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Default Name your 5 FAVORITE Wu verses, general or affiliate

What are everyone's five FAVORITE Wu verses. These can be from generals or killa beez, but they have to be by a Wu artist. For example, you can't say Nas' verse on Verbal Intercourse. I'm not saying these are the best skill or lyrics wise but here are my 5 "favorite" verses, at the moment at least (no order):

Inspectah Deck's verse on "Rap Burglars"
-This song is so raw and Deck absolutely kills it. One of my favorite Wu songs ever and I
never see it mentioned much

Killa Sin's verse on "Dress to Kill" off of SWFQW
-I can't think of a better possible way to start an album

Cappadonna's verse on "Iron Maiden"
- This verse is too ill, and imo he outshines Ghost and Rae

Method Man's verse on "Next UP" by Sunz of Man
-Method Man closes out this song over a hype True Master beat. As soon as his verse
starts and the music pauses, you know hes about to spit heat. Hell Razahs verse on this
was also classic.

U-God's verse on "Black Jesus"
-This beat was made for Uey and he brings so much hype to close this song out.
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Jamal Arief
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That's utterly impossible. There are like a thousand! Couldn't possibly decide... But anyway, here is 1 that just came to my mind first for some reason:

Timbo King
-Legacy Remix

Inhale a breath of life, resurrect the death of Christ
What you got to sacrifice, I'm on some other shit
Takeover the mothership, brothers get to claim the covenant
Universal lovin it, olive oil you rubbin it
Check the thermometer, every kilometer
Rises from heat pressure, your thermostat couldn't measure
Royal Familia, atoms bombs from Israel ah
Dark Ages, so read the pages Mighty Malachi
Born on the cust, between love and lust
Genesis thru Exodus, Lazarus, slash black Barnabus
The holy temple be the mental, you and I see the evil men do
So understand the clear picture
Thou shall not steal, thou shall not kill
Thou shall never sign a fucked up record deal
Yo, I spit flames, thermonuclear type
Ignite mics, blow up U.S.A. satellites
Call me the unibomber, my whole crew laced in golden armor
Royal karma, my queen be the black Madonna
The missing link, be the big lips on the Sphinx, intelligent instincts
I say knowledge is the foundation, when I'm in an L's formation
Against hell's nation, I give my life before my word fell
I slap the vail off of justice face, supreme court couldn't judge the case
All I hear is forked tongue, the devil sat and watched as my forefather's hung
From the tree of good and evil, they infected us with poison needles
I cut the claws off an eagle, what, I cut the claws off an eagle...
I walk a righteous path through these wicked narrow streets
It's the 21st century, Allah against the beast
Fuck a leash, I'm owning properties, over seas
From the coast of Great Britain to the hills of Italy
I'm the ebony Universal King adding degrees
To this current, I take your unholy scriptures and then I burn it
Slap the reverend, impeach the deacon
With a cloak through his throat, for preaching, false teaching
Ain't nothing new about the world order
It's been planned since they put George Washington on the quarter
Government funded, approved by U.S. officials
Republicans, democrats, so many issues
Congress, they make the laws that affect us
No matter what we say, what we do, they disrespect us
Chemical warfare, poison, is in the food
Contaminated water, diseases stored in test tubes
Nuclear bombs are set to drop any second
Ten percent, got you blind folded, butt naked
Oxygen, is polluted with toxic fumes
Corporate America got a brother singing the blues
Democracy don't exist, it's a total diss
That's why I got the police on my shit list
Novus Ordo Seclorum on the dollar bill
Royal Fam scrap, aiming for Capitol Hill
or check it this video

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DrPneumonic shaolin monk

Timbo King's verse on Revenge

Rza's verse in Diary of a madman

Cappadonna's verse in Icewater
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Stikee Fingerz
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Stikee Fingerz crouching tigerStikee Fingerz crouching tiger

-Inspectah Deck on "Assassination Day"
-Ghostface Killah on "Criminology"
-The Rzarectah on "Dangerous Mindz"
-Cappachino on "Ice Water"
-GZA on "Guillotine Swordz"

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beautifulcock Iron Lungs (Fists of Legend)beautifulcock Iron Lungs (Fists of Legend)beautifulcock Iron Lungs (Fists of Legend)beautifulcock Iron Lungs (Fists of Legend)beautifulcock Iron Lungs (Fists of Legend)beautifulcock Iron Lungs (Fists of Legend)beautifulcock Iron Lungs (Fists of Legend)beautifulcock Iron Lungs (Fists of Legend)beautifulcock Iron Lungs (Fists of Legend)beautifulcock Iron Lungs (Fists of Legend)beautifulcock Iron Lungs (Fists of Legend)


