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Originally Posted by 11th Chamber View Post

Ghost would be a terrible leader. He would be tryin to stick T-Unit in some of the tracks, and give Wigs some airtime on the new album.

Nobody else but RZA could be the leader
You talk as though RZA hasn't had any bad features on his/wu albums.
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The RZA is and has always been the abbott of the Wu-Tang Clan. There will be no other leader of the group as a whole. Asking who else should lead the group is not a valid question becuase it will never happen.

Now as far as your other question.... Is RZA a good leader? In my opinion - no. He was a good leader. He was the brain behind the best hip hop group in history. Times have changed and so has the clan. His priority is neither the fans nor the group. He doesnt produce albums for the clan and thats what they need the most. Back when, if Dr. Dre said he was going to produce 1/2 of OB4CL, they would have beat his ass right there.
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yeah he a natural leader!
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red grasshopper
Default rza

Gza's the leader of the clan
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i think i've replied in this thread already but i'll just say this:

Rza has shown himself to be an excellent leader. his 5 year plan is the reason why wu-tang still gets love to this day. after the 5 years were up he let everyone do what they wanted to do.
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well he made a bunch of niggas rich n famous all over the world so i'd say yeah
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