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read it all
funny and interesting makes up for truthfulness
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whats with all this "ninja" talk????
is that just another word for the N-word??

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^^^ correct, its for morons who are scarred to say nigga cuz they no they shouldnt
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dat to and it just sounds funny


If any of you got the Scratch magazine with RZA on it, RZA tells how some of the WU are beefing. Not like beef as in fighting, they just aint talking

-LL Cool J and Kool Moe Dee came to blows one night backstage. <<<rumor.

-Freddie Foxxx put a gun in Benzino's mouth on the Flavor Unit tour bus, because Benzino would not stop talking shit about what a thug he was
This is true.

-"The Bridge is over" was a Marley Marl beat that Krs One and Scott La Rock found in a studio.
Conflicting stories on this one. It was definitely "found" though. If it's Marley's…

-2pac was robbed and shot by some of Supreme's boys in.
He was robbed by King Tut's/Jimmy Henchmen's crew. And them BMF niggaz (No, not the ones you see now in the rap videos) that extorted Bad Boy for years

-"I got a story to tell" was vaguelly based on a real life incident Biggie had when he was slipping pipe to John Starks' woman.< rumor

-Paul C was murdered by his wife and his brother.

-Showbiz has almost been sent upstate for attempted murder twice.

-Big Pun hit Jay Z over the head with a bottle in a club.<<<true

DMX used to rob old ladys for their purses cuz he didnt wanna sell drugs..<<<<.maybe its true most of his crimes were done with other people...

-Eric. B beat down Large Professor and ran Kool G. Rap out of New York to Arizona after 'G. Rap revealed Large Pro produced most of the beats Eric B was supposed to have done on the Eric B. & Rakim albums and "wanted dead or alive".<<<Ra did all the production.

Biz Markie produced most of EPMD's first album.<rumor

Ghostface, Superb and their team beat down and robbed 50 Cent and Tony Yayo after 50's dis tracks. < rumor

Johnny Juice did all Terminator X's cuts on the Public Enemy albums.
^^^^^^^^^^^^ Juice did some/most scratches on the first 2 PE records

Kool Keith met Godfather Don outside some industry event that both of them weren't allowed entry to. They snuck in through a back window and then hung out for the next month or so recording the 'Don produced tracks on "the 4 horsemen" and, of course, all the classic Cenobites tracks.

-Just Ice was a prime suspect in a murder case.< true

-Just Ice turned up in Queens on Poet's block after the two Rockwell Noel & The Poet tracks dissing Krs One, Red Alert and Ms. Melodie with a shotgun and waited for Poet to come out. Needless to say, Poet stayed in the crib that day.< true

-DJ Ready Red was kicked out of Geto Boys and shafted by J. Prince because of his lack of melanin.< true

-Alpo, Fritz, the original 50 Cent from Ft Greene and various other notorious hustlers/killers from the legendary Paid In Full Posse were in the crew shots on "paid in full" and "follow the leader".^^true check the back cover and some of the videos^^

-Rakim recorded a dis cut aimed at 'Kane for "let the rhythm hit 'em" and had a verse on the title track itself aimed at him. 'Kane heard about this and called Rakim to squash it and Rakim went on to scrap the track and remove the verse. <true

-Diamond D and his old late 80's group Ultimate Force with Master Rob recorded a full album with Jazzy Jay, which has never been heard.

-A young Fat Joe and his boys Tony Montana(R.I.P) and Charlie Rock L.D were one of the top two crack crews in the Bronx in the mid 80's and bringing in thousands of $$$$ per day.<<< Not Fat Joe but his boy Tony Montana was big dealer back in the 80s. Fat Joe was in there with him, but he wasn't his main sidekick or anything in the game.

-Q Tip got fucked up so bad by one of the members of Wrexx N Effect that he lost partial sight in one of his eyes. ^^^^^very true^^^^^
(-If you ever wondered why Q Tip wore a mask in the video for "Hot Sex", this is why. There was also some intervention by a neutral party to squash this beef between Wrecks N Effect and Tribe.)

-Nas came incredibly close to being on the Large Pro produced Kool G Rap, Xtra P, Freddie Foxxx and Ant posse cut "money in the bank" as he was always hangin' around Eric B.'s studio but had gone to pick up some weed with a chick so they let the Ant kid on there instead.

- Main Source (sans Large Pro) ran up in the Wild Pitch offices with machetes looking to behead MC Serch (then working as an A&R for the label) after a West Coast promotional tour went sour. MC Serch got wind that they were coming and escaped by crawling over the partial walls for his office and jetting out the back door.
Thanks for the memory. Here are the facts. Yes I ran Wild Pitch and was the VP for two years and A&Red both the OC classic "Times UP" and the Coup "Genocide and Juice". Main Source ran up with a lot of weapons while my pregnant wife was visiting me. The reason they ran up is that while doing a promo run in LA with the Main Source, we went to a live performance and some dude was outside with a sawed off trying to rob the DJ for the night. When we got back those dudes thought that I put out a hit on them. they kick in my office door and start trying to bogart. I did not escape throught no back starcase but looked over my half wall to see what was up. It was an ugly event and basically was the last day that the group was on the label. Wild Pitch made some grreat music but was doomed based on the deal they had between themselves and EMI. I never ran from them dudes and I never would. My wife and I look at those days as another part of education in this business

- Grimm was supposed to be on "Live at the Barbecue" but he was arrested on the way to the studio. < TRUE

-Rza and Killah Sin and another fam member went to see 50 perform after How To Rob and 50 heard of them being there and dipped backstage and didn't perform, I have heard this one several times. << This is true, but how they left is all speculation.

-Redman Smacked Prodigy around the time Hell On Earth was out b/c he was dissing Keith and Def Squad. <<< No. He showed in Queenbridge, one deep with a hoodie, and confronted Mobb Deep (Mind you Mobb was 20 deep and Redman was solo) and said "Do you got a problem?" and Prodigy fell the fuck back and said "Nope". And that was the end of it. Confirmed by Redman AND Prodigy and Havoc in the Source around 1996. Keith Murray did hit Prodigy.

-A member of Wu got jumped at Suge's club in Las Vegas and Pac didn't like the way it went down and told Suge to squash the beef and he agreed outta respect. <true
^^^^I think it was keith that snuffed P out in front of his people at the Tunnel.(shrugs)

When Nas came to Boston around 94/95 somebody(posibly benzino) in RSO Crew walked up to Nas and sonned him by knocking his baseball cap off of his head. < I doubt it. Nas was always crazy deep back in the early 90s. They used to shut down his shows cuz members of his click would rob the people in the crowd.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

-Freddie Foxxx went to Landspeed records like 200 deep in order to get the money they owed him.<< Not that deep, but yeah.

-Kool Herc was shot around 78 or something.

-Grandmaster Caz wrote Rappers Delight.<<true

-Pharrel use to carry records around for Teddy Riley.<< Yep. He also wrote some hit songs for him also

-Benzino forced Mays to give him part ownership of the source. There are legends of Benzino and his people tying up Mays in his own closet.<< Close enough.

-Benzino was actually one of the main reasons why Boston had such a small homicide rate in the late 90's, the Feds put UC's on every block and had a lot crazy shit going on so Benzino got a lot of the heads of the bigger gangs together to unite so that not everyone get locked up. That saw the murder lessen and the Boston police taken credit for "doing away with crime in a big city".< true

-The entire city of Boston was blacklisted back in the day by the industry due to crowds and Boston rappers and thugs attending shows just to cause problems. Every rapper from Audio Two to Biggie had either a bottle smashed across their head on stage or their show cancelled due to a shooting. To this day very few rappers do shows in the Boston hoods because of it. << true

MF Grimm was not only suppose to be on Live at the BBQ, but his joint with Kool G Rap or 4, 5, 6 was suppose to be the lead single but he was arrested again and G Rap went with the joint with Nas.

Grimm also admitted that he came in third at the World Supremecy battle in 93, losing to SuperNat who won but that he was also involved in a shooting earlier in the day.

Mf Grimm was held on trial for the murder of a cop.

A Boston beatboxer by the name of A-Train is said to have beaten Biz Markie, Dana Dane, and K-solo in a battle back in 88.

Jay-z was told by Scarface to change Reasonable Doubt because he actually named names of dealers. < true

Fat Joe gave Guru a place to live for a while.

Guru didnt leave boston in the best of terms which is why the early of stages of his carrear boston did not play a big part. Gang Starr originally started in Boston and had a few emcees in it. Guru left for NY and took the name without people knowing. < true

Rakim was still in high school when paid in full dropped.< he was 18 not sure if he was in high school

JT the bigga Figga returned Nas chain to him when it got stolen in cali

suge beati the shit out of snoop's/ dre homies cause they were using that phone that Harry-O had an exclusive phone line... and the dudes saying saying to suge "hey we roll wit dr. dre"! first sign of dre holding no weight<<true

LL Cool J was cool with Alpo and many other rappers had drug ties then.< Yes. He copped from them.

Tupac did have some of his enemies killed.<<kinda
one dude i kno
Stretch of the Live Squad
Tupac fell out with Stretch after the robbing & shooting at the recording studio because he became close to Badboy going to Biggies concerts. Stretch was murdered execution style in Jamaica one year to the day after the Tupac shooting.

Eazy-E was from a very middle class family so was Ice cube they weren't thugs. < No. Eazy E was one of the biggest dealers in Cali. Cube isn't a thug, though

Some people in Death Row got raped in the building.

Suge doesnt like Game because he exposed some of Death Row business (stuff about Harry-O) and because he is not really blood.

The reason Sheek wasn't around much after LOX split from Bad boy cause he was clearing up cases he had. < true

The real reason Mase left hip-hop & Harlem is heavy extortion, not an epiphany from god< Him leaveing is a complicated story. His bullshit got his two best friends killed. I'll just say he fucked over the wrong person's woman.

Eddie Murphy lets Johnny Gill sleep in his bathhouse to this day because he's broke

Jaheim is in fact gay, i hear he was spotted in atlanta arguing with his boyfriend over dropping his purse or something in the middle of the street.

FACT: i hear from an insider source that Queen Latifah is certified 100% lez, she just hasent announced it yet.< Well, she has had males pound her out back in da day.

FACT: ghostface killa has a brother still living in staten island, poor, with hardly a pot to piss in, and no support from his well off brother, its true - names Brian.

Kanye West produced some of THE best hits for bad boy back in the day and Deric D-Dot Angeletti was taking all the credit for production because kanye was under him-i heard this many times.

I heard Lil Kim’s on/off boyfriend is a hardened killer and tried to take out sombody in jersey i forget who, i think 50 cent.< Yes, World is is killer and from one of Brooklyn's toughest drug crews in the early 90s. Lame that he took his drug team's name from New Jack city...He's cool though.
Artists who i heard were, most robbed more than twice
Busta Rymes - true
jazze phae - no idea
Nas - eh
Dr. Dre - yeah
Shyheim from the wu - he had to leave ny cause Bloods were after him.
Mase(to the 20th power) got yapped for his chain at a knick game - Eh. And I never heard of that second one
Puff - No
Jermaine Dupri - Who knows
camron(still my man tho) - No, but he's not a super thug in the least
stephon marbury got his chain yapped while takin a nap in his car in NY - Not sure what he was doing but yeah
Allen iverson's been robbed many times -no.
I hear young buck did get his gunit chain yapped in Chicago -
His chain was snatched but he wasn't wearing it when it happened. But it was returned immediately.
DMX, i heard its all a front for image - No, not at all. DMX is everything he says he is. His jail record can confirm this.
of course Ja Rule and Irv, but i heard irv's brother holds massive weight
50's hood but i hear he has NO thorough backup -No. Both of them dudes are pussies that were childhood friends of Preme and think they are him cause he porivides them with protection.

Snoop lost his juice, but is backed by the crips only because he makes songs to crip to.

Jadakiss - Definitely not a real gangsta, but he does his business. After he became a rapper, but whatever

Artists i heard were thuff and why
Styles p- one news story i heard is that somebody tried to rob him back during the free the lox campaign, shot the man DEAD and got off on self defense.< No. But yeah he's street

Cormega-I've heard for YEARS this cat has sh*t on lock in some places in brooklyn and queens.< true

Reason Ghostface wore a mask in the early days is because he was wanted for robbery when the wu 1st blew up.
Cappadonna owned some drug houses here on Staten island for a little while after he got money, i dont know if they're still in business.

Cashmoney CEO's Brian and Baby Williams have a brother who's LEGENDARY in new orleans, now serving 500 some odd years in jail for various murders, this is true, they do have a bro in jail who is hardcore and a lifer

Ice Cube as well. He got beat for one of those "W" chains supposedly by someone from the Soul Assassins camp when him and B-Real were beefin.^^true^^

Have you ever heard Eminem claim that he pulled a gun out on ICP?
Well he pulled a gun out on their road manager, trying to prove something I guess, well the shit was unloaded, and supposedly he was nervous and his hands were shaking so hard he dropped it.< He did. Unloaded

The only reason purple haze was pushed back so long is because freekey zekey was in jail and couldnt do the skits. < No

Heres some bay gossip

E-40 and mac dre were beefin over a girl..its rumored that the two bay legends funk came when a dude from mac dres neighborhood the country club crest, took 40's girl and 40 beat the dude down fro disrespecting his brother. thats why to this day hillside and crest side dont get along...they each made several diss songs before squashing the beef--the hoods havent.

the luniz aint hard but east oakland respects that they went major and still rep the town so they got thier back.

The game isnt welcomed in the bay--bay artists--but his 15 year old fans would show up

master p was ran out the bay because he didnt help none of the people that introduced him to the game. or had his back.

C-bo is in jail for shootin his baby momma<<true fact

luniz and too short beef is because too short wouldnt let them be part of the dangerous crew.

Suge knight paid that cat $5000 dollars to assault dr dre at the vibe awards specifically during his lifetime acheivement award segment.

Reason why the diplomats got into the liquor business is that cam bought 3 liquor stores with confessions of fire money, he learned the in & outs & now sizzurp is blowin up.

Cam’rons dad used to be a singer in a old time group, i forgot the name but ive seen the album cover, kinda looks like him.

Sean paul is not allowed within 100 feet of beyonce or jigga 'cause during the shotting for baby boy,sean paul tried to scoop beyonce by dissin her man sayin somethin alomg the lines of

"get wit a cute %^&*$ like you deserve" .