Yo, the pen is mightier than the sword, as I face my worldly challenge
In the scale of justice and my heart remains balanced and neutral
My respect for all men is mutual
As my thoughts surpass a level to which you devils compute to
You've been given the chance to hear the true and living
So do the knowledge, son, before you do the wisdom
So you can understand, how the thunder and
Lighting above your head is caused by the Son of Man
We experimentin' with high explosions
That cause the place to quake and the surface erosions
The earth produce lava like the mouth produce saliva
This wisdom goes deeper than your scuba diver
In search for the pearl jewels sold to Tiffany
My verbal heart symphony will strike the epiphany
Insight, ignite, and then men might, see love and hell
Hell and right, then excel, to be masters of your circumference
First, by obtainin' mastery of your common sense
This supreme wisdom clears a man's vision
You can see it through the lies and the fantism
Of the equivocal, two-faced political individual
Who's only out for residual, fabricatin' lies
To eradicate the wise
But we come to civilize and gravitate to the skies
Of the heavenly celestial sphere
Trust me, son, it's dere, in between your ears


Restaurants on a stake-out
So order the food to take out
Chaos, outside a spark steakhouse
Maintain the power, I feel the deal's gone sour
Nigga Mr. Wedding, late a fuckin half hour
And his man who bought land from Tony Starks
While he was contractin bricklayin jobs in city parks
he's a loan shark, bitches raise a grand to a finger
In a garment that's stretched, got it sewn like Singer
Cause all that talk blasphemy this kid after me
for the heist, in a Burlington Coat Factory
Fuck it, he turned snake so my nigga Cash stole his copilot
who used to drive like sacks of blow on this remote
area, we label Dead Man's Island
Two hundred miles South from Thailand
Right off the docks, I got the various custom made yachts
Burial plots, for my niggaz hit with fatal shots
There's no need for us to spray up the scene
I use less men, more powerful shit for my team
Like my man Muhammad from Afghanistan
Grew up in Iran, the nigga runs a neighborhood newsstand
A wild Middle Eastern, bomb specialist
Intiated, at eleven to be a terrorist
He set bombs in bottles of champagne
And when niggaz popped the cork, niggaz lost half they brains
Like this ex-worker, tried to smuggle a half a key
in his left leg, even underwent surgery
They say his pirate limp gave him away
As the feds rushed him, comin through U.S. Customs
Now look whose on the witness stand singin, a well known soprano
A smash hit from Sammy Gravano
here's the plan minimum for the hit, two hundred grand
Half time at the game blastin niggaz out the stands
The sharp-shooters hit the prosecutor, judges are sent
Photographs of they wives takin baths
Along with briefcase filled with one point five, that's the bribe
Take it or commit suicide
First rule, anyone who schemes on the gold in Syria
I want they small intestines ripped from the interior
I got a price for those jewels, ship em freight cargo
Don't forget to launder the cream through Wells Fargo
Reconstruct those processin plants for the call of Costa Rica
Four hundred barrels of ether
Two hundred pounds of reefer
and fifty immigrants with fake Visas

Ol' Dirty Bastard

I’m the one-man army, Ason
I’ve never been tooken out, I keep MC’s lookin out
I drop science like girls be droppin babies
Enough to make a nigga go cra-a-azy
Energy buildin, takin all types of medicines
Your ass thought you were better than
Ason, I keep planets in orbit
While I be comin with teeth, bitin more shit
Enough to make ya break and shake ya ass
cause I create, rhymes good as a Tasty Cake, mix
This style, I’m mastered in
Niggas catchin headaches, what ? What ? You need aspirin ?
This type of pain, you couldn’t even kill with Midol
Fuck around get sprayed with Lysol
In your face like a can of mace, baby
Is it burnin ? Well fuck it, now you’re learnin
how, I don’t even like your motherfuckin profile
Give me my fuckin shit, CH-CH-BLAOW !
Not seen and heard, no one knows
You forget, niggaz be quiet as kept
Now you know nothin ; before you knew a whole fuckin lot
Your ass don’t wanna get shot !
A lot of MC’s came to my showdown
To watch me put your fuckin ass lo-o-ow down
As you can go, below zero
without a doubt I’ve never been tooken out
by a nigga, who couldn’t figure
Yo by a nigga, who couldn’t figure
Yo by a nigga, who couldn’t figure (Brooklyn Zoo)
how to pull a fuckin gun trigger
I said, "Get the fuck outta here !"
Nigga wanna get too close, to the utmost
But I got stacks that’ll attack any wack host
Introducin, yo FUCK that nigga’s name !
My hip-hop drops on your head like ra-a-ain
And when it rains it pours, cause my rhymes hardcore
That’s why I give you more of the raw
Talent that I got will riz-ock the spot
MC’s I’ll be bur-r-rnin, bur-r-rnin hot
Whoa-hoa-hoa ! Let me like slow up with the flow
If I move too quick, oh, you just won’t know
I’m homicidal when you enter the target
Nigga get up, act like a pig tryin to hog shit !
So I take yo ass out quick
The mics, I’ve had it my nigga, you can suck my dick
If you wanna step to my motherfuckin rep’
CH-CH-BLAOW ! BLAOW ! BLAOW ! Blown to death
You got shot cause you knock knock knock
"Who’s there ?" Another motherfuckin hardrock
Slackin on your mackin ’cause raw’s what you lack
You wanna react ? Bring it on back...

