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Default Adrian Younge interview (talks Ghostface and new Delfonics LP)


For those of you who don’t know who Adrian Younge is, he is the self proclaimed Leader of Venice Dawn. One very talented individual. Best known for his work on the Black Dynamite movie soundtrack, his production is the very essence of soul music but it comes with a modern twist. His usage of heavy guitar, dark transitions and soulful melodies combined with out-of-the-box writing creates a jaw-dropping effect. I’ve seriously been listening to “the sound of man”, “turn down the sound” and “Reverie” like everyday and I think you should too. Started off as a hip hop Producer in the late 90′s, Adrian taught himself how to play instruments by his own admission. Venice Dawn was his first released project(2000). Then came the Score and soundtrack to the Black Dynamite(2009) film and last year he dropped “ Something about April”(2011) on Wax Poetics. All of these are available on itunes to please check it out. He’s currently working with William Hart( one of the founders of the legendary group, The Delfonics)on a new album and Ghostface Killah with “12 Reasons to die, “ both albums tentatively schedule to be released February 2013. We can’t wait.

What and/or who influenced you to get into music?
I’ve always loved music; I remember beatboxing as a child and always felt as though I’d be kinda nice on the beats. Oddly enough, it all worked out. But to answer your question, the culture of Hip Hop is what inspired me to get into music. Hip Hop is akin to the nature of punk music: it is rebellious and has historically served as a direct representation of a unique urban subculture. I belong to this culture, and it is thoroughly represented in all of my music.

Before you self taught yourself how to play the keys, the saxophone, guitar etc, How would you describe your earlier work on the MPC?
It was a mixture of all of the producers I admired, like DJ Shadow, Premier, RZA, etc. I was always moved by darker rhythms and drums. I learned a lot by listening to these excellent producers.

When you first start working on a track, what are your methods to building a song in it’s preliminary stages?
In most cases, I write a full chord structure on a piano or bass; when I write these structures, I also memorize how the rest of the instruments should interact. Thereafter, I lay a click track down on my tape machine, using my MPC. Then…it’s time to record!

How was it like working with the likes of William Hart(Delfonics) and Ghostface Killah(Wu-Tang)?
Recording a Ghost and Delfonics album is honestly a dream come true. Every artist feels this way when they get the opportunity to work with people they have respected for years. It baffles me that two dream projects actually became reality, within the same year. I took these opportunities seriously as well as William and Ghost; they executed like pros and I am excited to hear how the public feels about these projects, once they are released.

Are there any artist out there now, that you’d consider yourself a fan of?
I don’t listen to much modern music, because I own a record store that primarily sells vintage vinyl. Nevertheless, there are people such as Flying Lotus, Gaslamp Killer, Black Milk, Odissee, Trek Life, etc. that definitely grab my attention. I’m behind on a lot of new stuff…I need to definitely catch up.
I’ve noticed a lot of hiphop producers, has chopped up and sampled some of your work, as a person who started on a MPC, what are your thoughts on this?
It’s another dream come true. I’m excited to hear any beat that is derivative of my works. I understand and respect the sampling game to the fullest. I actually wish more people would sample. Sampling organic music brings an organic feeling to modern music.

Are they any other projects that you’re working on?
I have some projects in the works, but nothing that is ready to announce.
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Good interview from a true artist who can only do good things in the near future.
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