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the worldcup starts on September 7
i think the competition is going to be very close amongst the top 4 rated teams
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Originally Posted by WuTangMaster View Post
When is the Rugby World Cup? I love the sport. It makes the NFL look like a bunch of overweight pussies with all that padding on. IIRC, in Rugby, players use NO pads correct?

Next to association football, rugby football is 2nd favorite sport. How do I know if I like league or untion? I've seen matches on FSC a few years ago but don't know what type it was what channel will Rugby WC be on?
rugby league is more open than union, rugby league is where when a player tackles the ball carrier they have to jog back 10 metres and the team with th ball only get a maximum of 6 tackles per set, where as in union its unlimited, league is way better sport than union but i still like union

lote tuqiri is stood down from australia for 2 matches and fined $20,000 for turning up to a recovery session and medical drunk, LOL what a dumb cunt

Fined ... Tuqiri will not play before the World Cup.Pic: Michael Dodge

Lote misses medical, matches

By Adrian Warren
July 03, 2007
AUSTRALIA wing Lote Tuqiri will consider a lifestyle change after he was banned for the remainder of Australia's pre-Rugby World Cup Tests in the latest chapter of a turbulent year.
Tuqiri, 27, was suspended for the coming Tri-Nations Tests against South Africa and New Zealand, and fined $20,000, following his failure to attend a team medical yesterday and a subsequent recovery session.
He was breath tested at 1.30pm yesterday afternoon, at the request of team management because he looked "a bit shattered", and his reading of .05 was above the team limit.
The team disciplinary committee of coach John Connolly, manager Phil Thompson and players Scott Staniforth and Daniel Vickerman originally decided to suspend Tuqiri for one match and impose a $20,000 fine, but their decision was referred to the Australian Rugby Union.
ARU chief executive John O'Neill decided after consulting senior management to invoke the two-match suspended sentence slapped on Tuqiri after an incident in Cape Town on July 21, 2005, when he was involved in a scuffle with teammate Matt Henjak in a nightclub.
The ban marks one of the first significant decisions made by O'Neill since he commenced his second term of office last Thursday.
O'Neill said he would have sent out a bad message if he had not applied the suspended sentence.
"For consistency's sake, application of the two-match suspended sentence had to be invoked," O'Neill said.
The final financial penalty for Tuqiri is likely to be in excess of $40,000, given that he will miss two $11,500 match fees.
The 53 Test back said he had misread his diary after having "a few quiet drinks" with some teammates and friends on Sunday evening.
"It was just a bad read by me," he said.
"I didn't read my diary properly and we've got certain standards and I failed to turn up at a timed session and I thought that it was what I'd done the day before."
Connolly said he was "comfortable" with the decision to invoke the two-game suspension, and he was adamant it wouldn't disrupt Tuqiri's Rugby World Cup preparations.
Connolly said there had been no discussion about whether Tuqiri should get match fitness in the inaugural Australian Rugby Championship starting next month.
He doubted that scenario would eventuate, but he didn't rule it out totally.
The punishment handed out today added to a catalogue of woes suffered by Tuqiri this season.
In the first week of the year, he was sent home from a Wallabies training camp after failing a fitness test.
In March, he shoved New South Wales teammate Sam Norton-Knight and verbally abused him for an on-field mistake. Tuqiri later issued a public apology to his teammate.
Tuqiri was in hot water again in May, when he broadcast on his phone loudspeaker a personal conversation with Wallabies selector Michael O'Connor fabout NSW teammate Peter Hewat. Tuqiri again had to issue a public apology.
And he missed the Tests against Wales in Sydney and Brisbane when team management had the wing working on his speed ahead of the Rugby World Cup.
"It's been a tough season, but I've got to keep my head up," Tuqiri said.
Tuqiri admitted he might have to change his lifestyle.
"It's just something I will have to look at," he said.
"There are other issues, too.
"I've got time-management issues as well."
Connolly said that Mark Gerrard would replace Tuqiri against South Africa in Sydney on Saturday, with Drew Mitchell called up to the bench.
"I feel bad," Tuqiri said.
"I've let down the fans and supporters going to (Saturday's) game.
"I'm a bit sheepish, my family, letting them down as well."
Connolly emphasised that the Wallabies had a strong senior playing group and off-field culture.
O'Neill said he had every confidence in Tuqiri bouncing back.
"These circumstances are always disappointing," O'Neill said.
"We've worked very hard to get standards of behaviour on and off the field."
Another player breath tested in the camp reported a zero reading.
Tuqiri accepted full responsibility for missing the scheduled commitments, and he was philosophical about not being reminded of them by any of his teammates.
"It comes back to me," he said.
"I take full responsibility.
"It shouldn't be in someone else hands to do something for me."
Asked whether Tuqiri had signed his new contract to remain in rugby, O'Neill said "the ink may not be dry, (but) the agreement in principal is in place".
Originally Posted by CharlesJones View Post
I didn't like the first Only Built 4 Cuban Linx and i don't know why Wu Tang fans call it a classic because it's not.
Originally Posted by GHOSTLACED View Post
I say nigga and i'm white
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after being 17-0 down, australia came back to beat south africa 25-17
Originally Posted by CharlesJones View Post
I didn't like the first Only Built 4 Cuban Linx and i don't know why Wu Tang fans call it a classic because it's not.
Originally Posted by GHOSTLACED View Post
I say nigga and i'm white
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South Africa

