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JohnMilton grasshopper
Default Off the Dome real quick, quick battle for whoever(don't think a nigga aint versatile)

train in the dark, in the temple of darts
takin darts to the head til my mind spark
and shed light as pen head and raise hell from the heart
pain of reagonomix, hurt of a failed society
hate from my oppression and all forms of anxiety
on the road of life the road less travelled i drive slowly
while nigga'z imitate screamin to ride like he
him or her passengers in ya own reality
is the reflection of life imitate art
which imitate life reason u front amongst the wrong
and get put in a situation u can handle and get left gone
beyond any thing u fathomed when u heard his song
think it was all games but thats like 50 doing a keep the peace joint
or snoop doin a bo flex commercial or jay-z with major coins
or osama owning a fleet of boeings
yall get me going cause ima make my point
how u a rapper and know more song by another boy
then ya own when they just lyricize scenes from goines
and you the nigga walkin to ya 9 to 5 or baggin ya dimes
you on the 20's you give these fuckin' fads life
don't u hate when the media misrespresent ya hood
like we all running aroung snappin clappin or prostitutes
like every body dancin when lupe the only nigga thats cool
its a fiasco thou then they treat u like baby's dude
shut u up with entertainment runnin on a track beneath ur pace
ed-u-cajuns got horses runnin in a rat race
like mice chasin cheese when it aint worth no more then its result
when u chew it swallow it digest and finish it at the toilet bowl
i aint saying shit thou just tossing darts at ya bulls eye
yo mak ya thoughts charge the track next time ya rhyme
so next time u on the "internet" takin about slangin and nines
ima bus shots at ya avatar with my infinite potential throu lines
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