50 cent tried the same thing too

its rumored that singer houston really didnt try to kill himself, it was a cover up for something muuuch deeper...

50 cent & ja rule's beef never started be4 they were famous. they didnt even kno each other, real reason's because ja was rollin with his posse one day just after he got famous, saw 50 cent rollin alone (after how to rob) started talkin shit so 50 clapped him dead in his eye. this was before blackchild poked him with a knife.

Ghostface and Capodona ran in to one of 50's boys (ZOO) at a block party in Staten Island

D.P from killah army took zoos watch because he was talking to his girl
and they stomped him out.

Few monnths later 50 seen ghost at def jam and they exchanged words
and then 50 put out that diss track. That is how that beef started.

Pete Rock was nailing Nas' baby momma and Nas got wind of this and thats why they dont work together anymore

dmx got his chain jacked in toronto on a movie shoot

Eric B use to do bodyguard work for suge and for Mike Tyson during much of the 90's.< true

dj premier stopped workin wit jeru the damaja...cuz jeru got pissed when premier was ficking his sister...

ghostface said on tony's money "this what happens when u dont give n***** they f***** money" in response to de la soul for not paying him for the track he was on he also jacked their beat lol.

Superb while in jail supposedly wrote all the rhymes for every ghostface album after ironman…

Littles jacked Alchemist chain at a recording studio.
someone got jacked at a soul assasins studio session while gza was their and everyone but gza was forced to strip-lol nobodys messin wit the Wu

-Big Pun hit Jay Z over the head with a bottle in a club.
^^ my friend jayson was there, he cosigns this, this is where the fat joe/hova "animosity" started

Jigga was on stage a lil tipsy with the mic and pun and joe came up to rock and hova didnt want to get off.. Said some slick $%^& to joe and pun and Pun cracked him with a bottle of bacardi. PUN speaks on it in "100%" if you listen to the lyrics.
jay-z did snuff fat joe and did get hit wit a bottle after snuffin fat joe. but after gettin hit wit the bottle pun and joe left quick. it was about to be over for dem cuz hov was strapped, then lance got stabbed, jay didnt do it, but he aint no snitch so he copped a plea, to this day fat joe hates jay. "dont even talk about the rucker"- fat joe's team has won at the rucker, jays team didnt show, "im the proud new owner of the nets, no diploma no regrets, dont even talk about no rucker motherfu*ker i am set"-jay-z, fat joe is yet to respond, and if u listen to the mind right remix jay-z, memphis bleek, h money, and beans, jay is talkin to pun and joe.-just the facts.

Ol Dirty Bastard and LL Cool J were supposed to work together. Then, when they were in the studio, ODB pissed on one of L's platinum plaques (he was drunk, surprise, surprise) and LL threw him out.

Master P tied up and pistol whipped Pimp C after UGK were running around and telling everyone how P didn't pay them for their guest appearances

I heard Master P was talking smack about the eastcoast or something, and Meth smashed him in the face
Rhymesfest battled Eminem before he was famous. Rhymefest won.
afu-ra knows tae kwon do...
nas dropped outta high school...
rza used to skip class all the time and still get good grades...
OdB has his own chips---http://www.rapsnacks.com/snack_pics/sourcream.gif
afrika baambata was in a gang...
biz markie was the first artist to be sued for sampling...bad news for hip hop to come
I heard a rumor(probably not true) that Jim Jones got beat up by some blood in LA in front of his body guard when the blood asked Jim jones what set he from he said "dipset

And Fact, Lil Bruce and Dre use to have funk cause Bruce was talkin bout Dre retarded grandma(or mom) at a club on stage

"I don't think shyheim is weak. I sense nothing but realness from him"
There was a point were he lived down the block from me, trust me my man,he's been disrespected quite a few times
one day while playin cee-lo on the block shyheim lost & had the nerve to tell the nigga he aint payin hefu*k: you kno what happened?
nigga: "oh word?"
he clapped him dead in his face so hard,shyheim blacked out for a few minutes this nigga was laid out,mouf wide open, dude st8 put that head to bed
ducktales? i was there,we was young but we laughed SOOOOOOOO hard

one day shyheim was on one of those motorized scooters when they 1st came out, like the razor scooters but wit a lil motor on the back
his girl was on it too holdin him by the waste
all of a sudden outta nowhere some nigga came up & clotheslined shyheim sendin him AND shorty flyin but what makes it so funny is that his lil scooter was still wobbilin down the block

just so yall know, Allen iverson fu*ked nas babymoms too, thats a fact, jigga even mentioned it in a song, i forgot the name but towards the end he says something along the lines of "you know what,with you kno who"

Krayzie Bone beat up Prodigy

reason why curtis jackson took 50 cents name was because the real 50 cent had major beef wit supremes team & had em shook during his prime

Jay Z and Nas had a battle. Nas dissed Angie Martinez who is on Jay's dikk. Angie
Martinez is an unofficial member of the Terror Squad who is headed by Fat Joe who
has worked with Nas many times. Fat Joe has been throwing subliminals at Jay Z
throughout his whole career. There were claims that Big Pun smashed Jay over the
head with a bottle. When Big Pun died Fat Joe 150ed Cuban Linx. The only person
that helped Cuban was Remy who recently battled Lady Luck. Lady Luck has worked
with Ali Vegas alot who has took shots at Clue & Desert Storm. Stack Bundles who
is on DS has been dissing 50 Cent & Ali Vegas in recent freestyles. Joe Budden
who is also down with Desert Storm has been dissing 50 Cent and G Unit who is
home of The Game. The Game recorded a track with Stack Bundles where this all
started. Joe Budden's freestyle over Where Im From was connected to Beanie
Sigel's & Jim Jones freestyle over the same beat. Jim Jones has "tied his flat in
a knot" with Game. The Game has some type of beef with Memphis Bleek who is part
of the ROC team just as Jim Jones. The Game recorded the Certified Gangsta remix
with Lil Flip. Camron and Memphis Bleek both worked with TI who now has beef with
Lil Flip. Lil Flip was on Ludacris's album and they both claim to have beef with
TI. TI has worked with 8 Ball & MJG and were in their last video along with Ludacris.
ghostface has been shot 3 times but never brags about it like other known fags in the rap industry
The people behind Murder INC actually held weight when PIF posse was running
Puffy got caught gettin' head from a dude (rumors has it that it was Mr.Bentley)

One of those Just Ice murders was for a known Drug Dealer

Kane & Slick Rick came to blows backstage at the Run's House tour in 88(i think). (Providence RI). Fight lasted about 1 minute before Vance Wright broke it up.

Freddie Foxxx was originally gonna be Eric B.'s rapper not Rakim

Mc Hammer found out 3rd Bass was coming to Cali, and ordered someone to merk them

Outlaws had beef with Capone and Noreaga, but was squashed later

Wyclef was close friends with Haitian Jack, the notorius gangster accused of sniching on tupac about the rape case,why?

"Tupac blamed Jacques Agnant AKA Haitian Jack for setting him up in the sexual assault trial. Tupac got the maximum penalty while Haitian Jack got 3 months suspended sentence. It was roumoured that Haitian Jack was a Federal informant. pac shouts him out in Makaveli-Against all odds "
^^play that track & he tells the story

According to Marley Marl, him and Cormega had already finished a whole album ready for release before Nas was due to release illmatic. It eventually fell through as Mega was sent to jail.

- Das EFX stole their iggedy style from UK hiphop outfit Demon Boyz while on tour with EPMD.

-Eric B had Large Professor beaten down on one occasion for Xtra P talking sh!t about not getting production credits and because he thought he was gettin' at him on "snake eyes".

P Diddy was a back up dancer for Kane & heavy d sometimes.<<true saw it on a vh1 documentary.

Russell and Puffy had a fall-out due to an argument that Puff & Kimora had at a club. (it got real ugly)

YZ puts hands on treach so Treach boys jumped him. Yz then went for a chainsaw.

Treach (naughty by nature)has done Porn movies and is Pepas (salt n pepa)babydaddy

Kool G Rap signed a contract with Rawkus worth more than a million dollars

All of the DJ work on Paid In Full that was NOT done by Marley Marl it was done by Rakim, not Eric B.
If I remember right didn't Rakim and Large Professor do the Don't Sweat the Technique album? With little or no input from Eric B.
Eric B didn't do a damn thing for the Eric B & Rakim albums
It's totally true. "But wait," you say. "What about all those credits on the albums that say 'Produced by Eric B & Rakim?'" Ah, you're a sweet kid, but don't be so naive. The discrepancy between who got credit for what on an album versus who actually did what is huge. It was even bigger in the '80s, because hip-hop wasn't big business then. So let's break this down. First of all, Eric's classic vanity cut in which Rakim nominated him for president? Marley Marl did those scratches. And most of the rest of the scratches performed on Eric B & Rakim albums were performed by none other than the God himself, Rakim. So Eric B wasn't the scratcher. But surely he made beats, right? Not so fast. Rakim did most of the production work, plus, as your ears may have already informed you, he got massive (and uncredited) assists from 45 King (Follow the Leader) and Large Professor and the late great Paul C (Let the Rhythm Hit 'Em). So he didn't do cuts, he didn't do beats, what did he do? Well, he was indisputably the tour/performance DJ. But mostly, he was a guy with a lot of street cred and a lot of money for studio time. Artistically, his input was nil. Check his solo album if you don't believe us.
YES Rakim did the scratching on Paid in Full-confirmed by Johnny Juice from Public Enemy

I remember seeing Eric B and Rakim perform Paid in Full on Top of The Pops - the only reason I remember it was because Eric B knocked the arm off the turntable.

I would see him just standing there literally behind the turntables and didnt even pretend to scratch. I knew the jig was up then.

Memphis bleek is not fake as everybody thinks, he actually sold drugs, he was actually pushin weight when he met jay, before the rap shit started poppin off jay made him stop because he was only 15, bleeks boy got gunned down over a dice game and bleek adopted his daughter.

In bedstuy and bushwick, big and jay had some famous battles in the street, and in their high school, big always said jay won because jay rapped to fast, jay also battled busta in their high school, lil kim also attended that school.

Before reasonable doubt, Jay-Z and Jaz-O ran into LL cool J at a club, LL recognized Jaz and they spoke, Jay approached and asked to battle, LL didnt back down. Jay won the friendly battle. thats why LL to this day never takes offense when jay calls himself the best rapper alive, or best rapper dead or alive, when LL claims goat.

Joe Budden was put on anti depressants, was addicted to angel dust, was stabbed by his babys mother, locked up numerous times, dude named joshua tried to kill him twice, pulled the gun twice, gun jamed twice, joe budden was in his hummer and they beat joshua down then took him to the precint.
Joe budden owns numerous cars, including a hummer, and ferrari, but chooses to drive his 93 toyota corolla wit factory rims. Joe budden is not broke as many people think, he doesnt make any money off of album sales, but he is probably the smartest rapper around right now, he owns his publishing, which means millions of pump it up dollars.

Most of Wu Tang used to be angel-dust heads.
^^^^Ghostface admits this in an interview “I was a dusthead
I used to drink a lot back then (making of Ony build 4 Cuban Linx) which is why I sound so aggressive on a lot of shit”

U-God has beef with the Rza over Money

Biggie was not the playa he claimed to be, he never started gettin women until he got money, his bm looks like a man.

Song Cry was a real song about Jay-Z's longtime girlfriend

Trick Daddy was jumped and got his chain snatched at a show in Detroit for dissing Trick Trick a local Detroit rapper cause he thought he stole his name.

2pac had relationships with a few celebrities on the low, Jada Pinkett and Quincy Jones's daughter to name some.

Ice Cube isnt from Compton and went to a college in Arizona, he was never a gangsta.

Xzibit is from Alberquerque, New Mexico.

Scarface tried to commit suicide when he was younger.

Three 6 Mafia used to be called Triple Six Mafia and made songs about worshipping the devil, but were forced to change their name when they signed to Reletivity.

B.I.G. had some of his dudes run up in D&D studios and beat down Starang Wondah then had them put the phone to his ear while B.I.G. proceeded to tell him never to fuck with him again. This was in retaliation for OGC's first video where they had a fake Biggie get beat down.

Starang admitted it on Heltah Skeltah's "I Ain't Havin That"
"like when i was up in D&D i caught 2 or 3 stitches / i was still gettin bi*ches at the tunnel takin pictures".

AZ supposedly fucked lil Kim & foxy brown.
^^Nas didnt bone foxy and he also said AZ didnt... this is from nas own mouth. the track is called "one never knows" or some shit like that^^

Game claims he caught his first body on March 4 1994.

Its rumored that Fat Joe personally buck fifty'ed Cuban Link
in an interview Cuban says he was jumped by some of fat joe's people, Joe denies that he had anything to do with it.
Cuban was brought into TS by PUN, him and Joe were never really close.
Fat Joe and Cuban's beef started from rumors that cuban was boning Fat Joes wife. Cuban denies it, after PUN dies CUba and Joe have no one really keeping them together, and the rumors continue. Joe and Cuba shoot a fair one in a park in the BX. No one knows who won, but Cuba says he won and in retaliation Joey gets his goons to give him a buck fifty. Cuba says Joe was hating on the fact he is a pretty @#%$ and was cast to star in scarface 2 as tony montana's son. He say joe said "Now you really scarface"

Fat Joe writes 25% of his lyrics he has a team of ghostwriters

-i heard also fab fu*ked up Ali Vegas up on a one on one
same with stack bundles did Vic damone.

-i heard that ali helpd smurf get outta jail

fat joe got knocked out @ mansion by sum zoe pound @#%$ joe tried tryin to defend busta and wen @#%$ to snatch his chain they hands got cuttup on the t.s moons on joes chain , same time busta got hit.

Killah Priest was supposed to have the guest spot on Mystery of Chessboxin' from Enter the Wu-Tang, but he passed out in the studio and RZA just got Masta Killa to spit a verse.

"I go to school in New Orleans and everyone said C Murder slaped the sh*t out of Juvenile in a disagreement. Real sh*t Yah Heard Me"

According to DMX, K-Solo battled him in jail and completely jacked his style of spelling out words in his rhymes.