Samoa fail to surprise Springboks

Speedster: Bryan Habana

PARIS, 9 September – A four try haul to wing Bryan Habana spearheaded South Africa's 59-7 victory over Samoa in a physical and passionate Pool A match at Parc de Princes on Sunday.

At no stage was Samoa, ranked tenth in the world, intimidated by their highly fancied opponents, who are ranked six places above them.
A capacity crowd were thrilled by some hard running and big hitting from the Samoa forwards as the South Pacific nation appeared on course for a major boilover at the IRB Rugby World Cup.
South Africa were hampered early on by a high number of unforced errors.
"We really worked in the first quarter. They deserve a lot of respect," said Springbok captain John Smit.
Samoa were rewarded for their hard graft when centre Gavin Williams crossed for the opening try of the match.
It wasn't until the last 10 minutes of the first half that Habana turned the Samoa defence inside out to score a magical individual try.
"As a team we played unbelievably well, there is not one individual who can be singled out," Habana said.
Two minutes into the second half, Samoa wing Lome Fa’atau seemed to have got his side back into the match only for referee Paul Honiss to call him back after awarding a penalty to the Springboks for offside.
From there the superior class and fitness of the 1995 champions shone through and they went on to score a further six tries to end what had been a very brave performance by Samoa.
Brian 'The Chiropractor' Lima (SAM) was introduced into the game by Samoa coach Michael (NZL) Jones during the second half, becoming the only person to play in five world cup tournaments.
However, the hard-hitting centre suffered concussion launching a trademark tackle within a couple of minutes and had to be replaced.
South Africa coach Jake White was happy with his team's performance but he knows their next clash against England will be completely different.
"I don't think that yesterday (ENG v USA) counts for anything," he added.
"We have beaten them three out of the last four times. We've got our most Test-capped team here at the world cup. I think those are things that give us confidence going into the England game."
Jones now has to prepare for another tough encounter, against Tonga next Sunday.

De Villiers out of world cup with torn bicep

Unlucky again: Jean de Villiers has a bicep injury

PARIS, 10 September – The South Africa centre Jean de Villiers has been ruled out of the rest of the IRB Rugby World Cup with a torn left bicep.

The injury occurred during the Springboks' 59-7 win over Samoa on Sunday at the Parc de Princes in Paris. His withdrawal was announced at the team's recovery session on Monday.

