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Default Soul Searching

I've tried time after time with the verbal embraces/
Physical disconnect makes it harder to face it/
She ain't a monster that's substance talkiní/
Angered when she withdraws, it's dug claws in/
Walkiní in the rain to regain that companion/
It wants her a slave till the dance is done/
But that same old song keeps playing/
And those painful throbs keep her craving/
The escape from abuse as the wrath rains down/
To make her regret every hour that it ain't around/
Lays her down till the lesson is learned/
Fixed on the ground till refreshing the burn/
Chase away illness in the toxic arms/
Of this liquefied pimp causing bodily harm/
But I stand on the outskirts of this tango/
Waiting for her to come home and let the pain close/
The message rests in the bottle till she can see the bottom/
Leave the desolate and hollow to seize another option/
Caught in a maze, searching for a way out/
The key showed a mirror reflection that wouldn't fade out/

Pleasure gravitates an insane tug/
Chasing the dragon, pain and love fit the same glove/
Intertwined in tangles for domination/
An endless paradox alleviating complication/
Like God grappling Satan when approximating/
Pursue fleeing love or deteriorate waiting/
Bathing in hatred self fury bound to seer me/
Angst riddling torture the mouth of fear breeds/
Demons pulling strings in a ventriloquist act/
Summoned the dementor's kiss, consumed in a fade to black/
I stay in tact knowing she can make it back/
Rise like a phoenix from ash, she's leaving the past/
She cancels the noise that manipulates opinion/
And transmits a voice that re-situates with wisdom/
From the depths of conflict and webs that constrict/
Turning received logic, to steps thatíll lift/
I MC & Produce:www.soundcloud.com/blaine-nash

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