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Originally Posted by RAMESH View Post
a nerd i'll tell you a bit about myself
only got 1 year of high school both my parents died when i was still too young to defend myself
here in africa you got qualified doctors who can't make a living
life is tuff down here
but here i am i got 24hrs internet i got a nice house & 2 cars in my double garage it's real old cars but still it's there.
my life has made me hard & it's broken me down they say that jesus will never give you a cross that u can't carry i never thought i would live to be 21 i used to live evryday as my last with no consions or romourse
i'm a wolf but at the same time i'm a broken man
there is no way i'm busting my ass for no pay i can't rap i got no qualifications i do have a wife & a son
i did alot of bad things in my life
i have a problem sleeping i smoke alot of weed i sleep with my eyes open i don't sleep well
i don't like people around me i like my space i'm just like dog i'm loyal i'm terratorial i can only show affection to those that's really close to me & i can kill without hesitation if i feel threatened in anyway.
Peace, respect
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