South Africa team manager Zola Yeye said De Villiers was extremely disappointed as this was the second time he had been forced out of a world cup by injury.

"It is a low blow, he is devastated. He can't believe that it has happened to him again."
In 2003, De Villiers missed the Springboks' whole world Cup campaign after suffering a shoulder injury in a warm-up match.

A replacement, Wayne Julies, will be flown in from South Africa on Wednesday.
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RAMESH shaolin monk


habana runs through team

Man races world's fastest cat

HARTEBEESPOORT, South Africa (CNN) -- It sounded like a joke from the start -- an almost primeval joke. Come watch a 100-meter race on a grass track pitting the world's fastest land mammal, the cheetah, against one of Africa's fastest human beings.
The cheetah goes from zero to 60 mph in three seconds, the Ferrari of animals. It can reach a top speed of 70 mph.
By contrast, the fastest human has been clocked at around 9:76 seconds in the 100-meter dash. Looking at the stats, common sense says there's no way man can compete with this big cat in any race.
But don't tell that to Bryan Habana. The 23-year-old is one of South Africa's most famous rugby players, a speedy winger who's been credited with some of the most memorable moments in the sport's history.
Habana runs the 100 meters in about 11 seconds.
For this race, Habana was chosen by the De Wildt Cheetah and Wildlife Trust, a conservation group involved in cheetah awareness programs in South Africa for 35 years. (Watch raw video of the big cat overtake Habana )
Habana said he was pleased to be a part of this week's event, taking time off between his games to lend a helping hand to the trust's cause.
"It's not about me. The cheetah's the most important thing at the moment, and I'm going to do everything in my power to focus on the conservation of the cheetah," he said before the race.
Cheetahs are in imminent danger of being classified as an endangered species, according to De Wildt officials. Nearly a century ago, there were more than 100,000 cheetahs in the wild in Africa, they said.
Since then, the cheetah has been in sharp decline. An estimated 8,000 to 10,000 are believed to be left in the wild.
"It's absolutely vital that we get to tell people that we are going to lose this beautiful creature and other creatures if they're not aware of the issues: habitat loss, illegal trade, poaching trade," said Vanessa Bouwer, executive director of the De Wildt Cheetah and Wildlife Trust.
"All those issues face the cheetah, and they will disappear unless we put in place intelligent, realistic, pragmatic conservation plans."
It's hard to imagine that such a speedy animal would be in danger in the wild. But the encroachment of humans into so-called cheetah territory means the animal has to compete for space -- and space to run, De Wildt officials said.
Chasing a leg of lamb

The cheetah chosen to run against Habana was a 2 ½-year-old female named Cetane. She was orphaned at birth after poachers killed her mother. She's been raised in captivity by the De Wildt center, and for the most part is quite tame. (Watch the cheetah in the race of its life )
But Bouwer was quick to point out that at the end of the day, Cetane is still a wild animal who reverts to basic instincts when she feels in danger.
To prevent the animal from attacking the rugby star, race officials brought in a Hollywood stunt team. The crew members tied a piece of bait -- an eight-pound leg of lamb attached to a teddy bear -- to the end of a long string to be pulled during the race, with the hope that Cetane would chase it.
Before the start, they waved the leg of lamb in front of the cheetah to be sure she had it in her sights. On the inside lane was Habana, who was given a 30-meter head start. Meanwhile, game wardens with tranquilizer guns were posted around the track to ward off the cheetah should she suddenly veer off course.
About 200 people -- conservationists, sports enthusiasts and race lovers alike -- crowded around the track. They were instructed not to flash any cameras should it distract Cetane from her bait.
Habana crouched forward; behind him, the bait was waved just as a man's voice signaled the start of the race. Habana burst off the starting line with smooth strokes and determined concentration. "Simply poetry in motion," one spectator said of the rugby star's movement. (Interactive: See how a cheetah compares in speed to airplane)
Just before Habana reached the finish line, a blur of spotted fur whizzed by him, and the stunned crowd erupted in wild applause.
Cetane was quickly collared, and Habana bounded back up the track to more applause. Most in the audience were too stunned by the spectacular event to conclude who had actually won.
Before the master of ceremonies could name the winner, the rugby star made an announcement of his own: He wanted an instant rematch. Cetane didn't seem to mind another go.
In the second round, Cetane leaped past Habana, passing the finish line by a full length. The beast had clearly beaten man.
Habana didn't seem too upset. "I guess I was very happy to see the cheetah pass me because then I know he wasn't looking at my rump," he said.
To the conservationists on hand, the close race seemed emblematic of the larger struggle for the cheetah.
"I wish it was not quite as close, but it leaves us with the question, is man going to win or cheetah?" Bouwer asked.
Whatever the answer, groups such as De Wildt said they will do all they can to make sure cheetahs are given a chance to live their natural lives to the fullest.