-trick daddy used to smoke danks(coke n cripy) for years

Ced Gee of the Ultramagnetic MCs produced most of Criminal Minded
Rakim & Dr. Dre were set to release an album together, but it never happened due
to "creative differences", and was dropped by Shady Aftermath (yes, THAT GOAT
Starang Wondah (of OGC) was thrown off stage by Biggie & company?

Cappadonna now drives an illegal cab in New York for a his job.

Jermaine Dupri was going to sign Ludacris to So So Def around the time Incognegro dropped, but Lil' Jon (who was working for So So Def at the time) advised J.D. not to, so he went to Def Jam...

Big Pun was over 600 pounds when he died

Cage (bi polar), Scarface (depression) & Kool Keith (depression) have all spent time in mental institutes...

The Fresh Prince (Will Smith) was the first rapper to recieve a Grammy.

The Beastie Boys were the first rap act to reach #1 on the Billboard charts.

KRS One has released 14 albums over his career.

DMX was born in Baltimore, Maryland.
Clipse were born in the BX.

Jungle use to manage such rappers as Nore

Oschino was shot 9 nine times

Canibus was stole on by Blinky Blink at his album release party

Big Noyd served time for attempted murder
Littles did a 4-5 year bid
Mystikal's sister was killed by boyfriend which was a rapper from UNLV
Wyclef was bumped by the feds and taken to DC?
Ghostface is a vegetarian?
Ol' Dirty was charged with attempted murder when he shot at NYPD

Juelz Santana was in a rap duo called Draft Pick with stickman Malik

Prodigy of Mobb Deep was found in Detroit when he was kidnapped by father?

Jaz-o used to sell incents (sp?) on bushwick ave., i actually bought incence from him, it smelled good, $%^&* had a cart and was wearing a tank top and sandals.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^
Jaz-O was a Muslim back in the early 90's with the Ansaars. Remember his video "The Originators" So it made perfect sense he would B selling incense at the time.

Jay went back to marcy after hard knock of life, no security watsoever, went to see his moms, who did not want to move out of the hood. He ran into a former friend and his friend asked him to come to his home studio to record a track, jay did, recorded a verse, the dude asked jay if he need him to walk him to the car (so jay wont get robbed or sumthin) jay said nah im good, longs story short, jay walked to his bently, in the middle of brooklyn, chain swangin, no problem, thats the kind of love jay gets in his hood. " and niggas said jigga cant go back home.

BIG L was rocafella when he died? RIP

My boy was about to fight geda k, but geda got locked up the same day, forreal tho. in the hold bleek hold some weight, its not really him but ty ty (jays right hand) and h money bags, and bleek is well connected.

Joe Budden was born in queens NY, moved to harlem, lived in harlem til about 15 then moved to jerz when his father was sent to federal prison for conspiracy.

Joe budden also spent time in a mental institution when he was 15-16 for depression.

Jay-z was supposed to be on the third verse of ashantis foolish, irv instead made ashanti write another verse in order to "develop his artist"

jay-z was going to sign 50 cent to rocafella but declined after speaking to his good friend irv gotti, then gotti turned around and tried to sign Nas. Jay said if nas was on murder inc he goes from being the boss of ill will to another ashanti. Nas then refused to sign.

AZ many times, was very close to signing to rocafella

Cormega, was a signature away from reppin the roc.

Joe Budden was on rocafella before dame went, but did not want to have to choose between dame and jay so he just tore up the rocafella contract and stood under his old def jam contract.

State Property, the group, did not know each other from a hole in a wall before SP, dame and jay jus took everyone from philadelphia under rocafella and made a collective, basically the Rocs version of making the band.

Bleek recorded verses and songs wit beans for the b.coming, Dame did not want them on there, but put a two year old jay song which was on the state property two album. Dame also kept bleek off of the young guns first solo, juelz, the diplomats, and most of the paid in full contract, bleek called it "a conspiracy to get bleek off of the roc"

Welcome to NY was supposed to be camrons second single, Cam refused to shoot the video after jay vetoed cams VP position, probably costing cam another million in record sales.

Reasonable Doubt was the only Jay-Z album realesed under Priority/Rocafella, The collective- Jay, Dame and Biggs own the rights. Jay offered dame dash rocafella if he would just give him 100 percent rights to reasonable doubt, dame refuse, as a result def jam bought rocafella, gave jay-z presidency position, gave him the publishing to every other jay-z album (besides RD) and gave him 100% of Rocafella.

The track in which jay disses mase, saying "im rolling wit rocafella, they gettin money man" is d-dot, bad boys #1 producer at the time. No one on bad boy was behind mase on his beef wit jay, thats why he never realeased his diss track.

Beanie Sigel and Memphis Bleek were recording an album together called "From My Hood To Your Hood" when Bleeks brother "dre" was in a near fatal accident, bleek dissapeared from rap for a while getting his brother the best medical treatment in the country and keeping his mother away from it so she wont be hurt by her sons pain, sending her on vacations from miami to san tropez.

The Commision- Big, Jay-Z, and Charlie Baltimore was set to hit the streets when big died, R.I.P.

Murder Inc. - A group featuring Jay-Z, DMX, and Ja Rule was supposed to come out when DMX and Ja Rule had a fallout.

Triangle Offense- Joe Budden, Fabolous, and Paul Cain, the album would have came out if Joe buddens debut album went platinum, but it didnt so the label didnt feel need to further explore the potential of that group.

Styles P. were only dissing rocafella and Jay-Z during the Beans and Jada beef in order to push jadas album kiss the game goodbye. when styels came out of prison he said he wished he could take it all back and do resoviour dogs part 2 wit "my @#$%^ at the roc".

Sauce Money won a grammy for writing P.diddys verse on Every Breathe u take the BIG tribute.

Run up on LOON, he will fuck u up.

Jay was real close to coming to blows wit sean paul at a club, but it didnt come to that as sean paul was afraid. " the gat that i clutch got a lil red light, NEED A LIGHT??"

"Vanilla Ice was beat up by suge and hung out his balcony and forced to drink piss. All because Suge wanted the royalties to Ice Ice Baby."
^^^^ kinda tru..suge aint want the royalties wut happend was sum1 else produced it or sum shit n ice aint pay the dude, so the dude went 2 suge n suge thugged ice 4 the money.

50cent The Rapper Was Shot 2 Times News Paper Said So N His Former Right Hand Bangem Smurf Said So.

BlackChild From Murder Inc Stabbed 50cent The Rapper, He Said So On The Beef Dvd.

During a trip to the the old neighborhood, a man approaches memphis bleek, thinking it was a fan, he didnt think nothing of it. dude clapped him dead in his mouf & bleek was so stunned that he ran back to the whip with his hand on his mouf. a little later a team of big body black benzes rolled up & started lightin shit up.

Styles p wanted to fuck up eminem because of the whole fuckin fiasco & almost did it while em was recording a track for jada's album.

Its rumored eminem trained with Lennox lewis trainer.

Lil Kim suffers from low self-esteem partly because biggie used to verbally & physically abuse her.

The gotti kids once dissed lil Kim so bad about her surgery, she ran out of the gotti mansion crying.

Loons from a legendary family of harlem hustlers, so the only cats who diss him are the ones that have no clue he could merk your whole family

mariah carey is the token industry whore, rumors of everybody from 50 cent & eminem to puffy & mase have passed that ass around like a peacepipe.

Charlie Baltimore sucked irv gotti's dick to get signed, this is her main talent & is the reason she's famous

JT the bigga Figga returned Nas chain to him when it got stolen in cali


Inspectah Decks Favorite Pro Wrestlers

5]Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka
4]George "The Animal" Steele
3]Junkyard Dog
2]Iron Mike Sharpe
1]The Ultimate Warrior

tony yayo was not thoro in jail, he stayed in solitary the entire time outta fear

Biggie apparently wanted to mimic the production line up on Illmatic when doing Ready To Die. Puff shot down the idea

Nas had recorded a diss for Jay before Ether that only surfaced on the net.

Fabolous is Dominican.

Maxwell is wild jungle @#%$,seriously.

How 10 Rap Monikers Got Their Names...
01.Busta Rhymes-Oklahoma College Football players real name
02.C-BO-Short for cowboy
03.DMX-was a beatboxer took the name from the drum machine
04.E-40-his ability to drink four to five 40 oz's a day...
05.Grandmixer D.ST-Grandmixer DELANCEY STREET
06.Khujo (Goodie Mob)-After an AFRICAN slave who was given freedom after being illegaly shipped to america
07.LL COOL J-stole the name from DJ Cut Creator (cool jay at the time...)
08.Noreaga-named after the panamanian ruler
09.Dj Quik-C was taken out because he used to be a blood
10.Ras Kass-inspired by a book about menelik II and ethiopian king

09.Ja Rule-Jeff Atkins Represents Unconditional Love's Existence

15.Memphis Bleek-Makin' Easy Money Pimpin' Hoe's In Style

Rejected Titles of 20 Rap Albums
01.Cypress Hill
Rejected : America's Most Blunted
Released As : Cypress Hill

05.Beastie Boys
Rejected : Don't Be A @#%$
Released As : Licensed To Ill

08.Puff Daddy & The Family
Rejected : Hell Up In Harlem
Released As : No Way Out

Rejected : I'm Coming #$%^&
Released As : The World Is Yours

Rejected : The Last Original #$%^&
Released As : It Takes A Thief

15.Eric B. & Rakim
Rejected : Save The Children
Released As : Don't Sweat The Technique

17.Dj Quik
Rejected : Starved Bandit
Released As : Safe + Sound

18.Run DMC
Rejected : Still Standing
Released As : Down With The King.

20.De La Soul
Rejected : We Fell Into A Bottle Of Plastic Shwingalokate, So We Opened A Radio Station
Released As : De La Soul Is Dead.

2Pac had beef with the Fugees, and no, I dont know why...
Reason that was started was cuz Wyclef said something about Pac's music. Something about how his music was negative.



How was Jadakiss in bed?
He’s a minuteman, for sure.

How did you meet him?
I was at a show where he performed. He approached me like, "Yo, come here, come chill with me." I waited with him until everyone left and we went back to the hotel. We’re chilling, everything is cool, and then everybody else leaves the room. I just kinda sat there, like, "Okay, now we’re alone…" and we were watching TV. He was like, "Come here, let’s watch TV in bed." So I’m thinking, Okay, I guess this is how it’s gonna go down. We go over to the bed and he starts touching me. I was like, "No, I don’t know if I wanna do this," but it kinda just led to it and we were going to [have sex] and he just busted. That was it. No oral sex or anything, it was just kinda grindin’. Sizewise, he was decent. Nothing to brag about. It doesn’t even really count as sex, because he busted so fast he didn’t even really stick it in. Everything was cool, though, we just went to sleep and I left the next morning. We’ve never talked again.

Were you disappointed?
It wasn’t that I was disappointed, I was just shocked because I thought he would last longer. Plus, I didn’t really wanna do it in the first place. I was more disappointed with myself for even getting to that point.

So would you be offended if someone called you a groupie?
I don’t give it up that easy, it was just in that circumstance. You know, if a woman wants it, what’s wrong with that? I don’t consider any girl to be a groupie, ‘cause everybody does their own thing. We don’t consider guys to be groupies, so I don’t think women should be considered groupies either.

Do you think the minuteman thing was just a fluke?
It might have been a fluke. I hope it was just a fluke. I just don’t know how it happened that fast. He’s gotta be able to last with somebody.

So what’s your reaction when you hear his lyrics talking about sex, or how good he is in bed?
I just kinda start laughing, like, "Oh, okay…"

Are there any celebrities you’d want to sleep with?
Ludacris. I think the sex would be fun; just ‘cause of the way he carries himself. He talks so much about sex. But, sometimes the ones that talk about it aren’t about anything.


When did you meet Jay-Z?
This was back when Reasonable Doubt came out. We met at a club. One of his friends was ****in’ one of my friends, and he was like, "What up. My name is Jay-Z."

Was he already famous? Were you attracted to him as a person, or more for the fame?
I definitely didn’t find him attractive, but he was borderline famous so I figured I’d have a story to tell. He told me I looked like I had a "****able mouth," which I thought was probably the most disrespectful **** I’d ever heard.

Boring. The biggest **** you will ever see in your life, but boring. Huge. Like a one-liter Pepsi bottle. What do you call those things? The 20-ounce bottle. It’s beyond huge. It could block the sun.

Too big to suck?
No, not at all. That’s why he ****** with me. And he screams like a ***** when he busts. It’s horrible. He has a big humungous **** and has no idea what to do with it.

You didn’t try to teach him?
It wouldn’t have worked to teach him anything. He’s just boring. Plus, I really didn’t care. I was mostly just around for the cash. He might not be boring in bed to everyone, but me, I just didn’t dig him. He always wanted head first, then backshots. Then he’d always try to stick it in the a**hole. I don’t know what the **** he thought he was doing with that big-@#%$ ****.

What kinds of things did he buy you?
Two fur coats. Diamond earrings. I got mostly cash, though. Cash all the time.


DO Cannon (rapper and murder inc signee) was killed as a warning to ja rule.

i knew dude, he was cool ppl, from what i hear all them rap shit aint all that hard anyway so i dont think shit gon start clappin, all them other niggz who died was in some deeper shit.

It was originally a track by Dre called 'The Way I Be Pimpin' which was written by Royce Da 5'9" who also appeared on the hook, but this track was removed at the last minute and a new track was made with the beat (Xxxplosive)

-The first #1 album of the year 2000 (new millenium) was Jay-Z's Vol. 3.

-The intro to Illmatic was produced by Irv Gotti.

I live about 10 minutes from EMinem. His house is Sick; he bought it from former K Mart CEO. I can give you his address if you dont believe me.

Eminem used to work at a Blimpie's (not sure if 100% true but heard from many)

Kid Rock started out as a local rapper in Detroit

Kid Rock use to break dance, one of my high school teachers took a class he tought WAY before he was famous.

Eminem grew up in Warren, not Detroit; he lived North of 8 mile.

Royce 5'9" is from Oak Park

Rza owns the rights to the wu-tang name

michael jackson owns the copyrights to the happy birthday song(happy birthday to you,happy birthday to you etc. etc) 100% true, if you heard it on tv, he gets paid

twista is a vicelord (do they still run chicago?)

Jeru the damaja was screwed by the industry so bad; he was spotted last year in manhatten delivering Chinese food on a bike, not a motorbike, a bike.

