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Post My lady : Special Edition .. pg 3

-hell yeah.. i came late once ...

where we couldn't go to class... so were in the cafeteria.... with all the late people.... trippin out on my homework.. i didn't see this girl.. that i had macked on ... a week before.. one time.. i saw her outside... with her friend... and i told her .. sorry about the rush .. it was bomb.. but i think... she was jocking... sick ... she looked at me.. then said it was okay .. what a trip.... her friend .. later gave me her number... 820 - i can't tell you.... in the cafeteria.. like across.. from me.. a little bit to the left... like almost time to go to the next class.. but enough time to get her point... was this .. .short girl... hidden.... she 's so small.. i didn't even notice this girl ... just staring.. i mean staring.... she wouldn't blink... i could tell she didn't give a fuck .. damn.. there it is . .. this is when i came up with the idea to be with her ... the rest.. at a time.. when Mouser Words.. your papi... was skinny.. young.. ugly... at least i thought to some.. << some fool named Camel.. to some... was about to have a girlfriend... it was a trip.. knowing.. she liked me... i felt like a pimp.... one mack.. led to a relationship... an unforgettable.. one.. a tequila.. bottle.. for Chabelita.... thank you ... i had to set up the next appointment.. the second time was it ... this time.. it was it .... i told her ..on another day of 8 th period.. 8 th period... was a night class.. i had ... during.. High School . to receive .. credits... they were like career classes.... they were fun... fun times.... so.. some fools.. blazed... some were there to learn... i was there to learn... but i liked a couple of girls in there .... man.. ! the girls.... Yvonne.. who ? .. now Merlee... damn -
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