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ChristO crouching tiger
Default dog day afternoon

first verse, title: the world trades

...the objective of terror is to mortify and often guide
the terrified to a point where they voluntarily reconcile
and hand over their liberties and rights to their own suppressor
and my objective, to throw projectiles into heads and mid-sections
I been already stamped with the 666, it was 6.69
I could trade if I wanted then, but I'm good with a modest grind
you know what a trade is anyway, 30 nickels, ass to give up
in a prison, it's just a punk giving ass to get cum
on the streets, its' retail and wholesale, hand-to-hand on all the sales
even your skill set is a trade you often sell for dollar bills
it's called a service rendered, even learning as an apprentice
but an intern don't get shit but a drink, chips, and a sandwich
living in this world is a navigation thru acts of baiting
the customers to snatch they paychecks, ravage accounts, run houses vacant
technology moves how we favor, not in our favor
because ironically, the more we relaxed by it, the more it enslaves us
how the-fuck they get my cell number to keep calling me
about free vacations they say that they offering
shiii, they want my information for what? to scope how I move about
in their round-about way to forge a blockade to my route
I'm on a course and already at my final destination
when I'm all caught-up, they hand they ass to me by-the-way then
I can remain silent and lock into the game 'til his grave
and control all blood flow from here on-in as my slaves
'cause soo-woo calling out tzu-wu, and I'm abel bodied
I don't mind controliing 'em all until cain I body
and I keep philly exclusive to how the brothers do shit
and keep on my sun wu shit to control gods prudence
the world trades, I'm not a traitor though, so I ain't trading
my land mass over and will murda' all infiltraitors...closest..
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ChristO crouching tiger
Default still born [on the other side of a morgue]

they're taking away my music, killing me off, I be feeling the cost
depressed because of how people seeing me off
not seeing at all, not an ounce of fight in they hearts
just leaving me lost, after waking up on the other side of a morgue
maybe it's the frost, two inches or so of snow
but I know, I won't budge from my post
I go hard because they bombard beyond y'all reference of time
and this just me fighting to maintain my alignment
this the light work I give to you to spear through you
how could I say I fear for you when I do not care for you
if you seen how they got me, I'm a' opt to be shot again
wu' couldn't adopt me yet, I'm too philly to rock wit' them
not a personal jab, 'cause they used to camp in demy's lab
but if they seen suh'm, just know I ain't broke out this trap
as of yet, and one or more of them staten isle residents
need to do the math of my precedence, I'm the president
I just got some fuel in me, they call it god degree
used to be on the seven septa bus, that's who ride with me
the seventeen, the twenty-nine, the sixty-four
the number two, the orange line, who want the war
who unna'stand why there's got to be protocol
and I be the pro to call...the god told me 12 o'clock
was living in kensington, what he know about what's going on
who got shot to death there and what for, that phenomenon
that gave away my location, where ole' dirty got too close to
got arrested at, and then died, and soo wu't I'm s'posed to
not live or some shit? just keep bearing my soul to be further buried
alive in y'all dirt? shiii, y'all best to know
I move around, I'm not a vegetable
the war's coming thru the black wombs to get to you'z, I'm still born..
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