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Red face Yea yo..... AC bacc witta ?

Sum of yall older headz kno who I am.... (spit in tha cyphaz n wa not)....
sorta active as Im on anutha board (a vbulletin one)

Im souped WuCORP iz bacc in EFFECT !!...

But I noticed changes to it......
maybe yall still workin on it.......
but when u VIEW replys or threadz it displayz all weird.......
no mini profilez like tha OLD WUCORP.... no REP.........

(who carez bout sum E-REP tho itd be nice to have so othaz can kno whoz respected or waeva tha F)

so yea yo...... hopefully everything can go back to NORM.......

and yall STAFF.... change yall passwordz like this:

this way noone can hack us AGAIN!!....
shit I waz bored as fucc man tryna find a "real ryme site"......

O and PS:...... in my sigg it linkz to MK ...... but on MK my cigg also linkz to HERE "right to tha forum"
..... so.....
hopefully both can affiliate n be a team.... theaz sum WUhedz on MK.....

aight peace.
Last Word Cypha /

Now AtotheC

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