Shyne used up all his phone time for the next 6 months just to get at 50.

Mary J B was an industry whore who got ran up by more niggas than Jenna Jameson

Do know why Rocwilder ain't had a hit in years? Cause his ghost producer died and he used up the archives.

Q-tip produced a few songs on mobbs the infamous album under the name 'The Abstract' gohstface produced a lil of it too but i forget which track.
Nas also ghost produced which explains why the infamous was arguably their best album (i say hell on earth).

At the BET awards in 2004 Shells went up to Nelly and was like yo im on J records an I would like to work with you and nelly told him he doesnt think that will be possible.

I’ve heard from many different people that elephant man has aids & he gave it to his baby moms, ppl tell me evrbody in miami knows this,can i get a confirmation?

Talented producer Ayatollah (Mos Def, Screwball, Vast Aire, Cormega, etc.) wanted to do something else than just be a DJ, Tragedy Khadafi got Marley Marl to lend a ****load of equipment to Ayatollah, years later Ayatollah made a name for himself and finally Marley got his equp. back, its crazy if u think if it wasnt for Marley, there is no Ayatollah.

This cat told me Marley Marl is married to the princess of Japan, that would explain why sometimes Future Flavas (Marley's radio show would be broadcasted in Japan) i still dont know if i belive this but if it is true that is one royal family.

another Bumpy Knucks story is after he dissed noreaga, noreaga stepped up to Foxxx outside of a club, norega started to talk **** bout Foxxx, Bumpy stepped right to Nore's face and was like what u going to do about it, Nore backed away like a ***** and hasnt said what what what since.

Kool G rap is from corona queens

-Prodigy is from hempstead Long Island, not queensbridge

Progidy used to rite some of havoc's rhymes, on early mixtapes around the time the infamous dropped, you can hear Havoc spitting rhymes which would later be used by prodigy on later albums.

J.K from the SMACK DVD where Sire Castro battle Jae Millz, J.K. and 3 of his people's approached Kay Slay to give him one of his CD's and Kay Slay said "there's a certain way you approach the truck" and Kay Slay's body guard tried to stunt. JK and his 3 people pulled guns out and then Kay Slay and his bodyguard got in the car and pulled off

i dunno if this was posted but kanye used to ghost produce alot of sh*t for bad boy back i nthe day. if u listen to harlem world the movement - track 2 and ithink 7 were produced by him and u can tell he had a different style, that sounded alot like mop money mo problems and feel so good..

Camron was diagnosed with an ulcer (hole in his stomach) after sde came out but before come home with me he had to give up drinking & when that happened his facial features hardened up.

It was in Felon Magazine around the time Stillmatic came out and Nas was talking about a conversation he had with Jay at a party.Jay told Nas not to diss Bleek and that Beans would never sell more than Gold.And that he was better than Big.This interview led to Sauce Money beefin with Nature.
Nate Dogg Held Up 4 Taco bells

Houston, Texas native James Smith brings together "The Geto Boys". The original lineup consisted of MCs Raheim, Jukebox, DJ Ready Red, and Sir Rap-A-Lot. The group also featured Little Billy, a dancing dwarf who later joined full-time as Bushwick Bill. Following a short break-up in 1988, Smith called on local rhymers Willie D and multi-instrumentalist Akshun (later known as Scarface) to join the lineup.

"Somebody that claimed they was houston's cousin told me this.

said it had something to do with extortion,this is the only person i heard this from tho so i cant back it 100%

what i do kno is that why would you try to kill yourself.....& in the end only your eye ended up gettin fu*ked up, ever hear of that in ANY suicide case?"

The Def squad - Mobb Deep beef goes like this:
-Prodigy makes that interlude on the Imfamous album talking about "rappers bragging about how much weed you smoke and using outer space words that don't make sense".
-Redman and Keith Murray (Who rolled with a crew called LOD - legion of doom) Take it personal and run into mobb deep at a club, in NY, not sure which one.
-Keith and prodigy exchange blows, he talks about it on "In the long run"

"My ***** Money No runs with the mobb and was there the night it happened, he's also in the backround of the song bragging about knocking one of those LOD @#%$ out".

" The Reason B.I.G Changed His Orginal Name Biggie Smalls To The Notorious B.I.G Is Because The Original Biggie Smalls From California Punked Biggie Into Changing His Name..Big had to change his name from "biggie smalls" because there's an artist who has that name already, some white cat who makes contemporary music or whatever.. I remember this because back in the 90's I had like 2$ on me at the mall and was looking for one of those 99cent tape singles to waste money on. Saw some sh*t by an artist called "biggie smalls" and copped it thinking it was some new BIG sh*t, there was no picture on the cover. I got home and listened to it like @#%$ is this."

Saigon Said He Idolized Mobb Deep When He Was Younger, But When He Met Them And Their Crew They Turned Out To Be *****. He Said They Were The Exact Opposite Of Their Music.

Common in the early 90s was a big herion addictic and almost O D in a studio.

on suge knight's behind the music his father said he is a "compulsive" liar
-suge knight was a all-american linebacker for UNLV runnin' rebels
- he got his start in the music business as mc hammer's body guard.

-suge says on the way to the hospital after being shot in vegas tupac held a conversation and joked the whole time.. which is impossible for someone shot in the lungs.

suge was reportedly "grazed" by a bullet in the same shooting and sought treatment at the same hospital as pac but there are NO records or scars.

on biggie's behind the music violetta wallace says big seen tupac at a concert soon after was released from prison and asked "what's wrong with you why you saying these things about me? i thought we were cool". Pac responded, "Just play along this it's just to sell some records" (if you dont believe me watch it for yourself)

-the contract suge and pac sigened which got him on deathrow was signed on a piece of toilet paper.

Showbiz has beat down busta rhymes and brandished a gun at jay for their lack of help when he fell on hard times.

Wyclef fu*ked beyonce and her dad had a relationship with the two girls that got kicked out the original group.

Kayslay (real name Keith) used to be a parking attendent at a New York car park and is 48 years old.

Big pun kidnapped whoo kid for putting a diss record aimed at him on one of his early mixtapes.

Kelis aborted two kids from pharrell

the clipse smoke a hell of alot of crack

red cafe makes more money selling drugs than from music

jimmy cozier and blu cantrell have a serious drug problem

janet jackson has a teenage daughter.

Sheek found jae hood living a homeless shelter with his mom and sister. He spit for that ***** one time and it was on

Well Trick Trick is the Leader of the Goon Squad (<-they spell it different)

Trick Daddy informed Trick Trick that he had to change his name (Now mind you this was in a Detroit club, real smart of him). Then Trick Daddy proceeded to recieve a brutal beating by Trick Trick and the Goon Squad. This **** happened a few years back.

Mobb Deep met when Havoc was gonna rob Prodigy but decided not to.

Ice T Called Eminem A ***** Cos He Only Pistol Whipped Someone Who Was Spotted Kissing Kim In A Club.

Timbaland doesn't really like female rappers, he said he actually had to be persuaded to sign Ms. Jade...

T.I. And Lil'flip got in a scuffle in flips hood after T.I. went on the radio claiming he was going thru there to prove flip was a *****. Flips Boys Were Ready and whooped on T.I. But Flip tried to Sneak Through THe Scuffle and Get THe K.O. Blow on Ti and one of his boys knocked flip out as well...thats true.

New Member oF G-unit Spider Loc Got signed because he was doing big time coke moves with his homeys who were talking to some tennessse homies of young bucks, they met in chi-town and hooked up. Then Loc Got signed on the set of let me in video

Dmx had Spider loc and Game Battle On The set of "missin you" song tribute to Aaliyah...dunno who won .

The Trick Trick vs. trick daddy **** is true But ya'll forgot first trick trick went to MIA and tried to talk it out with trick daddy but he wuldnt hear it...THen later on went trick daddy went to Detroit club or whatnot they already had it planned out that they were gonna whoop his @#%$, which they did.

Trick Trick Knocked Styles P. on his @#%$ in a club in detroit....trick trick sez dblock came thru the club and one dude was acting disrespectful....jada left but SP stood his ground and got knocked out -100 % fact i heard that straight from trick .

Yup, and sp admitted it on hot 97 a while back, he said and i quote, "i took an L but i still held my **** down, ****** was stompin me out and ****, but i still did my thing...".

50 cents name in the hood was "boo boo" (Hahaha wow i wonder what the reasoning is).

Akons manager was murdered in front of a nj diner by a fan trying to **** with capone who was there as well.

oschino is the only member of state prop who followed beans to Dame Dash's Label.

When G-unit dissed buddens at summer jam 04 he was backstage alone and didnt say or do shit.

Young bucks ****** supplied all the whips jewelry and tough looking dudes in juvies "paper chaser video"

Juvenile left young buck in cali after buck got too friendly with dudes at tha row.

Young jeezy openly admits hes not really a rapper, he just makes the albums to start up his company.

Fat joe keeps dudes in the terror squad who openly dont even have a desire to make there own albums, simply b/c they do his ghostwriter.

Ice T did not like Eazy E either, he would say in interviews how Eric was a studio gangsta, etc.

Suge Knight had Billboard murdered, he said this in an interview

Ludacris & 50 were tight b4 their remix track but after money issues, they arent close and 50 has sent "mini" disses to him

lil kim & 50 ****** and when kim left 50 for scott storch, he dissed her (but wouldnt that make 50 mad at scott?)

No Limit & Cash Money had a scruffle outside a nightclub in NO..Supposedly, Fiend or Mac sliced Slim and now, Slim has a scar on his chest

50 barely pays his labelmates.

DMX doesnt even wanna rap...hes under contract and has too.

MOP & Mobb Deep dislike each other.

50's been pushin for 6 months now to make lil jon do a joint venture with lil scrappy and thats why he put him on anger management so they can negotiate more and scrappy can be with G-unit.

westside connection never really got along too much ( true)

diddy was a control freak at bad boy and biggie was what kept evry1 together so when he bounced every1 said **** it

Scott Storch is really jewish, but people respect him cause he knows how to make ill beats. He personally likes producing for Fat Joe, he wanted to give Joe the Candy Shop, but the rest of the Terror Squad said it sounded like Lean Back too much, so he gave it to 50, who was harrasing Storch for it, for awhile.......

The Lox had A physical Confrontation with puff during the "let the lox go" days. They were then banned from the BadBoy Offices. Also, the release of the lox didn't really benifit anyone but puff who got 2million cash and control of jada's publishing.

R.Kelly was blackmailed for a very long time b4 that tape came out

Foxy brown really is crazy. Bipolar or some **** like that

The young gunnz live in a ****** up @#%$ crib in West Philly. Only decent piece of furniture is a gold plaque for the SP strk

Marques Houston was Beyonce's 1st

Radio 1 Has a habit of blacklisting artists that miss or don't show up to their summer jam or whatever concerts.

Q-Tip (from A Tribe Called Quest), Posdonous (from De La Soul) & JuJu (from The Beatnuts) formed a group in 1992 called "The Fabulous Fleas". They recorded several tracks, but none of which have ever been released.

Around teh same time, Q-Tip was also part of a group called "The Nasal Poets" consisting of himself, Adrock (from The Beastie Boys) and B-real (from Cypress Hill). Again, no material has been released from thsi project either.

50 Cent Gives Away Who Shot Pac In The ny studio in his song many men
^^^^ Hes talking about the Studio shooting. I cant remember Tucks full name, it was Him, Haitian Jack and Jimmy Henchman(Games Manager) who were involved/did it.^

Yella Boy of UNLV made a song "Drag'em in the River" dissing Mystikal because he was on a rival Big Boy Records. Later, Yella Boy was killed.

It was rumored that Yella Boy was killed by Tec-9 of UNLV

The beat to "Drag'em In the River" is what made Juvenile join Cash Money. Juvenile said Mannie Fresh was the only reason he joined. Mannie later uses the same beat on "Set It Off"

When Soulja Slim got out of jail, Master P wanted him to go at Cash Money but he refused because him and B.G. go way back and he eventually left the label.

Kurupt was originally in "Still Ballin'" but his verse was replaced by an added Trick Daddy verse. ^^^^true I have it^^

Bizzy Bone was a foster child adopted by Layzie's family

Some say that Eazy E actually ****** over Bone in their deal. At the beginning of "Schizophrenic", Bizzy Bone can be heard in the backround saying that someone owe him a lot of money if you listen carefully.

ja rule f/ ashanti "always on time" was written for ja's wife
she found out about his relationship w/ karrine "super-head" steffans
she wrote a "dear john" letter,took the keys to his mercedes benz and cut up his leather interior.

-aisha ja rule's wife seen "super-head" at a casino in new jersey and "rushed" her but the scuffle was broken up by ja himself

the west coast confrence headed by snoop happened because 50 "dismissed"
game from g-unit.

-when snoop heard about the dismissal he was in London and he went on a radio station and said "that's wrong im ridin w/ my lil homie game we gotta bring the west back" a month later the rest was history.

suge knight injured his ankle while in prison in 2001 suge says it was from playing basketball snoop says it was from getting his @#%$ whooped in a prison riot.

-snoop also said that suge was "scared" to go to level 4 while in the prison (whatever that means).

nas did that track "pledge" with murder inc. because he had an arrangement with kenneth "supreme" mcgruff it had nothing to do with ja or irv nas never had intentions on signing with murder inc.

model/actor vida guerra stepped on big puns injured toe during a video shoot and got her @#%$ cussed out and removed from the set.

-big pun got fat joe's face tattoed on his fist before he died

charli baltimore,pun,and fat joe thought of doing a whole rap album in spanish prior to pun's death.

the oakland show for anger manangement was cancelled (gee i wonder why that happened)

-cassidy has been known to sleep in the studio for days on end with out eating or bathing in order to finish recording on time

tupac didn't have a sexual relationship w/ faith evans he only said it out of spite.

biggie was asked to take faith home after a recording session her car was in the shop the rest is history.

faith admitted in a "round-about" manner she was sniffing coke when she was pulled over by police in georgia

jermaine dupri's dad was/is an executive at capitol records.

while shopping for a deal at capitol records kanye west began "talking ****" about jermaine dupri not knowing that was jd's dad he was talking to

that is part of how the j.d. vs. kanye beef kicked off.