coloured male Bryan Habana
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Favourites prevail at World CupColin Charvis is all smiles after his team survived some anxious moments

All four favourites won on the third day of the Rugby World Cup, but the results were not as lopsided as expected.

In the opening match, Wales overcame a shaky start against a committed Canadian side before recovering to win 42-17 in Nantes.

The Canadians had threatened a major upset by taking a 17-9 lead before crumbling in the second half.

"We were good for the first 60 minutes, and then we missed some tackles and the wheels kind of fell off the bus in the second half," Canada coach Ric Suggitt said.

Flyhalf James Hook gave Wales a 9-0 lead through three penalties before Canada answered in style.

Jamie Cudmore, Craig Culpan and Morgan Williams crossed the line to put
Canada 17-9 ahead in the 45th minute, before the team tired and let the Welsh back into the game.
Wales regained the lead with a try blitz in which Shane Williams crossed
the line twice and Alun Wyn Jones, Sonny Parker and Colin Charvis also
touched down.
"I've always said that the opening game is always a test of nerves as much as a test of the way the team has played, and we were definitely affected by that today," Wales coach Gareth Jenkins said.
"The second half was more like the way we intended to play, and in the end we came through with the results."
South Africa 59-7 Samoa
The Springboks withstood an early physical onslaught by Samoa before running away with the game to win 59-7 over Samoa.
Flying winger Bryan Habana scored four tries while Percy Montgomery contributed 29 points.
South Africa moved to 6-0 against Samoa and recorded its largest winning margin, surpassing the 60-10 victory in 2003.
Bryan Habana: Springboks try machine
The Springboks earned a bonus point to top the group with five points, one more than England after its 28-10 win over United States on Saturday.

In contrast, Samoa were left fuming at referee Paul Honiss who they believe disallowed a valid try just after the interval as they looked to bring themselves back into the contest.
The 126-kilogram No. 8 Henry Tuilagi and Semo Sititi combined to force a five-meter scrum, from which lock Joe Tekori scored, only for it to be disallowed for offside.
"I was very disappointed with the referee," Sititi said.
"I told him that two teams were playing, not one. Always the decisions went against us and it was very disappointing, although I tried to keep the players' heads up."
Brian Lima made history in the 61st minute when the substitute winger took the field for Fa'autu, becoming the only man to play in five World Cups after he made his tournament debut in 1991 against Wales at age 19.
Unfortunately, Lima had to be replaced after only four minutes after knocking himself out while attempting a big hit on reserve flyhalf Andre Pretorius.
Scotland 56-10 Portugal
Scotland Rory Lamont scored twice in three minutes to set the tone for Scotland's opening 56-10 win over Portugal.
The flying fullback scored the opening points, chiming into the backline as it shredded Portugal's disorganized defense in the 12th minute.
When Lamont scored his next, another World Cup scoring blowout seemed inevitable.
But while Scotland dominated possession and territory, the difference was not reflected on the scoreboard until late, Portugal offered some plucky opposition in its World Cup debut, and the Scots squandered opportunities.
Portugal enjoy their World Cup debut
The Portuguese were playing a cup final today," Scotland coach Frank Hadden said.

