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Post Chabela Classic/ my lady... pg 6

- damn fuck ... Albert .. Albert had a diving catch ...

My lady.. i dont know .. what to call her .. i got a piece .. without getting a piece... i overheard from far away... if whenever you think... or hear my name... and that word comes to mind ... God damn ! ... for real... God damn as in .. God damn... God damn.. some day .. some night .. 2002 ... it wasn't my all time.. classic .. poem... as seen on my space.. you guys.. seen .. it.. some of you guys.. liked the format.. rousing.. like completely... grey or black.... i keep going back... that was .. really the first ... from close.. Dodi.. blunts... this is good bud... at that time.. one.. hit... two the most... i smoked.. but i think i did it wrong... bud.. this behind.. this.. ass... i 've never seen another one like it ... to this day... that was your skill.... i need to lie down... Sundays.. at eleven.. i'm pretty faded... faded... faded.. faded as fuck.. Game over .. game over for real... Game over fully... I better start walking .. I'm gonna go down the bridge... I see it .. everyday... I walk... a pull up with one hand.. who'll be sore.. down... oh shit... the 710 ... damn that shit was funny ... Janet... you too if you want... you .. you guys.. are .. are sick ass ballers... i can't believe it .. i m going to go posterior.. I 'll go.. I 'll do it .. I'll do.. I'll do.. appeal.. not there.. my insides.. any perfume.. smells.. different.... still bomb.. like Mouser words wannabe.. album.. c d .. how old are you ? .... 3 days.. days and days.. a decision.. online.. i feel.. it.. every.. girl.. the bomb .. ones... you girls.. know.. who you are...
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