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Question Supplement Mishap

Draft Dramatics... Draw Out... Advantage.. Afterward.. Fasten.. > Afterthought Savage.. < Feckless .. Feeble-minded... > Neuter Gendered... > Negligent... < Reflect.. Redolent.. Percent.. > Feathery.. Feedback.. < Revolve.. Restrictive.. Havoc... > Resonant Resultant.. > Could Of Been Tragic.. > Like "harlem's Finest.. " I Dont Understand It .... > Rocky ... Rodent .. Trigger.. Ulcer... Massive.. > Exposure... 2 Ultrasonic.. Fashion.. > Travesty.. < No-look With Magic... And A Rabbit.. > Treatise.. Treatment.. Treasure.... << Beat Thug... Thrash.. Swagger.. > Suffrage.. Sudden.. Structural.. << Pageant.. > Paladin.. Perspicacious.. Palaver.. Panchromatic.. Painting. .. Meant.. < Paramount.. Element.. Parentage.. Cement.. Taggers ... Accept.. > Distribute.. Ladder.. Districts.. >dragoon Matters... Different... > Justification.. Draggle.. > Dustless..; > Ceremonious.. Weapon.. Battle.. << Sturdy.. Dulcet.. Color-less. Student.. > Mutter Sent.. < Perplex... > Meter... Here.. Severe.. > Shatters.. No Blood Or Dagger.. Incident.. > Vex Viper ... Intense.. > Behold.. Villainous.. 4 > Vindicate.. Violable.. Standpoint.. Vigesimal... Vigorous.. Voluminous.. Volcano .. Form.. > Soles Viscid.. > Visualize.. Virulent.. Emergent.. Non-violent.. Verbatim.. Vivid.. << Visage.. Vintage.. > Vitreous.. Visitant.. Instrument.. > Steadfast.. Mission.. > Stark.. Stardom.. < Incessant. Incandescent.. Increment.. Inculcate.. > Statistics.. > Starry .. Adjacent.. > Adorn... Inches.. > Harness.. Humanist.. Harp.. > Ingenious... Ingrain.. Innuedo < Laity.. Kook... > Lacuna.. > Laconic... Low... > Lake... Dwelling.. Latinism.. > Break... Pencil ... Grove... > Guise.. Gullible... > Gimmick.. Gin Insipid.. < Root Explicit.. > Downward... Business... > Unctuous.... Giddy ... Ginger.. > Inkwell... Model.. Existence..
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Default Re: Supplement Mishap

i think i'ma have a seizure tryin' to read that shit... honest question: do you write on drugs...?

Those who have something to fall back on, always do.
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Default Re: Supplement Mishap

he dont write on drugs its just his "style" i mean we all got different ones and his is just a lil bit more then others :P

but fa real tight shit keep it up

Tables Turn..Which Made it Worse, Engaged N' Searched..
for a Way ta' Learn, how ta Take tha' Curse of the Weight of Earth
Incase it Curved, and Strained my Nervous System..
Rage it Burst, n' Explained in Words how ta Further Wisdom
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