"We always knew it would be extremely difficult and very awkward. And they proved it.
Portugal coach Tomaz Morais said his lineup had improved exponentially since its last match against a major European rival, versus Italy last October.
"Against Italy, Portugal could hardly do anything in 80 minutes," he said.
"During the first 20 minutes of the second half, we managed to dominate against Scotland. This is incredible evolution."
Ireland 32-17 Namibia
Ireland’s Brian O'Driscoll marked his return from injury with a try and Ireland held on to down a spirited Namibia 32-17 in their Group D match.
Although Ireland got the victory, it was Namibia that stole the headlines as the African minnows outscored the Irish 14-12 in the second half.
Ireland then dominated before the break to take a 20-0 lead before flyhalf Emile Wessels scored a penalty with the last kick of the half to put Namibia on the scoreboard.

Brian O'Driscoll scores for Ireland

The Irish stretched further ahead with a penalty try in the 49th minute, but that sparked a stirring Namibian comeback.
Flanker Jacques Nieuwenhuis and then center Piet van Zyl crossed for tries within five minutes of one another to bring the score back to 27-17 by the 64th minute.

Only a disputed try by substitute Jerry Flannery in the 76th minute gave the Irish score a sense of respectability.
The bonus point Ireland earned for scoring four tries sent it to the top
of Group D above Argentina, which upset France 17-12 in the opening match of the championship.
Namibia, which was humiliated 105-13 by South Africa in a World Cup warmup, was the better side after the break against Ireland, although it never quite looked like breaking its record seven-match World Cup losing streak.

Suspended: England's Phil Vickery arrives for his judicial hearing in Paris
PARIS, 11 September - Following a RWC 2007 judicial hearing the Judicial Officer (JO) Professor Lorne Crerar upheld the citing complaint and confirmed that England prop Phil Vickery breached Law 10.4(d) (tripping an opponent with the foot/leg) during the England v USA match on Saturday, 8 September in Lens.

The JO deemed the trip was a deliberate act and was delivered with some force, causing the opposing player to be knocked over. The opposing player had no opportunity to take remedial action.

The JO determined the offence to be at the mid range of seriousness. There were no aggravating circumstances and the JO took into account several mitigating circumstances including the immediate admission of culpability, the player’s good character and his conduct during the hearing.

The entry point for a mid range offence is four weeks. In light of the mitigating factors the JO imposed a sanction of two matches.

The player has 48 hours in which to appeal the decision.

Argentina 33 Georgia 3
Updated: 06:09, Wednesday September 12, 2007
Argentina have dismissed Georgia 33-3 in their Rugby World Cup matchup in Lyon.
In the first International between the two countries, Argentina held only a 6-3 lead at half time thanks to a physical Georgia defence, before the gates opened in the second half.
The Argentines, who are on track for a quarter-final berth, finally crossed the tryline after 47 minutes with winger Lucas Borges.
Federico Martin Aramburu also scored in the 80th minute to give Argentina a 30 point lead and a valuable bonus point.

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RAMESH shaolin monk

Pool A
1. South Africa 5 points
2. England 4 points
Tonga 0 points
USA 0 points
Samoa 0 points

Games been played today

12 sep 2007

be sure to watch this shit & suport a real sport

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WU-KILLAH grasshopper

It started bad for France but at the same time it was predictable, cause it's always hard vs the pumas. But for some reason France can lose against anybody but also can win against anybody All Blacks included, so Im pretty confident.
Japan vs Fidji should be a good match to watch today.
South Afr vs Samoa was really enjoyable to watch.
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RAMESH shaolin monk

the pressure is going to be on france now

France make 12 changes to the team that started against Argentina for the Pool D match against Namibia in Toulouse on Sunday, 16 September.
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Rugby for Dummies

Most of us know at least one very specific fact about rugby: We don't want to play it.

