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Definitive X
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Default Obie Trice-Second Round's On Me

From what I'm hearing, this album is FIRE...Obie is definitely underrated..."I've Got a Feeling", "Cry Now", and "I'm Back" definitely have a '94 feel to them...any1 else on here an Obie fan?

"Got heat for everybody/watch the microphone burn..."
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The People's Champ
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36chambers drunken masta36chambers drunken masta36chambers drunken masta

Who produces on this album?

BIG L Rest In Peace
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if you're a big fan i figure you should have this. every obie trice song ever...(not including cheers) so mainly unreleased or songs he was featured on. peace.

1000 ***** (w/ Phat Kat, Loe Louis, Killa Ghanbino & La Peace)
1701 (w/ Wesley Valentine, Mr. Wrong & Bandit)
1x1 (Proof/J.Hill)
24 hours (feat. Seth Marcel)
2nd Round
3 Messages(2Pac/Nas)
72nd and Central(J.Hill/Proof)
8 Miles
Adrenaline Rush
Anger Management
Average Man
Back To Back (w/ Proof)
Bad Bitch (w/ Timbaland)
Black Boy
Bleed Freestyle
Boy(Smigg Dirtee)
Call Block(Jaguar Wright)
Came Up (w/ Stat Quo & 50 Cent)
Chump (w/ Fatski & Suggaman)
Detroit *****s (w/ Bizarre, Swift, B-Boy REG & Ron Jasper)
DJ Craig freestyle
DJ Kay Slay freestyle
Doctor Doctor (Bizarre)
Doe Rae Me (w/ D12 & Hailie Jade)
Don't Come Down
Don't Wanna
Dope, Jobs, Homeliss
Drama Setter(Tony Yayo/Eminem)
Dramma Setter Part 3(Remix ft. Tony Yayo/Eminem)
Drips (w/ Eminem)
Drugs (w/ Bizarre)
Fire(Ray Ray)
Follow My Life
Freestyle (starts with i've been wrecking shots)
Freestyle(Jack One)
Freestyle(Miz Korona)
Get Back (Feat. Shim E Bango)
Get Ready
Gimme The Money
Gimmie My Dat Back
Go To Jail Go To Sleep (w/ Eminem & DMX)
Got Some Teeth
Got Some Teeth Remix featuring the Clipse
Growin' Up In The Hood (w/ The Game)
Gun Play (P-Funk, Nina)
Hands On You (w/ Eminem)
Henessy (w/ Tupac)
Here We Come
Hey Lady (w/ Eminem)
Hot 97 freestyle (feat. G-Unit)
I'm A Hustla (w/ 50 Cent)
I'm Back
I’m Back Freestyle
I'm Gone (w/ Eminem)
I've Got A Feeling
I Ain't With It(Raskal/Jadakiss/Banks)
In Da Wind Remix(Rap Name lyrics)
I'm Obie Trice
In The Booth (Big Tigger)
Intro (to second rounds comming mixtape)
Invasion 1 freestyle
It's shady (feat. Stat Quo & Lloyd Banks)
It Has Been Said(Eminem/Diddy)
Just Another Day (w/ Styles)
Lalala Freestyle
Look at Me Now Remix (Akon)
Look In My Eyes (w/ Nate Dogg)
Look into your eyes (NOT the track from cheers)
Lost in London Freestyle
Love Me (w/ Eminem & 50 Cent)
Love Me Mart’s Remix(50 Cent/Eminem)
Loyalty (w/ D12)
Mama's Song (Weedy, P-Funk & P. Nasty)
Mr. Trice
MTV Antics
Murder City (w/ Miz Korona, Almighty Dreadnaughts & King Gordy)
My Club
Never Forget Ya
Next To You Freestyle
No Coast Allstars (w/ Baby Blak & Planet Asia)
Obie-La-Di-Bla-Da (Muggs mash-up)(The Beatles)
Obie Trice (Skit) Obie's Intro(TrifeLifeMixtape)
Oh! (w/ Busta Rhymes)
Oh! (remix)(Nas)
Oh! (Remix)(Royce Da 5'9)
Oh My God! (w/ SOL)
On Fire Remix(Lloyd Banks/Eminem)
Outro (w/ D12)
Party Time(Nate Dogg)(Live Version)
Picket Fence snippet(starts with O triznuts
Pistol Pistol
Power Of The Underground (w/ Mad Kapp, 5 Ela, Strike, Lil Ruck, Dirt Diggla, Proof, Shim-E Bango, Wess Chill, King Gordy, Supa MC, Dogmatic, Undertaka, Paradime & P. Groove)
Rap Name (w/ Eminem & Proof)
Rap Name (remix) (w/ Keith Murray)
Real Men(Keith Murray) (same as rap name remix)
Reflect on My Life (Young Soul, P-Funk)
Ride The Boogie (w/ Dina Rae)
Ride With Me(Dina Ray)
R.I.P.(Young Soul, P-Funk, Weedy & P. Nasty)
Run These Hoes (w/ F.T.)
Sam The Amazing Crackhead
Shade 45 freestyle(Promoting 2nd rounds on me)
Shit Hits The Fan (w/ Dr. Dre & Eminem)
Shit Hits The Fan (Extended Version) featuring Brooklyn
Show Me Love (Show)
Since They Wanna Know
Situations (w/ King Gordy)
Sneak Preview(Proof/MadKapp/5 Ela/Dogmatic/Strike/DirtDiggla/LilRuck/SickNotes/
Snitch(Akon) Chopped and Screwed)
Spend Some Time (w/ Eminem, Stat Quo & 50 Cent)
Spread Yo' Shit (w/ Kon Artis)
Stay Bout It(Stat Quo)
Stretch Armstrong freestyle
That's what it is freestyle (DJ Babe)
The Do Do (w/ Kon Artis)
The Most Shady(Eminem/Diddy)
The Set Up (w/ Nate Dogg)
The Set Up (remix) (w/ Nate Dogg, Redman, Lloyd Banks & Jadakiss)
The Set Up remix featuring Kanye West The Way we Came Up(50Cent/StatQuo)
They Wanna Kill Me
Throw Dem Cups Up(Fuc That)
Unborn Soldiers (w/ Proof)
Underground Raw (w/ Shim-E Bango)
Underground Raw (remix) (w/ Shim-E Bango)
Up In The Hood(Game)
Waitin' On Obie(Eminem)
War(Trick Trick)
We All Die One Day (w/ Lloyd Banks, Eminem, 50 Cent & Tony Yayo)
We Bring The Heat (w/ Lola Damone)
Welcome To Detroit
Welcome To Detroit (We Keep It True) (w/ Dogmatic, Miz Korona & Strike)
Well Known Asshole
What You Want
When Shit Hits A Bad Sign (Muggs mash-up)(Robin Trower)
Wild Out(DJ O.C, P-Funk, P-Nasty, Mr. Memp,Beau & Redded X)
You're Writing
You've Been Slain
You Know That(Proof)



haha...why is it that as soon as rep is taken away i put in all the work?

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begginer wu-fan
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^ coo thanks
obie trice is coo in my book
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Axe about me
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Emile and Alchemist also gonna be on the production line up
can't forget them, son
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Obie is nice on the mic, Cheers is a personal classic.
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he's cool
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