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Default Kiss' Audio Heroin versus '08's LOX mixtape.

Jadakiss - Audio Heroin' was damn nice and as a mixtape should do left me wanting more, It's like that new-school 'The Lox' sound. Both 'Styles P' and 'Jadakiss' are hardbody with It and I can listen to the occasional 'Sheek Louch' track too.. I can name ALOT of 'Styles P' classic songs ! And with 'Audio Heroin' 'Kiss re-upped his watered down game (Apart from his verse on 'Close Your Eyes') and kicked It out hard once more. But 'The LOX - Respect The Streets' mixtape was a big letdown, I expected that grimey hip-hop and raw style from them like they drop It Individually but nah son, It wasn't there. It's like a neverending compilation of failed 'feel good' songs, they can write that shit to a steady and bit serious beat like Styles P did on 'My Brother' and 'Jadakiss' did on 'All I Need' part 1 & 2 but this shit Is too soft. Once again expectations were up too high, I feel the same about 'Mood Muzik 3' (Joe Budden's) that was a letdown.

It's like everytime I think of 'The LOX' I imagine visual of the keywords : Dark, grimey, hood-shit but It keeps NOT being there. Individually, a few of my favorite rappers hands down but their styles combined Isn't working anymore. Everybody wanted 'The LOX' back In their original state as they like the 3 for their styles.. now when they team-up as 'The LOX' their identity seems to change a bit mostly In production. When they feature on one another's track on an album or mixtape It's hard, fuck Is up with them ??

Plus, It's not like 'That's how they used to sound' because that's bullshit.. I'm speaking for myself here but they changed and In the era of hip-hop change Isn't all that bad, but with a group that long-gone and a street repertoire hard as nails this Isn't exactly what I'm waiting for. How do you ninja's feel about that shit..

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