- j.d. once did an interview with source which he said he was better than
dre and timbaland that is why the dre + eminem vs. j.d. beef kicked up

- j.d. was going to sign a cuban rapper(i forget his name) to so so def who had won the 106&park freestyle friday but j.d. changed his mind.

-the rapper put out a diss calling j.d. a kiddie-lover and got no response back

mikkey formerly of cash money said that the requirement for being on C.M.R. was you have to get tats on your forearms and neck.

-baby "birdman" never put out mikkey album after 2 years on the label so he left and recorded a diss to baby saying he was homosexual.

the diss was repertedly played on new orleans radio stations back to back to back when it first ripped.

- lil mo now on cash money records has tatt's all over her neck and fore-arms

-lil mo was once hit in the with a 40oz. beer bottle at a concert that's the reason why she wears her hair covering her fore-head.

tupac and thug life had a concert in milwaukee which pac stopped the show and said "what i tell you motherfuckers about killing them babies?" the crowd booed pac and began throwing tomatoes at him pac went back stage and got his baseball bat members of thug-life pulled out their pistols and encouraged members from the crowd to come to the stage.

The Roots were cool with Tupac
i asked Questlove about this.
The Roots were at a club, and so was Lauryn Hill and the Fugees. Quest and Black Thought were at a table drinking and talking as **** then The Fugee's Left when they heard Tupac was coming. When Tupac walked in the Club the DJ threw on a redneck country song where the redneck was singing **** like "and kill the ******* too" the DJ slowed the music down and but a drumline behind it. Tupac was walking through the club straight eyeing people to get their reactions. he went around the club a little bit then talked to Quest and Black Thought. They both said whats up and Quest said that Pac showed love.( thats some crazy ****)
true story

According to Roc Marciano (of The U.N), Nas was supposed to be on the track "Young G's", but when they were all there in teh studio, Nas heard B.I.G spit som elines he wrote and said (quote) "I’m out of here man! I ain’t rappin on that ****! I ain’t gonna catch a beatdown like that!". Jay-Z was called to replace Nas.....

The Roots lived in London in 1993-94 and record an albums worth of material, which was subsequently shortened down & released as an E.P on Talkin Loud Records called "From The Ground Up", half of the material used their was used on their 1994 L.P "Do You Want More?!!?"

The D.O.C's (Hip Hop classic) album "No One Can Do It Better" is platinum certified....

In the original 'All About the Benjamins" video, Biggie's verse wasnt even put in...

they had a tap dance sequence with Puffy dancing against the Coca-Cola guy... the sh*t was really long... but it was interesting....

lil wayne never said sware words on any of his tracks (except "**** the world" from the block is hot) prior to him turning 18 that was a stipulation in his contract his mom made.

Krs One goes to a pshychic in san diego on 5th and Broadway named Nancy at European Tea Leaf Pshychic.

she once told krs one his son was bringing bad spirits to his home so he bought his son an apartment and qurantined him.

on the "Armagedon" track on bone thugs -n- harmony's Art of war cd before pac's vers bizzy bone can heard saying "HE'S ALIVE HE'S ALIVE" in the background.

mike jones a&r team told him not to say give out his phone number or say his name repeatedly but his grandmother told him to do it she had a vision of him doing such.

dj quik was shot in the foot while promoting his mixtape in a compton crip neighborhood with red shoes on.

micheal jackson is the most sampled artist in terms of hip-hop el debarge is running a close second.

- souljah slim kicked his heroin addiction cold turkey.

RZA was charged of attempted murder and represented himself without a lawyer back in 91.

back in 94, the cops raided 36 Chambers studio and arrested Ol' Dirty & inspectah Deck. I don't know the reasons.

The cover of Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... was the first time Ghostface had appeared in a photograph without a mask.

The first album on Wu-Tang Records was supposed to be "Nothing New under The Sun" by Sunz Of Man. It was supposed to come out back in 1997 but they started all over again and released "The Last Shall Be First" instead in 1998.

On Bobby Digital's Digital Bullet, The RZA is incorrectly credited as the producer for track #4 "It Must Be Bobby". That track was produced by Mathematics.

U-god was kicked off alot of tracks cuz rza thought his lyrics just wasnt cuttin it..[wu-tang manual].

Ghostface was shot in the neck...he talks about it in one of the songs off of the Only Built for Cuban Linx (Can it be so simple remix)...and Cappadonna didn't teach Deck how to rhyme...he taught U-God, who used to be Cappa's beatbox DJ....

the hip-hop artist Houston had some kind of mental problem or sumthin and everything was a cover-up he didn't try to kill himself but that eye thing was real...i think they said he had an overdose of PCP that some1 slipped to him(he didn't kno he was takin it)

T.I. wrote 30% of Bow Wow's previous album...

J-Kwon mooned LA Reid at an audition when he was on his come-up

Jermaine Dupri used to be a back-up dancer

Young Jeezy released "Come Shop Wit' Me" in 2003.

Alicia Keys wrote two songs on Mario's debut album

Jim Jones was born to an Aruban mother and Puerto Rican father.

Notorious B.I.G. was simply known as "Big Chris" in his Bedford Stuyvesant neighbourhood.

Mobb Deep's Quiet storm track was meant for Prodigy's Solo Album HNIC which was to be released after the Murda Muzik album, but instead they kept it for Mobb Deep Album.

When havoc was producing a beat of biggies 2nd album, he lost the beat and had to make another (he said in the scratch magazine (W/Lil Jon Cover) back then he didnt save his beats on disc).

The thing that sounds like a flute in Kanye West - Jesus Walks, Is actually vocals by John Legend.

Tyrese hit Sisqo for coming on to him in a studio.

Kelis is NOT 23 she's 28...You can even look it up yourselves, she graduated from her high school class of '92

Loon has a male lover. Yes. Mr. Loon prefers to be on the bottom and hopes this secret never gets out. > > > >The same goes for Farnsworth Bentley, but you already knew that...

Mya gets around. Ever wonder why such a pretty girl is single in the industry...well hold on to your hats for this cause here's her "hit" list...Jay-Z, Damon Dash, Sisqo, 50 Cent, Just Blaze, Silk tha Shocker, and Lil X (the video director)....I hear she stooped even lower and has added Lil' John to the list.

Wingo from Jagged Edge is a weed addict, he loves strip joints and taking exstacy. His shower has hair all in it and he is having sex with his cleaning lady/interior decorator, who is 40 years old.

Tyrese has white bumps on his d*ck. A female voluntarily told me she had sex with him and saw it.

Styles p was jumped by kurupt and his people out there on the west coast.

Couple people who got robbed in England most in London;

Ja Rule got his Avirex stolen by a 15 year old and he still rock's it to this day.
Akon got robbed on a video shoot.
Elephant Man.
Jagged Edge.
Mario Winan's.

Also I heard Game got beaten the sh*t out of him in Manchester.
Apparently the guy said to Game "You're in my hood now". Game reponded "I respect that, but yo I'm from Compton", to which the guy responded "**** Compton". The Game then tried to swing, and then got swiftly dealt with by the guy. I was laughing when I was told this. It was so amusing to even picture it, especially as the guy that supposedly banged up The Game was like 5'5"/5'7" and stocky. The guy was about 17 years old.

Loaded Lux Brother robbed Murder Mook and his brother after hearing mook was talking **** about loaded lux around harlem saying " he won the smack battle".

-Peter Gunz caught 3 bodies 2 years ago in the bronx

- a former friend of eminem in highschool claims em was a little raciest towars blacks and hispanics for how they treated him.

- Cam'ron once weighed 340 cause he went into a lil depression for getting dropped. The he got a ulcer or a somthing which made him drop alot of weight later he signed to rocafella.

Nas cuzin is a well know crip in nyc who has status

Nas did a song with 50 cent 3 1/2 years ago and nas helped 50 write his verse
^^^they did 2 actually they r on the gangster and a gentleman mixtape.

Chris Webber is a Secret Producer. He does alot of beats for rappers and other artist but goes under a other name. Makes you wonder.

- Jim Jones Broke his arm in a fight with a rapper few years back. The rapper said that jim jones needs to fix his hair up. <<< im not sure if this is true but i read it in a interview a while back

Skillz ghostwrites for damn near everyone

Jay-Z never got slapped by Juelz or Jim Jones

Cory Gunz ghost vote that verse for shaq dissin skillz. Cory did it for the shaq money.

- 2pac almost shot some the outlawz in his house with a ak 47 .lol i saw this on a dvd

Saigon has been in and out of jail mostly his whole life.

- Cam'ron and lil cease had a one on one fight in bad boy offices.

- Cam'ron is half black and half Panamanian

- Cam'ron owned a liquir store with his mother

- Cam'ron went to texas state college to play basketball. Him and mase dreamed to make it into the nba.

-Murder Mook was a star high school player who had a scholarship before getting into rap.

Some People in the game that have alot of RESPECT really have ghost writers . I'l let you figure it out.

Papoose was gonna slap Dj Klay slay outside of hot 97 cause dj klay slay wasnt giving him a chance to listen to some of his stuff. Papoose ran up on klay slay real mad and kay slay said " you know what im gonna take your demo but if you not hot im coming back to look for you so i can **** you up my self for wasteing my time". That same night klay slay called up papoose and signed him the very next day cause the **** was fire.

Tru Life robbed prodigy in a studio cause prodigy used a verse that was suppose to be on tru life's album.

Fat Joe was moving most of the crack in the bronx in the late 80's

Lotta rapper's running to BMF for protection, including Jadakiss and Fab.

I heard 50 doesn't even smoke weed. He was chillen with the Bravehearts in the studio and everybody was smokin. they passed it to to 50 and 50 said he was aigh. so Jungle slapped him and everybody laughed at him.^^^^true^^^^

Soulja Slim And Wacko (UTP) Are Half-Brothers

my neighbor who lives down the road has a mansion in Glen Gardner,NJ. He told me that 50 stopped by the mansion to see what he thought about it and offered him 5.5 million for it.The guy which im not going to mention his name, because its not important denied him.Then 50 turned around and bought his house in CT.

Guerilla black aint from Compton, he put out an album a couple years ago from Tennessee or Mississippi or somewhere like that under a different name.

He was completely redone and manufactured as this big Compton O.G. when he's not even from there...

Bravehearts beat the sh*t outta some rappers for talkin bad bout ill will, this includes lake

tru life stuck up infamous mobb when they was in the studio not mobb

havoc can walk around qb without protection off the strength of his dead bro killa black.

Mc hammer blew like 10k lookin for someone in some helicopters cuz they killed his fam

Fat Joe got the nickname Joey Crack because back in his school days when his teacher called on him to write somehting on the chalk board, his *** crack used to show when he did it, and the nickname stuck with him. He said it in Vibe Magazine (the one with Faith on the front)

David Banner has a Masters degree in Education, he went to a HBC

The Eastside Boys Have Left Lil Jon Over Not Getting Paid By TvT and blaming him.

The last time Tony Yayo was incarcirated he was in protective custody(pc) due to his affiliation with Curtis Jackson and their onging beef with Murder Inc. Tony's lawyer thought this would minimize his chances of conflict and inevitably doing more time. Bernard (yayo) was called a model prisoner...and even become a trustee and allowed certain privledges. Him like 50, who did a jail bid....was NOT IN POPULATION.

The jackin that happen at Soul Assassin Studio was Tru Life boys.... cuz Mobb deep boys where there cuz Tru Life paid mobb deep to feat on a song of Tru Life and mobb deep use thet verse they used for Tru Life and put it out on a soundtrack to Any Given Sunday before Tru Life album came out...Tru Life was pissed

Eminem has an unrealsed diss to Suge Knight

Killah Preist had babys with Amils (Roc-a-Fella Artist)

Eminem talks about Suge Knight on "Like Toy Soldiers"

"I went through my whole career without ever mentionin {Suge}
And that was just out of respect, for not runnin my mouth"

Jay-Z and GZA had a battle
GZA won

kadafi member of Outlawz was killed by Napoleon cousin, they got into an fight outside a friend home where napoleon cousin shot him in the head...Napoleon cousin is in jail till this day and also the reason Fatal left the group because the rest of the Outlawz forgive napoleon cousin(TRUE FACT!)

Week before 2pac died, he got into a fight with Fatal becourse he took pac's car out and crashed it, 2pac sent him back to jersey

2pac told Outlawz not to sign to Death Row many times, after pac's death Outlawz sign to Death Row another reason why fatal left because pac told them not to

2pac beef with Snoop started when Snoop question pac about who he was dissin not to invole everyone into his beef

2pac was a big fan of Wu-Tang and wanted to work with the whole clan

2pac called Dru Ha (CEO of Duck Down Records) and ask the whole boot camp clik to come to LA to make an album

Juelz Santana has a thing for Ciara, yes this is 100% true...these words came out of his mouth today on 106 & Park....and it looks like he really meant it

when mase was performing at a westwood show in london he had to leave the stage because the crowd started chanting Wu tang this is a fact I was there

the first epmd album was recorded in 3 hours

The Game was originally discovered at a talent showcase by SF Bay Area producer JT the Bigga Figga, who immediately signed him to his GetLow/BlackWallStreet Label. When The Game left JT to be signed by Dr. Dre and join G-Unit he began using the BlackWallStreet label and name as if it was his own company. JT responded by witholding the release of the Game's first album (Untold Story) until he had already been promoted by Aftermath and Dr. Dre. He released it once Game became popular and compiled ANOTHER album (without Game's permission but sound under contract) showing Game on the cover as he had looked before signing to Aftermath (no tattoos). JT made hundreds of thousands capitalizing on Aftermaths promotion in this way and marketing Game's material late...Game got an estimated $25,000 for BOTH albums.

Supposedly, there was a legendary battle at a Canibus concert The WU vs Canibus. Straight acapella freestyle, like them old school ciphers. Canibus ripped all of the wu except GZA & Killah Priest. Canibus defeated GZA but he didn't OWN him. Now, Killah Priest freestyled and about 8 minutes into the shit, Canibus threw in the towel and Killah still kept on rapping. There is no audio of this, and supposedly, GZA spoke on this in some interview.

Blinky Blink broke a table over Canibus's head

will smith aka the fresh prince turned down the matrix to be in wild wild west

Jay Z in fact did lose 92 bricks. but he got it all back with A1. 10,000*92=92,0000

It IS true that Freddy Foxx was supposed to be the MC that Eric B picked but he bounced before the meeting because Eric B was running late and Freddy thought that the dude that set up the meeting was bullshiting him about the situation.

