/
I’ll take your bitch ass to the gym and show you how I flex-a-hoe/
Cardiac arrest-this-hoe, like a heart attack, I came to bring the pain/
your wordplay sucks, giving head is the only way your good at "displaying brain"/
Call me Micheal Jackson, because I keep molesting this whack ass child/
Vern aint' got the nack for shit, he’s just keeps getting hit on like a "Black n Mild"/
I’m buck wild bitch, slittin throats like my boy in the white Bronco/
smeering this queer, like your cheesy wordplay on some nachos/
Watch though- when he loses he’ll be like a burnt up stick and try to "re-match"/
but this faggot can’t flame shit, even though he’s coming from teenspot** with a "he-snatch"/
he’s more pussy then Cathrine Zeta Jones, getting poked on by Zorro/
And the reason he’s a gonna be a dentist? he enjoy’s giving men oral/
Examine my rhymes, then see Snatches stretched longer then the nile/
Copy and pasting my lines is the only way this kid could ever free-style!/
Like Chuck E. Cheese, I’ll bust off and leave this kid in a "cheese smile", bitch please i’m so vile/
You couldn't digest this fat shit if you used bile........

** (the spot for gays and lesbians...so I hear)

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