But for the moment, move past the visceral fear of a cranial collision with another human, and you will gain an understanding of this ancient sport.
Let's start with a very basic human need: stress release. Peter Winder, author of Rugby Tactics, writes, "Rugby provides a suitable outlet for the controlled release of any frustration or aggression within the structured framework of sport."
According to Mr. Winder, legalized mayhem has therapeutic value.
And legalized mayhem it is. There are no pads or helmets worn in rugby, and the collisions are often of the high speed nature. Size is an advantage, but not as much as one might think. A quicker, smaller player can be invaluable. Injuries are an accepted part of the game. One is expected to play hurt if at all possible. Clearly rugby is a sport for the lion, not the faint-hearted.
Maybe the best way to understand rugby initially is from the viewpoint of the spectator. Not all of us are cut out for such brute physicality, even within the "framework of sport."
The terminology and jargon is revealing: scrum, ruck, maul, hooker. It just sounds rough, although there is much more to it. Here are the basics:
The game of rugby involves 15 players per side, though seven-a-side tournaments are popular too. The responsibilities of those 15 positions are loosely interpreted, depending on the league and/or country where the game is played, but the 15 positions include 8 forwards, 2 halfbacks, 2 centers, 2 wings, and 1 fullback.
The field of play is called a "pitch," usually the size of a soccer or football field (i.e., whatever's available, especially in the U.S.).
The object of the game is to score as many points as possible by carrying, passing or kicking a leather oval ball, about twice the size of a football, toward the scoring zone at the far end of the pitch called the in-goal area, akin to an end zone in football. Grounding the ball (literally touching it to the turf) in the in-goal area must be done with downward pressure, and results in a try (score), worth 5 points.
A conversion may then be attempted by a place kick off either a tee or the ground. If the ball is kicked through the uprights, 2 more points are awarded. The ball is then kicked back to the other team and play resumes.
Points may also be scored from a drop kick during play -- no easy feat with 30 guys swarming around -- or a penalty kick, which is awarded after certain breaches of rugby etiquette are spied by the single referee. Yes, believe it or not, at least on the local level, there is only one referee on the field to monitor the actions of 30 players. If the drop or penalty kick is successful, it is worth 3 points.
Here are some basic rugby rules might raise more questions than answers:
There are no "downs," as in football, nor is a "first down" required to maintain possession. In fact, possession is exchanged often and quickly. There are few long, sustained "drives" toward the in-goal area. Progress up and down the field is achieved grudgingly, usually in short chunks.
The ball may not be passed forward, though it may be kicked forward. Players cannot be tackled unless they possess the ball. Once in possession of the coveted leather oval, of course, one is, you might say, fair game, or dead meat, or an endangered species. You get the picture.
Play stops only when there is an infringement, or the ball is thrown or kicked out of bounds, or when a try is scored.
When the ball goes out of play, a line-out results (see cover photo), where the opposing players line up perpendicular to the sideline and jump for the ball as it is thrown back in play (similar to a jump ball in basketball). The players are even allowed to hoist a teammate into the air to better reach the toss.
Penalties, which range from tackling too high to being offsides (a player further downfield than the ball) can result in either a free kick for the other team or a scrum.
Now there's a term most of us know. But what, exactly, is a "scrum"?
Without getting too technical, here is what occurs when each team's forwards link arms over shoulders on opposite curves of a circle, like a huge round centipede at war with itself.
After the forwards are locked together (this could be an intimate way to get to know your opponent), another player -- determined by either the team that was the victim of a penalty, or the team that was moving forward at the time of play stoppage -- rolls the ball into the center of the scrum, careful to roll it so the ball bisects the human circle so as not to give either team an advantage in gaining possession.
Once in the center of the scrum, the ball cannot be touched by hand. Each team has a "hooker" in the scrum, a player positioned forward of his teammates, who tries to hook his foot around the ball and drag it behind him, where his teammates then caterpillar it with their feet until it squirts out the back of the scrum. Then yet another teammate, preferably a quick, elusive lad, picks it up and initiates play.
This looks almost as absurd as it sounds, but there is much strategy involved in emerging from a scrum with possession of the ball.
The game consists of two 30-minute halves, with a brief half-time break. There are no time-outs, save for an injury, which is also the only circumstance under which a substitution is allowed, though this rule is flexible at the local levels.
The Peninsula Green game versus the Canadiens was my initial foray into the world of rugby. Standing on the sideline afforded me a front-row seat to view the violence of the sport, yet also a window into the strategy and technique that may not be obvious from afar.
There is clearly a method to the madness that is rugby. Just be careful of those cranial collisions.