Freddy has admitted this quite a few times in radio interviews and has told me this himself.

Rakim and I have been cool for quiet a while and we have also toured together. Rakim is a jazz musician (believe it or not, I believe he plays sax) and this is why his is musically inclined. Most great innovators in rap have this in common. (Grandmixer DSt - of "Rockit" fame- was and is an accomplished drummer.)

Rah, did the scratching and alot of the production. He even mouthed the beat to My Melody for Marley Marl (who was actually laughing at Rakim while he was doing vocals for his first album because he thought Rah was "wack!")

Teddy Riley did the beat for "The Show" by Doug E. Fresh and the Get Fresh Crew.

A friend of mine swore he saw Rakim snorting cocaine at a party in DC back in da early 90's. When I told him Rakim was a Five Percenter he was shocked.

Terminator X didn't perform those crazy cuts on the classic Public Enemy albums
Terminator's caught--can he get a witness?
Hell no he can't get a witness. We give props to Terminator for being the world's only mute DJ and for making wraparound granny shades seem hardcore. And he was also a fantastic tour DJ. But those mind-warping scratches on the early PE albums? It wasn't the "norm" for Terminator to do those cuts. (Ha ha ha! Get it? His real name is Norman!) In a strange case of brownwashing, PE was 2 black, 2 strong, and 2 ashamed to admit that a Puerto Rican turntable wizard was the one speaking with his hands. The truth is, hardcore B-boy and scratch guru Johnny "Juice" Rosado (as in "Juice on the loose--electric wire") was the guy transforming his ass off, adding the crazy-ass tags and throw-ups to the Bomb Squad's famed wall of sound. Even the "Terminator X Getaway" version of "You're Gonna Get Yours" is a horrible misnomer: The remix, ill cuts and all, was done by Juice. Get the whole story fresh-squeezed from Johnny right here.

Dr. Dre doesn't make his own beats
True, but the sound is Still D.R.E.
Has anybody else noticed this cycle yet? People work with Dre, enjoy success. Dre gets tired of the bullshit and moves on to the next thing. People aren't so successful anymore and suddenly hate Dre and claim they, not the Doctor, did all the work. Then they go hug up with Suge and Benzino and whoever else regularly throws a "Dr. Dre Is a Big Stupid Poopyface" party. Dre has never ducked the fact that he has coworkers in the studio who contribute heavily to his material. But none of that shit matters because at the end of the day, those studio noodlings ain't shit without the diggy diggy Doc. Suckaz make beats; Dre makes songs and puts his sonic stamp on everything. If that ain't a producer, then you better go dis Quincy Jones, newjack.

Bone Thugs-n-Harmony bit their whole steez from Freestyle Fellowship
Sure, why not?
Actually, the Three-6 Mafia would have you believe that they were the ones being bitten by the Boners, but since when has Three-Six Mafia mattered to anybody anywhere? Style-biting is generally pretty open to interpretation, but who else but the Fellowship was busting that hyperfast, sing-songy steez back then? Nobody, that's who. At least nobody of any consequence. So how did a bunch of stoners with bad perms from Cleveland come to bite everybody's favorite L.A. backpackers? We're guessing the Good Life Cafe, home to many a Fellowship rhyme workout, is the missing link. Lots of heavyweights outside of your typical gangstafied artsy-fartsy Project Blowed soaked up the Good Life. Ice Cube, for example, was a regular spectator. So why wouldn't Cube's ol' buddy Eazy-E take his latest wick-wack proteges to the same spot to soak up some knowledge? Granted, even the corniest Blowedian wouldn't come with something as corny as that harmonized "bonebonebonebone, bone, booooooone" shit, but the similarities are too close for comfort. And Abstract Tribe Unique's "L.A. Styles Back," a not-too-thinly veiled dig at some g-ed up doo-wopping biters, backs up the idea. Besides, Self Jupiter could singlehandedly whip all the Bone Scrubs' asses, so whatever he says goes in this argument.

The D.O.C. used to ghostwrite for Easy E and Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre doesn’t write his lyrics but he produces most of it.

Flavor Flav's cousins with ODB, RZA, GZA and LL Cool J...the force is strong in that clan.
^^^TRUE he said that on Flavor of Love show and you can view his open discussion about his family roots on VH1...his mother was also present during the discussion

Ghostface knocked out Mase for burning a Wu Tang flag
^^^“Yo I champunch Mase in his face over some bullshit
the other night they kidnapped his brother pokin it with knives”

Ghostface let shyheim live with him for a certain time

1. M.o.p. and Mobb Deep do get along, they are working on a collaborating album.

2. The Commission consisted of : Biggie , Nas, Jay-z and Charlie Baltimore.

3. Busta apparently didn't battle Jay-z in school because Busta Dropped out of High School to persue rap.

4. Bizzy Bone didn't have beef with Eazy E over money. Bone in General was having problems with Ruthless Records because Eazy's wife took over the label and Fuck up the budgeting.

5. Mobb Deep got robbed in Queens, Alchemist and Rza were present but were not approached. Mobb got jacked.

6. Blinkey blink didn't in fact attack Canibus.

***new facts***

8. Canibus lived in BRICK CITY aka Newark, N.j.

9. Tragedy Khadafi dissed noreaga on blood type because after Capone was sent out there was a fall out with nore. Nore did respond back with a track called "I don't wanna eat pork no more."

10. Red gone wild has been pushed back so many times because Jay-z said he wanted the calibur of the album to reflect off of muddy waters.

11. On a clue freestyle Fabolous was drunk and mis-spelled his name.

12. Ali vegas has made numerous diss tracks to fab.

13. Dr. Dre hated on D.J. Premiere and didn't allow Rakim to use production by Premiere on the album that was supposidly on Aftermath.

14. Cappadonna is either step or half brothers with Former Flipmode member Baby Sham.

15. Rappers Young Zee and Rah Digga have kids together.

16. Shaq is originally from Newark Nj.

17. Tha Outsidaz broke up.

18. Eminem and Bizarre used to be honarary members of Tha Outsidaz.

19. Young Zee maybe signing to Shady records.

20. Joe Budden's the growth album was not released because Jay-z cut his budget (hater).

21. O.D.B. in 1998 lifted a car off a five-year-old girl saving her life outside of the studio.
^^100% true I was on mtv ^^^ The child was trapped underneath the vehicle when
Dirty and some of his friends lifted the car off of her. She was taken to the hospital and treated for first and second degree burns from the car's engine.^^^^, Dirty visited the hospital to check on the girl's condition, but the normally anything-but-low key ODB never identified himself to her family. However, they recognized him and alerted the media. I also heard he gave the girls fam some money, but dont know if its true. ^^

22. It was once said that Ghost was married to Rza's sister.

23. Ghostface and Rza executively produced almost each and every wu-tang album pre '98.

24. It was rumored that Shyheim got jumped outside of a club in BRICK CITY a.k.a. NEWARK, Nj. (Shy you still my nigga)

25. Big Pun's Family had to sell his chain on E-bay to support his Children.. (THAT'S FUCKED UP)

26. When Big Pun was younger, he used to chew rocks to feed his aggression.

27. Big Pun was upset when he used to deal his mom became his best custy. (Very Sad but with all due respect.)

28. Big Pun used to love swimming because he felt weightless.

29. Big Pun used to make his kids bang out to become better fighters.

30. While on his diet plan, certain friends would sneak him fast food.

31. Fat Joe didn't like hangin out with Pun because Pun's behavior was too reckless. ex. throwing fire crackers at old ladies.

32. It was said that the night of the grammy's Pun had 33 guns on him and his entourage of 6.

33. Big Pun was in Total Eclipse Crew before joining Terror Squad.

34. Big Pun's favorite board game was Scrabble.

Only a few MCs wrote their own rhymes in NWA.

Masta Killa punched a reporter for making fun of Wu.

Redman and Dead Prez graduated from college

Redman is part African and part Korean.

Before GZA, ODB had the name "Genius." This was way before GZA's 91 debut.

Members of Onyx were barbers before they became rappers.

RZA was charged with murder before 36 Chambers. He was released from lack of evidence

RZA came up with his alter ego, Bobby Digital, from doing too much pcp. He said he felt like there was 2 of him inside. That shit must have fucked him up.

De La Soul were pissed at people calling them Hip Hop Hippies, so they went and released the album De La Soul Is Dead. Heard this on VH1.

The 9th member of the Wu was going to be picked from Masta Killa and Killah Priest. Masta Killa wrote rhymes all night, but Priest fell asleep too early. The next morning, he was awakened by Masta's Da Mystery of Chessboxin' verse.

50 Cent made his first official appearance in hip hop as a guest in Onyx's Shut em Down album. He was featured on the song "React."

Cappadonna taught Deck how to rap.

U-God's 3 year old son was shot while playing on the balcony of their house.

U-God talks about it in the Forever LP.

Biggie isn't from NY. His mom didn't move to the BK til he was 8. He was bron in like the West Indies or Jamiaca, cant exactly remember

Nelly and Ciara were born in Austin

Usher was born in Dallas

Ludacris was born in Champaign, Illinois

There was a Hip Hop album with the title "The Black Album" which was made by Producer No ID

Young Buck of G-Unit has a album out already....b4 UTP he made a album with some kid named D-Tay...this was like 2000.

Pharoahe Monch used to be real fat, he also has Asthma

Nas wrote NY State Of Mind when he was 17

Suge was the DOC and Bobby Brown's bodyguard. He got the ends and outs of the music buisness from DOC

Yeah Ashanti is in the "MC's Act Like They Don't Know" video

at one point, every single rap label warned their artists: "never publicly mention the Wu tang"

Ghostface beat up Mase causing him to have his jaw wired.

Jayz and Busta Rhymes attended the same high school and once battled in a hallway

jemain dupri was the youngest producer ever to go platinum

eazy e had dinner with george bush

snoop dogg went to school with camron diaz

Esham, a pioneer in horrorcore rap in detroit, wrote some of the most vicious diss tracks to eminem....response was Bizzare sending Esham to the hospital with a ruptured eyeball, a mild concussion and loss of hearin in his left ear...

We all know The Notorious B.I.G. was killed in Los Angeles on March 9, 1997. But, ironically, Biggie shouldn't have been in L.A. that weekend. Big, who'd been in L.A. since early February '97 promoting his 'Life After Death' album, was supposed to hop a flight to London on Friday, March 7, 1997, to continue his promotional junket. Biggie canceled his flight, and chose to remain in L.A. that weekend. He enjoyed the sunshine too much, and didn't want to leave it behind to go to an overcast London. Plus, he disliked European food. It may seem trite, but it's true. If Biggie had gotten on that flight on March 7th, he might still be with us.

mase had a million dollar contract (I think he was the first rapper, to get that).

Kool Keith & DMX used to collects bugs.

Dmx used to stand for "Divine Master of the unknown" (he should had kept that meaning)

Krazyzie Bone is a Jehovah Witness

Dre didnt like Snoop's raps, when he first heard them.

Just blaze got into producing, mostly to buy videogames.

Neptunes got some influence from old atari's music/sfx.

LL cool j wanted to do a song with odb. But when odb got to the studio. He rip off one of LL's plaque & pissed on it. Which made LL mad & got sercuity on him.

mc hammer dissed redman in one of his song.

dmx first thought Biggie was soft. Since, he saw Big did somethin real stupid in the studio

Bad Azz was Snoop's ghostwriter.

Jay Z ghostwritten Dre's verse on "Forgot About Dre"

Ras Kass use to battle Snoop in High School

Ras Kass's baby mother is recording artist Teedra Moses who he helped get a deal

Lil Kim was at one time pregnant by BIG but had a miscarriage. She also use to transport drugs on the bus system for him.

Da Brat was the first female Hip Hop artist to go platinum

Eminem once battled Juice in the Rap Olympics and lost to him coming in 2nd and saying it was rigged/favortism. Juice was the reason Em was at the Rap Olympics through invitation.

Immortal Technique battled Poster Boy on 106 and Park and lost. Immortal Technique who use to battle in all of the underground battle circuits also battled Slug from Atmosphere and a few other well known underground battle mcs.

After Chino XL recorded the track 3 to the Dome for Sway and Tech with him, Kool G Rap and Kane, Kool G threw away his rhymes and Chino went into the trash and took the crumpled out rhyme out and kept it because he was such a big fan of Kool G.

Eminem was supposed to be signed to Duck Down BEFORE signing with Dre and Aftermath, but Dru Ha decided not to sign him (the rumor is because he did not want to chance singing a white artist). ^^It wasn't Dru Ha's decision, it was Bryan Turner, head of Priority Records.

Ghostface use to wear a mask earlier in the Wu's career because he was really on the run from the police and took off the mask once his name got cleared.

The original version of Interview with A Vampire written by Ras Kass was about a 12 minute song and was chopped down to the 7 minute song recorded on Rasasssination.

There is a long list of rappers who are not from or even raised in the areas they claim as rap artists.....to name some from what I know:

Prodigy is not from QB originally
Xzibit is not from L.A., he moved there to pursue a career from N. Mexico
Mailk from Illegal (appeared on Pump Pump on Snoop's Doggystlye) was from S.C. but claimed L.A.
UGK is not from Houston, they are from Port Arthur Texas
DOC as already said was from Dallas
Canibus is not from Jersey like he originally claimed, but has lived in various places from Canada to Atlanta because of his family moving around.
Royce Da 59 is not from Detroit, but from a nice suburb a good ways outside of Detroit
Eminem is actually from Warren Michigan, not from Detroit
DJ Premier is not from NY, he is from Dallas Texas

Ice T use to be a REAL street pimp and hustler at one time before becoming a rapper.

MC Hammer had to be restrained by Russell Simmons because he was going to attempt to beat down MC Serch after giving him the Gas Face on the song Gas Face.

Q-Tip and Janet Jackson have had a love interest in a long time, but remain friends. That is why Q-tip got the part as her slain boyfriend in Poetic Justice.

In Poetic Justice...2pac was supposed to have an extensice sex scene with Janet Jackson, but it was not shot when Pac refused to get an HIV test

Puffy directed Outkast's Player's Ball and Southernplayalistica dillacmuzik videos

Nore did time for murder when he was a juvenile.

