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Default Hey, This is a thing i came up with when i was bored.

Come with me and take a ride
A change in your life is bonifide/
Once and again I have been tested and tried
Now I feel my rhymes just can't be denied/
The world is ravaged with famine and war
At the point where you can't trust the knock on your door/
Every 7 seconds a soul is released and rises
And it's our country who jeopardizes/
The lives of many soldiers and they wives
The realization stabs you in the back like a thousand knives/
But this gives us the proverbial heart and the drive
To be able to step up above all the jive/
Being born in this country is just my luck
But sometimes you just gotta say, "What the Fuck?!"

I'm a straight up gamer
But with a mic I am also a tamer/
Cuz' enemies be like wild beasts never tamed
But when i finish they're the ones that get maimed/
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