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Default Young Buck Explains Problems From 50 Cent Fued, Says Game, Snoop Have Showed Support


Ever since 50 Cent went public about booting Young Buck from the G-Unit group, the Tennessee rapper has been kind of quiet outside of his response record "My Interview."

On Friday (May 9), Buck resurfaced on XM Radio's Raw with Mz. Kitti for a special Cashville Radio show, and spoke his mind on several situations. In particular, the rift between himself and 50 Cent.

"A lot of this sh** that 50's doing towards my situation, I'm just not used to," he said on the air. "I'm a street n****, I'm ain't used to n****'s just saying sh** and just doing any of this sh**. I'm like 'Hold up.' ... I'm focused at this point and I'mma stay this way. I'm more happier than I've ever been in my career. I ain't lying."

While Buck wasn't clear about whether or not he's spoken to 50 since then, he did reveal that it caused problems for him across the board. One problem he pointed out, specifically, was with his longtime manager, Sha Money XL.

"The minute that 50 went public and said 'Yo Buck, you kicked out of G-Unit,' Sha Money pretty much disappeared from me for like two, three weeks. No contact at all," he admitted. "After that situation, I went to calling Sha, because he's my manager, and Sha just disappeared."

Despite the momentary disappearance from Sha, he still considers him a friend, and the pair on back on speaking terms again. "Sha Money was more than just a manager to me. At the end of the day, Sha Money was ... still is my friend. Sha's in a situation dealing with both of these things -- he's a friend of 50 Cent, he's my manager. Outside of that, we've growed our friendship. I'm Sha's best man on his wedding," explained Buck.

Although he and Sha are on good term, his relationship with the rest of the Unit doesn't seem any better. Buck explained that other rappers, even former enemies such as The Game, are better friends -- and are supporting him more than his former family.

"[Snoop Dogg] comes to my city -- Cashville, Tennessee. This motherf***er really showed my city more love than any motherf**er ... and that goes for anybody and everybody, 50 Cent and all them ... and I'm signed to 50 Cent. But 50 Cent has never been to my house. 50 don't know where I live, on my child's life. I don't even think he'd know my child's first and last name if I asked him. My whole thing is, when [Snoop] came to my home like that -- he hung out in the hood and the projects -- sh** like that, you can't buy with money. Money can't buy that sh**. I appreciate that sh** more than anything in my life. It was so real.

"To the homie Game. I'm aware of you reaching out. I haven't gotten on no phone conversations and actually spoke to Game, but he's reached out to a few people that's around me just to show his support like 'Yo Buck, f*** whatever's going on, I just wanna see your well being, as long as you aight.' [He said] that type of thing," Buck continued, revealing the Compton rapper's efforts at extenting an olive branch. "That's love and I ain't even got that call from Banks and Yayo, and we ain't got no issues with each other. The issue was from 50."

While Young Buck didn't take any shots at his former G-Unit comrades, he did express his displeasure with how 50's handling the situation, predicting that the G-Unit house may fall if it continues in the direction its heading.

"I think 50's won so much, losing is not a thought. When you as much as he's won, you almost like 'Nah, I can't lose because if I do lose, I'm still winning'," the Southern rapper explained. "Life is a motherf***er, you gotta be careful when you do that. When you start feeling like that -- that nothing can touch you because you got hundreds of millions -- the reality of life is a motherf***er. Keep it even with the same motherf***ers that helped you get that paper. Keep it all the way even and everybody else gonna fall in suit. You gotta keep your home together. You take that foundation away, I guarantee that house fall down."

Aside from dealing with the aforementioned problems, Buck is focusing on his own solo ventures, including his Cashville Records projects, his David Brown Clothing label, and his Ten-A-Key Timepiece watch collection.

According to the official Cashville Records MySpace page, the first upcoming project is the feature film A Billion Buck, which includes a bonus music CD. It is slated for release June 10th.
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Good for Young Buck the only real talent from G-unit having had enough of 50's bullshit at last
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