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triggahappy187 Village Idiot
Default The "only drop somethin when u high thread".

I jack crackers smack actors, take they loot an dash/
Um high as hell ridin wif my homies fuck if they crash/
A death trap, we lab rats watch as histoy is repeatin/
Police are now fasists beat ya while u is sleepin/
Opress my concience steal my thoughts erain my memory/
Not before I met the wise man listen to what he said ta me/
"Live ya life, share ur past, done dwell on the future"/
Help out those in need pretend its ur seed that is the moocher/
Intelligent A spanish dude speak an um amazin I understand/
Put me in the desert Ill take measures in Afganistan/
Do it Rambo style, 7 mile like Gambino/
Fuck crime ambitions to rob a ma fuckin casino/
U claim u gangsta u at home listenin to queen tho/
The origional terminator I kill like a big ass machine bro/
He die slow I watch em go, puff blow Ya I know/
I got girls that suck dick an lick ya balls like an undertow/
Not younger tho umma man I handle my bizzznis/
Put white in the streets niggas thinkin it christmas/
Ship it off to Canada, make sure it goes Canada Post/
They done check the package cuz they makin cream the most/
While they Toast an get rich from our fuckin plot/
But hey I cant complain cuz I jus shipped my nigga pot/
Walk In My Shoes, Hurt Ya Feet, Then Yall Gone Know Why I Do Dirt In The Street.

"Shorty gimme more a u, ill take on 4 of u, plus 44 of the 48 laws for u"

"The Future is a mystery, the past is history, today is a
gift thats why its called the present"

Um on 7 Mile Ridin fuckin Dirty

Cass Corridor as well punk

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TONE TORCH grasshopper
Default Re: The "only drop somethin when u high thread".

Riding High/
Wondering Why/
Good Gotta Die/
We All Gotta Fly/
Maybe Now/
Maybe Later/
Good Weed/
No Seeds Indeed/
I Blow Trees To The Skys Above/
Love To Drink But Trees Was My First Love/
I'm Like Fuck A Bitch Fuck A Lick When I'm Bent/
Sit Back And Max Out On The Fucking Couch/
Deuce Deuce Of Oe On My Lap/
Gut The Swisher I Gotta Another Sack/
Good Chiva Twist Up And Spark/
Now I'm Super High Hunched Like A Neanderthal/
Gotta Get High Sober Problems I Could'nt Handle Dawg/
Now My Hearts Racing And Thumping/
Throbbing And Jumping/
I Love It The Adrenaline Is Pumping/
Chronic Like The Habit/
Addicted Liike An Addict/
I Just Gotta Have It I'm Fiend Like Rakim/

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