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Default Luca Brasi

Unholy hollow human conceived from soiled semen
Enslaved species disfigured dead seed of deformity
Stillborn in stomach-churning priesthoods of scorn
Embryo of menstrual blood oaths chastised in mud
Descendant of unbounded rage out purgatory cage
Blinded by darkness awaken by luminosity of Satan
Cornea like gallows protected by ominous shadows
Particles of cosmic dust in eyeballs transmit disgust
Line of sight abominable retinas reflect ghastly light
Destiny redoubled by fury while bifocals half-empty
Underworld dweller derelictions spoken in murmurs
Incoherent fiend recipient of anti-rabies treatments
Red wolf in lambskin controlled by horrendous sins
20th century black-hand, beast of barren wastelands
Homicides Leviathan, modern-day shogun assassin
Dr. Death on parole, transporter of deceased souls
Crawler of decadence, insane bearer of pestilence
Prodigy of iniquity governed by Templars of Lunacy
Chemically imbalanced on faint wounds of misery
Black hole integrity, dire dense pitch dark morality
Candor ruled by commander of immoral standards
Moral guidelines decimated by irrational principles
Self-esteem raised then descended like guillotines
Mindless maliciousness blemished common sense
Warped consciousness distorted inane awareness
Nightmarish illusions traverse derisive dimensions
Pale visions darkened by acrimonious perceptions
Mental desolation after epileptic shock disillusions
Catastrophic violence authentic and vacant of logic
Depraved dreams persecuted character of psychic
Irisí decorum angered tumultuous metamorphosis
Plights of deep anguish risen to skyscraper heights
Ruptured reflections depicted by fractured pictures
Decades preset to decode Zodiacís 63^26 alphabet
Night-long laments eradicated by inflicted torment
Internal eternal torture afflicted burdened cerebral
Permanent poison injected from peptides in venom
Psychological oppression altered lines of liberation
Insanity glorified, psychosis lionized till itís idolized
Hatred canonization, self-declared saint aberration
Savage heathen desolate stare engulfed by despair
Roughshod psycho escorted by demented ill mobs
Maligned swine lead to elapsed time by deaf/blind
Asphyxiated by constriction of stifled reticent mind
Reckless thoughts produced by thoughtless crimes
Fanatical fidelity to condemned homicidal vandals
Antediluvian hand-saw chaos threat to rule of law
Contemptuous sneers whirlpools of vortex of fear
Conduct contemptible, brutal behavior despicable
Revenge fantasies of butchery in carnage ecstasy
Extremely eager to raze intensely reviled enemies
Hit-man for hire with obstinate bloodbath desires
Permission of mafia commissionsí assassinations
Inhumane conditions contractual exterminations
Callous amputations, pugnacity in perfect motion
Raucous perspicacity develops into silent movies
Impure psychopath unleashed hardhearted wrath
Bloodstained frozen hands capture transgressions
Antagonistic filled instincts drive vicious will to kill
Crossbows disintegrate scalp treads in foreheads
Holy writ virtuous brains punctured with ice picks
Execution-style murders done with hostile smiles
Close range ghastly homicides like Cobain suicide
Innate annihilations, garrote wire strangulations
Blood-claw wombs tearer, eugenics slaughterer
Red-eye brother slayer admirer of pious martyrs
Police impersonator, Saint Valentine massacres
Jeffrey Dahmer cannibal cold case investigators
Tombs contrived by mankind under killing moons
Brick red pathways paved by bloodshed of dead
Beheaded racehorses, masses sleep with fishes
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