Bizzie Bone and his siblings were molested repeatedly by their stepfather, and were kidnapped by him when their mother left him, which he says sparked his wild drug habit. Bizzie Bone also claims to have never tried eX, and claims that he was pressured into doing a verse on "Ectasy".

A large number of Actors who play gangsters in movies are from nice neighborhoods with little or no street knowledge

David Banner has a Master's Degree

Nelly was scouted by the St. Louis Cardinals when he was in High School

Mase taught Jim Jones how to rap

The Neptunes produced the song "Rumpshaker" and Pharrell wrote Teddy
Riley's verse

Missy was an admitted hoe in high school. Blamed it on being molested when she was younger

Scarface has a tatoo of somebody blowing their brains out on his forearm

Trick Daddy has like 20 sibling between his parents

Andre' 3000 drew the cover for Outkast's Aquemini album

Will Smith was accepted to MIT but decided to rap instead

Russell Simmons used to sell weed

Rick Rubin came up with the name DefJam and the logo

Jay-Z wrote Memphis Bleek's verse on that song from Reasonable Doubt and told Bleek he could use it only if he could memorize it and recite back to him in 24 hrs.

2Pac wanted to act before he ever considered rapping

Rakim's brother made some of Rakim's beats.

BIG lost his original record deal because Patti La Belle was offended by "Dreams of fucking an R&B bitch".

When Puff started BB, he remembered BIG and the rest is history.....

Timbaland & Pharrell made a group when they were in High School

Flesh-N-Bone was the one who bought the bus ticjets for the rest of Bone to go to LA

Bone was homeless when they got to La

Krayzie auditioned over the phone first for Eazy-E, then in person in cleveland when Eazy did a show there..

Eazy-E told Bone not to get involved between the Dr.Dre & Eazy-E beef.....

Krayzie shot Wish Bone in the back of the leg with a shotgun when they ere yung(listen to I Remember frum Gemini:Good Vs. Evil)

Pac didnt wear a vest the night he got shot...and he ALWAYS wore a vest

Jay-z shot his brother for stealing money from him

Biggie isn't from NY. His mom didn't move to the BK til he was 8. He was bron in like the West Indies or Jamiaca, cant exactly remember

Lil Wayne shot himslef 2 times

"Let's Get It" with Pdiddy and Black rob was supposed to be G-Deps first single but made it in too a trio single for the PDIddy album

all most every crunk artist produced for So So Def during the Bass perion

JD is rich as hell for ghostwriting most of Usher's cds

Big Boi is from Savannah

David Banner graduated from Southern University, cum laude, and was prez of SGA

that other guy from youngbloods(not sean paul) and andre 3000 are cousins

T.I. ghostwrote for bow wow (no wonder bow wow fell off)

young buck has rapped with cash money and three six mafia

Common attened FAMU

rakim wrote some verses for 'paid in full' three years before the album came out ... that wouldve meant he wrote that shit around the ages of 14/15 ...damn

Prodigy and Havoc both attend the same high school before they got a record deal.

Vinnie of Naughty By Nature is ifrst cousins with Mike Tyson

Dame Dash played a swordsman named Carlos in Highlander: Endgam

Snoop named "The Chronic". Dre didn't start smoking weed until he met Snoop, contrary to popular belief, he wasn't lying when he said "I don't smoke weed or cess", because at the time he didn't.

keith murray and prodigy had a physical altercation about 5 years ago.

baron davis and the game grew up together.

nas dropped out of school in the 7th grade.

The Fugees used to open up for Nas before either of them really blew up... (right after Illmatic)
^^ That is definitely true. I saw a show in the early 90s with Nas, Fugees, Coolio, all before any of them every blew up to become the stars they became.

You know that Biggie and Nas were hyped in 94 as the saviors of NY. Well supposedly they were on some tour and Nas began freestyling while they were drunk or something. Biggie fell asleep and then woke up and Nas was still going!

After recording Ready To Die Big learned to keep his lines in his head without writing them. This was a technique he taught Jay while Jay was doing Reasonable Doubt, then Jay eventually taught Ja Rule. None of them actually write lyrics.

When Big was doing "Notorious Thugs" he wanted to practice his Bone Thugs-ish flow without being embarassed so he sent everyone out of the room while he practiced by himself...

Big wrote all the lyrics for Junior Mafia's Consipracy minus a couple Lil Kim verses....

Nas, Jay and Mad Skillz were known in the early-to-mid-90s as the industries biggest ghostwriters....

Mos Def was originally on BET's Teen Summit

50 Cent wrote most of Blaque's first album

That Order Of Protection against Murder Inc from 50 does exist but it wasn't 50 who asked for it, it was court mandated. Supposedly they didn't even have to tell 50 they had made it, so he truly may have never known.

Ron Artest grew up in the same Queensbridge housing projects that Nas, MC Shan, Havoc, and others did. If you look for him you can see him in various QB-related artists' videos.

After Nature's "Nas Is Not" single began circulating, Nature was reportedly beat down by Nas' brother Jungle and his friends... ^^Jungle was actually managing Nature at the time.

Supposedly Jungle and Lake also got Prodigy his chain back after he had been robbed...

Also supposedly, Fat Joe and Big Pun had developed a rivalry with Jay Z way back in 98. They supposedly got into it at a club and Pun smashed a bottle of champagne or some wine over Jay's head...

The Neptunes used to ghostproduce for Teddy Riley, they produced SWV's "Right Here" with Pharrell singing backup vocals

Timbaland used to ghostproduce sorta - sometimes hed get credit, sometimes he didnt - for DeVante Swing of Jodeci....

Timbaland and Ginuwine used to be in a group on Devante's label called Da Bassment, if you look for the Nutty Professor Soundtrack they have a cover of Ready for the World's "Love You Down"

Missy was in another group on Devante's label called Sista, they had a song on the Dangerous Minds Soundtrack....

Lil Wayne Shot Himself When He Was 9

Game Was On The Dating Gameshow Change Of Heart And His Girl Had A Change Of Heart

jay and mase had a little beef Supposedly it was a misunderstanding.
mase got at them on his opening track on harlem world.
jay got at him on "imaginary player" vol. 1.

Angie Stone was Signed to Sugar Hill records as a rapper

.Nas was suppose to be on "CAN I LIVE PT 1" by Jay-z....Nas didnt show up at last minute and Reasonable Doubt had was deadlined for the Next day....So Jayz had to hurry up and WRITE the 2nd Verse of it in 20 minutes and record it by himslef....Alot of people say this was the begining of a long standing fued

Style's P Attacked Puffy with Chair...(Security saved his ass)

Beanie Sigel knocked out Gillie the Kid on South street in front of Whole Cash Money crew when the NBA all star game was there

NAS wrote "MIAMI" for Will Smith

2Pac was ready to sign Big Daddy Kane to his label Makaveli Records.

2Pac took ballet. <<He went to a performing arts school and modern dance was one of the classes

AZ was in one of Jay-Z's videos.

Tigger from Rap Citys the basement as well as Mystikal where cheerleaders in highschool

the game is in gta san andreas

Cash Money Records was started from dope money back in 92'

It is rumored that Baby had Cash Money Artist Yella Boy killed after he pistol wiped Baby.

Mannie Fresh been DJing since 1987, him, Mia X, and KLC and a crew called NYC Inc.

Lil Wayne was signed to CMR at the age of 10, and him and BG(than called Lil Doogie) was in a group called the B.G.'z. Than he shot accidently himself than his daddy died so he layed off the mic for a minute.

BG been using heroin since the age of 15.

Juvenile wasnt signed to CMR until 97. Actually, BG was supposed to be the first artist to drop from CMR when they went national, but BG went to jail so the dropped Juvenile first.

Baby owns a portion of the Magnolia projects, he lets everyone there live rent free. True Story! Most of the project has been torn down.

Hot Boy's first album "Get it How U Live" sold 300K locally.

Lil Wayne ghostwrote for Bow Wow before.

Master P fucced alot of artist by giving the m one album contracts with no royalties. Just one small lump sum at the contract signing.

Juvenile is actually in is mid 30's.

Baby is the legal gaurdian of Lil Wayne
Kim had her ass whopped by Faith over B.I.G

Mary J Blige was a cokehead

Jay-Z was in Kanes' old videos

Roxanne Shante got pregnant when she was 15 years old

LOX debuted on Main Source 2nd album

Suposedly Lauryn Hill became a recluse the last 3 years or so and became apart of a strange cult with beliefs in Religious mysticism. Repordetly the cult has been draining her money and time. She suposedly has recently snapped out of it and is ready to work on the new fugees joint.

R. Kelly worked the drive through at Mc Donalds for an hour in St. Louis at a stop during the best of both worlds tour.

Kanye spent a million of his own money to make the final version of the Jesus Walks video

T.I. has 2 kids with Xscape singer Tiny

Juicy J and Project pat are brothers. And thier father is a minister.

Will smith hid in a closet when suge night and his blood friends stormed a studio in cali.

T.I. says urban legend was a paperless album. implying he keeps his raps in his head like jay or freestyles. (it seems everyone is tryin to do this now...)

Master P entered the NBA draft and for a brief stint played for the denver nugggets.

2pac used to call weed candy.

Daz and warren G went uncredited for a lot of co production on "Tha Chronic"
Treach did a prono

ODB got gonorreha (sp?) twice from the same woman.

At the time he died, Big L was in negotiations with Jay-Z to do a solo joint for Rocafella. I've heard this a couple of times.

I also heard that Big L's murder was a case of mistaken identity. The shooter(s?) thought he was his cousin or some shit. << No, he was killed because of his brother's beef. The shooter took out someone who was feeding his brother. Kill a man by killing his love and his money.

Freaky Tah (RIP) got killed because of mistaken identity.

Roxanne Shante legally jacked her label for over $100,000 for education, and has done well with her life (even though she ain't released [censored] for years).

Method Man was dusted during the recording of the Mary J. Blige "All I Need" video. (That explains some of his facial features in the video)

In the months before he died, Big Pun had gotten so heavy that he had to be driven to and from the stage in a golf cart. Performing was said to be real hard & tiring for him. He was something like 700 pounds at the time of his death.

Pun used to play maaad pranks on his crew. One I can remember was him taking someone's cell phone, and putting it under his belly fold for a couple of minutes, than putting it back. Dude picked it up to use it, and it stank like Pun's bellyfold sweat

John Forte was busted for drug trafficking, and was caught with something like 30 pounds of yay.

Method Man loves golf! (Heads who seen the tape know what I'm talking about)

Willie D of the group Getto Boys moved his entire family to Baku, Azerbaijan, a middle east country on the border of Iran.

Bizzy Bone is quite the ladies man About 5 or six years ago Bizzy Bone got down on one knee and proposed to Halle Berry. He gave Toni Braxton the diamond ring off his finger. Him and Beyonce once had something going pre-jigga days.

Record Labels that are rumored to be "cursed":
The Bad Boy Curse: The Lox once seen as a sure thing first album flopped and they never really reached any great commercial succes. B.I.G was murdered. Black Rob arrested several times...labled a one hit wonder. Loon left the label. 112 left the label. New Edition left the label. Faith got caught with cocaine...left the label. Da Band broke up with only dropping a single album......Ness and Babs have yet to drop an album. Shyne is in Jail. and the list goes on.........

No Limit Curse: Master P filed bankruptcy. Soulja Slim was murdered. Mystikal in jail for rape. C- murder in jail for ummmm murder. Mac in jail for murder. Kane and Abel served 4 years for running drugs. Mia X is M.I.A. Mercedes strips now.....the list goes on....

The first person to give Nas his start at solo stardom was M.C Serch one third of the white rap group 3rd bass.

The New York Post a respected newspaper ran the offensive and disrespectfull headline about ODB's death "Dead Dirty Bastard"

When Skillz first album dropped he was still valet parking at a famous restraunt in Virginia

ODB had 7 kids not 13 as at first widely publicized

Once Ghostface Killah was a guest at the "Rap City" TV programm. Cappadonna joined him later, coming with a briefcase in his hands. Tigga asked Ghost about the contents of that briefcase but Ghost didn't say a word. Then Tigga started smiling and shit, so Ghost asked him smth like: "Do I look funny or what? I'm not joking, so stop fucking smiling at me".

Back in the days when 50 wasn't popular, he got dismissed from a club for dissing Ghostface Killah !

Ol' Dirty Bastard's album "N***a Please" was originally planned to be named «Dirty World» or «Revolution: The Black Man Is God».

RZA didn't like that Jay-Z called himself Jigga - because it sounds similar to GZA.

Method Man once said that he likes working with Redman more than with the WU.
(It was on MTV)

RZA once said that if he wasn't in hip-hop business, he would like to be a scientist.

GZA is not a 5%-er anymore.

I've heard that Ghostface Killah has some kind of diabetes so he doesn't drink any alcohol.

Method Man was one of the most favourite rapper of Notorious B.I.G.

While reading a magazine, Method Man found out that a video game "Wu–Tang Shaolin Style" came out for Sony Playstation. He got mad at the rest of the Clan for not telling him about that. Later he stated that this game was not that good, mainly because of the characters' movements.

Masta Killa smacked a cartoon drawer for making fun or sum shit of the Wu in a cartoon strip. MK went to his house laid him out in one punch and said "wu-tang clan ain't nuthin ta fuck wit" and that story has also been said by the guy who got laid out.

Lisen to Supreme Clientele in the end there is a skit with Raekwon's voise where he diss 50

Jim Carrey wrote letters to Tupac Shakur when Tupac was in prison to help him laugh and smile. Tupac said that Carrey was his favorite actor.


2pac Appeared in the Salt-N-Pepa video, "Whatta Man."

2pac had to read to newspaper to his mother when being young and in new york(he said that in an interview with davy d)

2pac had read for the part of "Bubba" in Forrest Gump (1994).

2pac was offered a record contract at the age of 13. However, his mother refused to let him sign anything at such a young age. She felt 2pac had a lot to learn about the world before joining the music industry.

10 albums have been released after 2pacs 1996 death; all have gone platinum.

2pac was voted the 86th Greatest Rock 'n Roll Artist of all time by Rolling Stone.

2pac was originally cast in Menace II Society (1993) but was fired after a physical altercation with director Allen Hughes.