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were paying $7-50 to win, i might have a bet.

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  • (Rugby News Service) Wednesday 12 September 2007

    Tonga's 10-point win over USA was built on strength and patience as they chalked up their first world cup win since 1999.

Fiji and Japan vow to cut down error rate

Who me?: Nicky Little was unaware he'd reached a milestone

TOULOUSE, 13 September - Japan and Fiji admit they have plenty of work to do following their thrilling IRB Rugby World Cup match in Toulouse on Wednesday.
Despite posting a 35-31 victory, Fiji made too many errors and backs coach Shannon Fraser conceded they appeared nervous in their opening match.

Perspiration not inspiration key for Italy

Man of the match: Ramiro Pez

MARSEILLE, 12 September - Italy's forward pack was the key to winning their first IRB Rugby World Cup 2007 match, when they defeated Romania 24-18 at the Stade Velodrome, Marseille on Wednesday.
A Santiago Dellapè try and a David Bortolussi penalty put Italy 8-0 ahead at half time and despite Romania's Alexandru Manta and Marius Tincu scoring a try a piece, a converted penalty try and three penalties by man of the match Ramiro Pez gave Italy the win.
In a an error-strewn match, Italy's pack had the edge over their opponents, forcing mistakes which meant the Azzurri were able to keep them at bay.
The Italy captain and second row Marco Bortolami was the driving force behind his forward's efforts and was pleased with their showing.
"Our scrum was outstanding and it was one of the keys for our victory," he said.

Prop Andrea Lo Cicero agreed.
"We have a good scrum, an excellent scrum and we had to show that today. I thought we did so."
The reintroduction of fly half Pez by Italy coach Pierre Berbizier was a masterstroke and the 28-year-old, who was making his cup debut, rewarded his faith by turning in a man of the match performance.
Following a nervy display as kicker by full back David Bortolussi, who missed three penalties and a conversion, Pez took on the kicking duties in the second half and finished the match with three penalties and a conversion.
Pez said to win after their opening match defeat to New Zealand was important.
"We had lost our confidence after losing so heavily against New Zealand, but from now on, we can build it up again," he said.
Romania were still in contention until the 52nd minute, when flanker Manta was sent to the sin-bin for killing the ball. In his absence, Italy scored 10 points.
Centre Romeo Gontineac, who was making his 11th world cup appearance in his fourth tournament, said it was a turning point.
"They played with the wind and profited by our mistake. It is very hard to play at this level with 14 v 15, especially in the forwards."
Of some concern for Italy was seeing their scrum half Paul Griffen stretchered off with his neck in a brace. Thankfully, he was later able to return to the reserves bench.
Replacement scrum half Alessandro Troncon, who won his 99th cap on the night, had only one thing on his mind when he took the field despite his team mate lying prone.
"I just thought 'I have to replace him and give my best to win the match,'" he said.

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good work on the thread RAMESH.

Rate australia a chance at taking it? I honestly dont, our lead up was pretty horrible, but im not massive on rugby. beating Japan by heaps was a good warm up, but the first half was pretty piss poor.. against better sides we'd be punished for those mistakes.

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ive watched rugby for ages but.... can someone explain te scrum to me.

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