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Default Re: I.N.S new crew (Unda Dogz)!!!!!!!!

this shit iz real. you could cop that by net. 6-7 $ on random mixtape site.

check the tracklist:

Inspectah Deck - Undadogz Volume 1 (hosted by DJ Storm)

01 - DJ Storm - Intro
02 - Inspectah Deck - Nobody scared
03 - House Gang Animalz - Make it
04 - Fes Taylor feat. Carlton Fisk & King Just - Graveshift
05 - La Banga - Promises
06 - Inspectah Deck - Who's live
07 - Inspectah Deck feat. Donnie Cash, King Just & La Banga - 10304
08 - Donnie Cash feat. Carlton Fisk & P.C. - Run nigga
09 - Carlton Fisk feat. Donnie Cash & Fes Taylor - Homicide housing '04
10 - JoJo Pellegrino - Urban paisan
11 - Inspectah Deck - Wake up
12 - Shyheim feat. Carlton Fisk & Donnie Cash - Animette
13 - Carlton Fisk feat. Donnie Cash - Same shit (Different day)
14 - House Gang Animalz feat. Inspectah Deck - Where you at
15 - Carlton Fisk feat. Inspectah Deck - All my life
16 - Inspectah Deck - Right now
17 - Fes Taylor feat. Carlton Fisk, Inspectah Deck, La Banga & Leatha Face - Park Hillz finest
18 - Inspectah Deck feat. La Banga - Blades
19 - Carlton Fisk feat. Donnie Cash & King Just - You ready
20 - Inspectah Deck - Ghetto (G.H.E.T.T.O.)
21 - Inspectah Deck feat. Carlton Fisk, Donnie Cash & King Just - Do you really
22 - Donnie Cash feat. Carlton Fisk, Inspectah Deck & Polite - Cream '04
23 - Inspectah Deck feat. Carlton Fisk, Donnie Cash & La Banga - A.W.O.L. (Animal way of life)
24 - Loose Linx - Scared 2 death
25 - Carlton Fisk feat. Black Child & Loose Linx - Homicide housing (Remix)
26 - Shyheim feat. King Just - Gooch Freestyle
27 - Raekwon feat. Carlton Fisk, La Banga & Y. Million - Kidz from da hood

definetly a good album. i got it and must say its a dope shit right here......


----the what you said iz truth.....wu will survive----
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Thumbs up Re: I.N.S new crew (Unda Dogz)!!!!!!!!

Leathaface is or should I say was(I haven't heard any of his new stuff) nasty.

I remember this freestyle session he had on the Supernatural radio show in NYC back in the day wit King Just and Star. They were rhyming to the Outkast song "You gotta get up get out and get something".

"My shorties carry 40 40's blastin challengers shocked - orthodox.
Glocks vary and calibers bust lead, nuff said plus - that its stinkin.
You need submarines, Im deep - Ya ship is sinkin.
Titanic, panic, planets like Unicron.
Use da bomb, shells disintegrate, budda harms.
My brain functions mind conjunctions to rap drops.
Put silencers on gats to muffle they klop shots smoke screen.
Hit by gamma rays and turn green get burnt clean, by my optical nerve beams. You need a - declaration - of independence to stop my blendin sentences, mad murder terror is genesis.
Mad gatter splatters chapters in the stories.
Combine my genetics wit chemics the category's gory or we - could be worst first, shells I burst and the blood that you shed I drink to quench my thirst."

"Possessed by the deep demented dark dirty drastic.
Brain of the insane absent minded blasted.
Execute- murder your troops in persistence.
I mix wit murdering midnight resistance.
Witness the sickness, blitz this formatic
Disc full of beats defeat or automatic.
Static clings to things, ripped from the spleen.
Stick for green cream, hold my weight like triple beam - scales.
I kill at will wit poisin quills shot from blowdarts as my art prevails.
Jails, incarcerate the many thugs.
My glock turn frequently, bust out the verbal slugs.
Plugs to ya membrane and puss discuss the metaphors.
Lyrical warfare is a must."

Two quality verses right there. Wish I had it on CD(I only got it on tape).
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Default Re: I.N.S new crew (Unda Dogz)!!!!!!!!

A while back I asked for the mix tape and a guy said they are called house gang animals.

"Robbed of natural abilities
In death they now seek tranquility
In a confused state of mind
Extending agony,they must be blind"

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Default Re: I.N.S new crew (Unda Dogz)!!!!!!!!

^^^^that guy is me, fisk and some of them other dudes on it have a group named....??...house gang animals. the rest of them like king just as deck refered to in the title, presents-----the undadogz...like there underdogz in the rap game....u get it now??

and whoever thought we came on here and made up this mixtape like it didnt exist is stupid.
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Default Re: I.N.S new crew (Unda Dogz)!!!!!!!!

didnt hear that mixtape

Originally Posted by BigKing.nl
What are you talking about? Why are you calling RZA a Zig-Zag-Zig? Stop hating, go to your Nelly board if you don't understand the true form of hiphop. 36 chambers, baby
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