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Default Trife and Wu tang rant

The more I listen to the guy the more I find myself hunrgy for more. I actually think that he is the future of hiphop if he can get some exposure. Just a little. He can ride any beat, has had the best verse on most of the songs I have heard him on an he even had better verse than Ghostface. Now I am not saying that he is anywhere better than Ghost. He has a long ways and a pair of big shoes to fill to compete with ghost. However he does have the energy, youth and hunger that Mr Killah lacks right now. I am satisfied with Ghost last three releases.

As far as my opinion on wu tang as a whole,

I think that wu tang as a whole is toying with the fans. I mean I would love to have 10 new clan albums over a few banging solos. I am about tired of them Entering the 36 chambers alone but i would rather them enter as a group. This was over all a great year for the wu tang clan and no matter how much they sell it will still be successful because we have gotten more wu this year then we have had in the previewous years. Whether you are satisfied with the album or not you can't hate that this was wu tang year. I hope they continue it. just saying
Favorite artist In order
Az, Nas, Eightball & Mjg, Talib Kweli, Ghostface killah, Gza, and Krazyie bone

Favorite albums, Aziatic: it was written< on top of the world(CLASSIC), Reflections eternal,(classic) Supreme Clientel(classic), Gza(Liquid Swords) and Thug on tha line

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