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Post Old and new { my lady part 2 }

- in my lifetime.. Between us... That wooden fence.. A mexican ... Arabic.. Shrek ... I fucken .. Liked you... I don't have a wife.. F that b... Plywood paranoid.. With no weed.. I wish.. I was drunk... I will .. Break.. Every single.. Bottle.. Of wine.. Throwing.. Everything.. At me... Why do people.. Drink.?. Why do people smoke ? Some classics.. Are frozen.. In time.. Can i have your sweater.. M you ' re lucky... Dude in c... You're lucky.. You like wu-tang .. Props... I 'm sorry my lady.. In page 11 .. I'm going to run out and scream... Yeah my parents.. Made ... Me.. I don't know... In this .. Life... Thank.. You .. I love you... Damn.... I'm .. A nobody... Not that many page .. 2 's ... But i'm not going to get hit.. All those.. Macks.. I would want everybody.. To take them away... So i can be with you and have you like me... Love.. Me... Thats me .. Your boyfriend... A whatever.. Type.. Of relationship.. My lady.. Everybody.. Knows you .. Loves you.. My lady.. Damn... All to me.. In good and bad.. If we ever break up .. We would hook up with no play ... I really love her.. Damn why.... Curly.. But straight hair... The sickest.. Smile.. Teeth... My eyes.. Are getting watery.. Brown or black.... Oh shit man.. I want to dance to hip hop ... Liu kang.. In mortal kombat ... 1 ... Personality.. You can't fuck with this.. This personality... Equals.. Bombness... A word... It equals.. Tito.... I would want to have tito goes .. Crazy.. No keg stand.. That guy you met at the party... I met some girl.. Sick ass game.. Sick.. I'm going to blaze now... Fucken george... To the movies... You know which .. Mall.. I can't wait to get out.. So you clown.. I'm home... Dressing .... T magazine.. All about c ... All about .. C.. Beyonce in goldmember... Everything.. Looks.. Good.. From tights... To jeans.. To skirts... Lines.. Don't describe.... Brown.. Skin.. Darker than me.. I'm brown but i'm yellow... I'm not white... A pretty ass mexicana.... Who knows how many want to get with you ... I ' m sorry for locking the room... I really thought .. I really wanted to .. Damn i fucked.. Up .. But i guess i found out the hard way .. Mrs. Bird.. That look .. Kills me... It was your day .. Same home decorations... With.. All due.. Respect... When i seen you .. I wanted to hug .. You.. You looked pretty bomb.. Damn .. Your friends were there ... I shouldn't care... What people .. Think.. So i went to my friends.. Goro .. Was done.. Bin laden.. Got help.. From .. Shao .. Kahn... It was a good year in a way .. For mouser fans... Johnny was made... Later this year.. I miss johnny .. Do you guys miss johnny ? .. Fuck fucken .. Johnny ... That fool.. Was cool.. Johnny tical.. I'm going to see how his flow was... He was cool.. Because... He actually got feedback.. Sick lyrical.. Fool... He liked the wordplay... He even highlighted.. What johnny wrote .. Kind of like in quotes... He was being himself.. And he started liking it .. I met a lot of cool people ... I started noticing it was the world .. All you guys were cool... Some girl.. Made me trip... We would talk... Regardless.. Of what she looked ... Like.. I would of macked on her.. We talked about weed and how she liked my memory... I think she liked .. Me... I have no game.. The internet is crazy... If i die.. Tell her mouser words.. Is .. Johnny tical.. At least on wu corp.. My respects .. To method man.. All you girls.. Just playing dog.... All the fools that know me now and back then.. All this.. Thanks.. To the girl.. That i put in my avatar.. When i battled kingshyt.. You girls.. Thought it was me... No dummy ... No dummy ... Dummy .. .

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