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Originally Posted by Eric Unseen View Post
Indeed, with the cultures etc, as I said I can only talk from my own experience. It seems to be a trend here that technology is constantly working to replace the workforce, especially in manufacturing. The catch though is, say hypothetically every job is replaced by a machine, robot etc that can do the job instead, what happens to all the people who have no jobs? Do you let them starve to death, especially if they have no land to even grown their own food? In this capilistic soceity, the object is to get paid, not to ensure the people are taken care of. To me its a twisted sense of morals that I've always taken issue with.

Yah, in a sense you can say that, there is also the factor of development (every person wants to develop) from birth a child develops according to its surroundings...

If all people stopped working in companies and such (capitalistic world) and went to agriculture (basis of food) and they had their land. How many would refrain from this...

These definitions seem to bring out each person motives, or what type of activities they prefer, and as they progress or even accomplish their desired effect. Other might try and gain such a trend. thus separate classes are defined... whose with or not with ( the masses - the separatists, the extremists )

Then the fact of having robots, "its the thing of the future" so to speak...

There is this guy who was shocked why mankind has not yet settled on the moon, and they plan to make the moon a steppin stone (booster) to reach mars and settle there....

China Russia and the rest of the guys are ready for the base stations or something like that...
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maybe a bit of both? It's get hard to tell, especially here in the states, our minds are assaulted on so many levels and w/ so many traps it gets hard to tell. I mean the got traps for all the dumb people out there, why assume they don't have traps for the clever ones as well? If the trapping is clever enough you won't realize you're in it.
true true true. One thing that freaks me out is watching old commercials they played for kids on nickelodeon and shit. Listening to some of that stuff now feels like listening to straight brainwashing. But when you're a kid, that's the shit teaching you when you get home and sit on the couch.
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Originally Posted by Eric Unseen View Post

And if by any chance could anybody suggest a link or a book that covers this subject in depth?

check out the work of Sigmund Freud...

or if u can get a hold of it, theres an AWESOME documentary out there called Century of Self <-----shit is great....done by the same guy who did the Power of Nightmares doc..

definitely check it out
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rabbit habits..
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mind controlling is varied in different methods like social engineering and economic engineering. Human society is steadily watched and a big way of doing that is how they spend their money. Putting out products and advertisements are stimulants and people buying are the reactors. People fall to their knees to luxuries, spending money they don't have on things they don't really need. Come on, why do you think everything is about CREDIT now? People don't have any cash but sure hells have a shit load of credit. Which inevitably leads to being a financial slavery. I truly believe that's part of a plan from the real controllers of this country/'world; CORPORATIONS and ELITISTS. People in general feel the need to rely on something and/or someone. People in general do not try to use their brain and put in some critical thinking, instead they get emotional and look for guidance which is where all these stimluants kick in; drugs, alcohol and tobacco, credit, luxuries etc.

As Mr. George Carlin once said: "It's all a country club....and you're not in it"
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