As a teenager, 2pac studied drama at Baltimore's School for the Arts, where 2pac rhymed under the name MC New York.

When 2pac was 12 years old, his mother enrolled him in Harlem's 127th St Ensemble. 2pac played Travis in "A Raisin in The Sun" in his first acting role

According to Guiness Book of Records 2004, 2pac is the highest selling rap/hip-hop artist selling over 67 million copies worldwide

In a 2005 Rolling Stones Magazine Vote, Tupac was named #6 of the '100 immortal artists of all time' behind the likes of Elvis and Lennon

2pac is the first rap/hip-hop artist in history to have a wax model of himself set to be placed in Madamme Tussaud's in Las Vegas

The Daily News reported that RZAs family is allegedly the largest extended family living in New York City.

50 cent Has a son: Marquise, nicknamed 25 Cent (how stupid can you be?)

50 cent does not drink alcohol or smokes.

50 cent Used to be a boxer.

50 cent created a dance known as the "two step". (WHAAAAAAAAAT?!)

50 cents cartoon-like photo on the cover of his album "The Massacre" was meant to make him look like a Ninja Turtle, his son's favorite cartoon characters. 50 is also a fan of the cartoon, his favorite turtle is Donatello.
^^ he doesnt really look like a turtle, so thats funny (or ridiculous) shit

Jay-z went to high school with Gza/Genius and when asked if he beat him in a battle he gave this ''not in a million years" look
-mtv All eyes on Jay-z

50 Cent (born Curtis Jackons), the artist behind the "How To Rob" song, that infuriated many rappers, was shot once in each leg and in the jaw Wednesday in New York City. He is in Jamaica Hospital in stable condition. 50 Cent, who is 22 years old, was sitting in a parked car with 22 year old associate Alton Brown. An as yet unknown assailant pulled up in a blue GM and fired 9 shots from a 9MM handgun, around 11:22AM.

The victims drove themselves to the hospital, and while 50 Cent's injuries are not life threatening, he was about to go through surgery late last night. The suspect was a black male in a black short sleeved shirt, with a stocky build. 50 Cent was also assaulted last month in Manhattan where he and members of his group were trying to record his debut album, The Power Of The Dollar, which is slated for a June release. He also stated that he has confirmed beef with Ja Rule, stemming from an incident in Atlanta, where 50 Cent allegedly punched Ja Rule in the face. Sticky Fingers of Onyx and Ghostface also responded on their records to 50 Cent's song, How To Rob. Check out the 50 Cent Interview in Real Audio, from 50cent.com

on his older albums he talked about being shot 3 times then he got signed to Shady/Aftermath and it magically turned to 9 times... 9 shots were fired from a black 9mm and 3 hit 50.

He doesn't have the scars... he only has the mouth one, and the body ones and he says the rest are in his legs which would be 6 to the legs... I highly DOUBT he would be able to walk after 6 shots to the legs... esspecially without a limp. PLUS he never showed all his scars he shows three on the dvd and shows and shit and then he says the rest are in his legs.
Joe Budden talks about him lying about the amount of bullet wounds, there is a site with the victims stats and what happened... it has the records of his getting shot.

Odb collected a welfare check with a platinum record

Odb stole the mic at the grammys and screamed "wu tang is for the children"

The wu is the crew that has the most classics in hip-hop.

Tupac loved, (He Said "Love" and you don't say that when you are a thug to another click,) Wu-tang (at the end of Masta Killa's School Track).

Biggie's Favorite Rapper was Method Man ( i remember seeing this on tv with him saying it before he got killed)

In an old interview I once read on Interscope and Aftermath, they said that theyre label heads told the artist not to mention Wu-tang in any derog way of because it would hurt their sales.

Wu-tang along with their Affiliates is THE LARGEST hip-hop and RAp Family.

Plus few artists have a world wide following like Wu-tang. I mean Wu- Wear would be dead if it werent for germans loving them so much. People from the Middle EAst who are probably Harder more and from more Dangerous hoods listen to Wu-Tang.

None of the wu tang clan wears earrings.

Wu-technologies b.k.a. Wu-tang Corp was never "officially" exposed as a manufacturing company. They were supposed to be manufacturing t.v. and automobiles shit like that.

the beef between the RZA and u-god over money is OVER-but they r still beefing over something

Raekwon's second album was tentatively tittled : Blood on Chef's apron.

O.D.B.'s second album was supposed to be : God made dirt and dirt don't hurt

Rza and o.d.b. were supposed to have an album called " The drunk monk
and The Abbot"

Ghostface was arrested in november of 1998 prior to S.C. because he was rolling with guns in the trunk of the car and police searched.

Method man started a riot in a nite club.

Odb turned up at a wu concert on the run from cops then went to mcdonalds and got caught.lmfao!

I heard Ghostface has sickle cell disease (the same as Prodigy from Mobb Deep)

That bit about Masta Killah punching some guy out for cartoon Wu characters is true (link: http://poplicks.com/2006/02/wu-tang-...n-to-with.html) --- just for reference, from left to right, top to bottom, it goes Method Man (big M on chest), Rza (Rza=Razor Sharp...), ODB (no clue about this one), Inspectah Deck (magnifying glass), U-God (halo and Jesus piece is an obvious God reference), Gza (scholar), Raekwon (chef) and Ghostface (Halloween ghost costume). ^^Yeah I remember seeing Coker re-tell his story on VH1 or something...he said some dude walked up to him in a parking lot I think and asked if he was Cheo Coker...he responded yes and instantly got punched out...the funniest part was right after he hit the deck, the dude said something like Wu Tang Aint Nuthin T' Fuck Wit...apparently, the guy was Masta Killah^.

From Wu-Tang Manual (one of the funniest stories in there):
Rza goes into discussing this show Wu Tang did when they werent that famous yet....he talks a ruckus breaking out among the crowd....Wu, for some reason, gets into it....then he says some nigga jumps up on stage and starts firing his gun up at the ceiling....and according to Rza, "when I say some nigga, I mean ODB!!"....I just thought the way he worded it was funny

Wu Tang show recently in NYC....Rza is giving shout outs in the middle of the show to various people in attendance...he shouts out Vibe, who are in attendance to review the show and whatnot....Method Man, very non-chalantly, says Man, Fuck Vibe....maybe one of those had to be there moments

this is From MTV.com it is the story of Ol Dirty Saving the young girl from under the car this is the link http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/142...24/story.jhtml

Here a clip from Mtv.com about the grammys theres a lotta bullshit in it but the show a short scene where ol dirty says puffy is good but Wu Tang is the best at the ending of it the show them talkin to dirty about what happened check it out

Jay Leno was just doing his Jay Walking segment where he walks around and
interviews people on the streets of LA about the topic of the moment. His
discussion topic was "Are You Crazy" and he was asking people if anything
about them made them crazy. One lady was saying how she spoke to herself.
Then, the Rza was in the next clip talking to Jay. Jay acknowledged that
he had heard of the clan and asked Rza if he ever talks to himself. The Rza
said something to the effect of "Yeah, I have a group meeting with myself
every night" Then Jay asked him if he can differentiate normal fans from
crazy fans. Rza said "Yeah, Crazy fans sweat a lot more"-ROFL

Odb said that he is the biggest vanilla ice fan. This is no joke.. He said that on the last gathering with icp... ice was on stage with odb and them freestyled together. I think ice was the last one who ever recorded a song with odb

The song "I get my thang in action" off of Method Man's Tical album was recorded before 36 Chambers dropped. They must have not used it for 36 Chambers Enter the wu-tang and saved it for tical being that he already had a solo on 36 chambers.

The original Tical got destroyed in a flood, so Meth had to hurry up and do another one, maybe they just threw that track on there.

Rza made the bring the pain beat back in 88.


• angsta Dresta & B. G Knocc Out--Nutty Block Crips
DJ Quik--Tree Top Piru
Ice-T--Hoover Crip
Ice Cube--N-HoodCrip (Rollin 60 set)
Snoop Doggy Dog--Long Beach Insane Crip
Warren G--Rollin' 20's Crip
Jayo Felony--N-Hood Crip (San Diego)
Lil' 1/2 Dead--Long Beach Crip
Easy-E (deceased) & MC Ren--Kelly Park Crips
Mack 10-- Inglewood Blood
South Central Cartel--Hoover Crips
Sinister--89th Street Family Blood
B-Real--89th Street Family Blood
Boo-Ya Tribe--West Side Pirus(Carson Samoan Warriors)
Tone-Loc--Southside Compton Crips
Tweedy Bird Loc--Kelly Park Crip
MC Eiht--Tragniew Park Crip
Coolio--Corner Pocket Crip
2nd ll None--Elm Street Pirus
Hi-C--Tree Top Piru
Kid Frost--has acknowledged affiliation with a gang, but no specific set or Clique
OFTB--Bounty Hunter Bloods
New Breed of Hustlas--PJ Crips (Riverside)
Lil' Nation of CPO--Kelly Park Crips
J.D. of Da Lench Mob--Crip(unknown set)
N.O.T.S.--conglomerate group of Crips(East Coast set, Harlem 30's set, Lynwood Gangsters

Kausion--have expressed Crip affiliation
Watts Gangsters--have expressed Crip affiliation
The Dog Pound--have expressed Crip affiliation
Brownside--Hispanic gang affiliation
Brand Nubian--members of 5 Percent Nation
Poor Righteous Teachers--members of 5 percent nation
Grand Puba(formerly of Brand Nubian)--members of 5 percent nation
Suge Knight(CEO of Death Row Records)--affiliated with Compton Pirus(bloods)
The Dove Shack--Rollin' 20's

Source: Sgt. Ron Stallworth, Utah Division of Investigation

Some other Known Gang Connections


Daz Dillinger


MC Eiht

Orlando Anderson- Southside Crips

Nate Dogg


Snoop Dogg – Long Beach Rollin 20’s

WC a.k.a. Dub C


Spider Loc- East Coast Crip

Snoop Dogg - Rollin' 20's Crips
Goldie Loc - Rollin' 20's Crips
Warren G - Rollin' 20's Crips
Nate Dogg - Rollin' 20's Crips
The Dove Shack - Rollin' 20's Crips
Kurupt - Rollin' 60's Crips
CJ Mac - Rollin' 60's Crips
Ice Cube - Rollin' 60's Crips
Kieta Rock - Rollin' 60's Crips
Tha Comradz - Rollin' 60's Crips
Daz Dillinger - 21st Street Crips
Lil' C Style - 19th Street Crips
Tray Deee - Insane Crips
Battlecat - Insane Crips
Bad Azz - Insane Crips
Swoop G - Insane Crips
Slip Capone - LBC Crips
So Sentrelle - LBC Crips
Lil' 1/2 Dead - LBC Crips
South Central Cartel - Hoover Crips
Ice-T - Hoover Crips
Coolio - Corner Pocket Crips
W.C. - 111 Neighborhood Crips
Eazy-E - Kelly Park Compton Crips
MC Ren - Kelly Park Compton Crips
Tweedy Bird Loc - Kelly Park Compton Crips
C.P.O. - Kelly Park Compton Crips
B.G. Knocc Out - Nutty Blocc Compton Crips
Dresta - Nutty Blocc Compton Crips
Tone Loc - South Side Compton Crips
MC Eiht - Tragnew Park Compton Crips
Big Syke - Inglewood Imperial Village Crips
Jay-o Felony - NHC 47 Blocc Crips (San Diego)
Lil' CS - East Dago Mob Crips (San Diego)
C-Bo - Garden Blocc 19th Street Crips (Sacramento)
New Breed Of Hustlas - P.J. Riverside Crips
Kokane - 357 Crips (Pomona)
Scarface - Atlantic Drive Crips
Richie Rich - Oakland Crips
Afroman - Palmdale Crips
Da Lench Mob - Crips
Watts Gangsters - Crips
Kausion - Crips
KAM - Crips
Above The Law – Crips.


2Pac (hired Bloods for security)

David Mack

DJ Quik

Mack 10- Queen Street Blood in (Inglewood)

Suge Knight

The Game- Cedar Block Piru Bloods

$uge Knight - Mob Piru Bloods
DJ Quik - Compton Tree Top Piru Bloods
Hi C - Compton Tree Top Piru Bloods
Mausberg - Campanella Park Piru Bloods
Mack 10 - Queen St Inglewood Bloods
All Frum Tha I - Inglewood Bloods
Tha Relativez - Inglewood Family Bloods
The Roaddawgs - Inglewood Family Bloods
Tha Realest - Compton Piru Bloods
Top Dogg - Compton Piru Bloods
G.P. - Compton Piru Bloods
B-Real (Cypress Hill) - 89th Street Family Bloods
Sinister - 89th Street Family Bloods
Terror Twinz - Pacioma Piru Bloods
O.F.T.B. - Bounty Hunter Bloods
Nuttz - Skyline Piru Bloods
2nd II None - Elm Street Piru Bloods
Boo-Ya Tribe - West Side Piru Bloods (Carson Samoan Warriors)
Lil' Hawk - Crenshaw Mafia Gangsta Blood
Big Wye - Crenshaw Mafia Gangsta Blood
Damu Ridaz - Denver Lane Bloods
Sen Dog (Cypress Hill) - Bloods


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Originally Posted by Dusk
^^^ correct, its for morons who are scarred to say nigga cuz they no they shouldnt
when jasper and sicka got banned 4 racism (lmao @ those stupid fucks) peeps got scared of saying nigga around here, but thats forgotten now
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50 cents cartoon-like photo on the cover of his album "The Massacre" was meant to make him look like a Ninja Turtle, his son's favorite cartoon characters. 50 is also a fan of the cartoon, his favorite turtle is Donatello.
^^ he doesnt really look like a turtle, so thats funny (or ridiculous) shit
he looks very similar to a ninja turtle with his fat head
also Nelly and Jadakiss are the other 2
ja rule is Splinter
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-Trick Daddy informed Trick Trick that he had to change his name (Now mind you this was in a Detroit club, real smart of him). Then Trick Daddy proceeded to recieve a brutal beating by Trick Trick and the Goon Squad. This shit happened a few years back.


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20.De La Soul
Rejected : We Fell Into A Bottle Of Plastic Shwingalokate, So We Opened A Radio Station
Released As : De La Soul Is Dead.

LOL thats classic shit there.. I can believe this is true..

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