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Default Simulations of Self

"So the brain works like a complex computer, gathering and processing data, which then puts on a show for us - a wonderful, accurate, multicoloured, multisensory simulation of reality that in some ways might even be more useful than a direct perception of it (if such a thing were possible). After all, the different colors and shades we see often provide very useful information about the world.

But this model of perception has one obvious problem. Who is this show being put on for? Is there some kind of self inside our brains who sitnesses the contents of consciousness? If so, by what mechanism is the self aware of it witnesses? And how can we avoid the potential infinite regress of self-awareness, whereby a further self is forever needed to be added to be aware of the self and its contents so far? "

If self-awareness and knowledge of self, is the first step, where does it lead?

Once aware of the simulation, can we only be aware of the simulation and not of a material basis for the simulation?

Mind/body ideas are false perceptions?

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