Inspectah Deck

For life I'll be underground, their first thought
Was yo, "How did he survive with no commercial support?"
Damn right, I miss the corporate politics and tricks
Where the SoundScan is rigged and contracts are fixed
I sit in the pit where the grime exist
Legendary, they still lovin' my rhymes from 9-6
Now I'm back, that's my word as I reveal this shit
By choice or by force, ya'll gonna feel this shit, ya hear?


It's all elegance
He spoke third power style high intelligence
A young man handle the game like Merill Lynch
3 a.m. breathing, leaning in gates
I mean creaming,
Selling these cakes in slabs like Lanolakes
Fiends beaming, steaming
Associated wit' names and demons
All apparant reasons
We live here the gate blew in a year
Sorta like time share where crime
Sport it like I shine yeah,
Rainbow dough was the emmo
So many flavours yo,
Buy your neighbour off underwater vault
Then I met him, Colombian name Flako
Had the whole block locked selling tons in Morocco
Wristwatch Fachera Costanti, nigga dead up
Sniff the rawest mist mixed wit 7up
Had a black wiz spoke German
Higher learning burning
Ask Vernon got a bed set bought a black jet
Bitch large percentage on her rich motor lodge
Lost her arm, shot wid a AK up in the south
Paramedics rocked her,
Said she had connections out Anartica
Barrels of juices from Florida
Can't forget live dusthead centerfoldin
Out in Club Med butt ass layin' like she dead
Wise guys fell for her ambiance
Pull it together, black renassaince
Queen Elizabeth aunt
Crazy swift Cristal murderer
Guzzle the shit like she dying kid
Showing off her diamond
Flashbacks now it's me and him again
Last word I caught
'Put your money in we could have the shit bumpin'
That's federalo music
I caught the glimpse from the bitch
When she winched yeah Santa a grinch
She blinked twitched her nose then froze
Check your Rolls by the blow
It's time to roll nigga let's go
I thought about it
Broke the money down
What's the total count it,
No count it over in the mix
Day going slower,
Nope not time to motor
He estimated over me not being a crook
Count it over
Yo only on the strength of my man
We ain't hit him wid the strong hand
Gun him down leave him out in flatlands
He backhand smacked her
Threw her on the table jacked her
I broke out in laughter fifteen minutes after
Police knocked on the door
Looked out the window of my room
As your, nigga yeah that's yours
He opened up the door this nigga wildin'
His bitch is in shock
Start smiling and speaking on Valen
Yo wisen up bitch this from the rich
Immobilize the game get your name right
Envelope came hype
Regards from the mayor you hype
Fuck right, lets fuck this money up
And get large and blow outta sight


Yo, I'm down for the get down, hit the town, sick the bloodhounds on 'em
I rip clowns, I flip pounds, I spit rounds
I'm on the prowl, my stomach growl, crushed by the crowd
Rush through Loud Records, drop mushroom clouds
I'm not a rapper, I'm spellbound, I melt down
Your G-Force, with heat walks
Free falling to a better money, bet he's hungry
Spread the honey, big head inside the Humvee
Mix lead inside my lungies, spend bread on my Dungarees
And such and such, Ghost plugged me with this slut
Don't hug me, bug me, I'm ugly when I fuck
I'm hard like a jungle hunter, bust off in Heather
Double cross me, lift your boss off your feet, 'course he's feather
Whatever, whatever, he cried indepence
Tennis players get fried, playing both sides of the ends
Keep your eyes on your friends, cuz they spy for the feds
Watch me rise from the dead, I got ties with the dreads


Scientific, my hand kissed it
Robotic let's think optimistic
You probably missed it, watch me dolly dick it
Scotty watty cop it to me, big microphone hippie
Hit Poughkepsie crispy chicken verbs throw up a stone richie
Chop the O, sprinkle a lil' snow inside a Optimo
Swing the John McEnroe, rap rock'n'roll
Tidy Bowl, gung-ho pro, Starsky with the gumsole
Hit the rump slow, parole kids, live Rapunzel
but Ton' stizzy really high, the vivid laser eye guide
Jump in the Harley ride, Clarks I freak a lemon pie
I'm bout it, bout it - Lord forgive me, Ms. Sally shouted
Tracey got shot in the face, my house was overcrowded
You fake cats done heard it first
On how I shitted on your turf
at times, Cuban Link verse yo
Check out the rap kingpin, summertime fine jewelry drippin
Face in the box, I seen your ear twitchin
As soon as I drove off, Cap' came to me with three sawed-offs
Give one to Rae', let's season they broth
Lightning rod fever heaters, knock-kneeder Sheeba for hiva
Diva got rocked from the receiver bleeder
Portfolio, lookin fancy in the pantry
My man got bigger dimes son, your shit is scampi
Base that, throw what's in your mouth, don't waste that
See Ghost lampin in the throne with King Tut hat
Straight off

Masta Killa

Handed my paper with the proper title
Who wrote the holy Koran or Bible?
Bein' that person with the scent ability
Makes me responsible for the uncivil
The next morning as I entered the building
A cypher goin' on and the Gods is building
My hot chocolate spillin', after 5th period
Let's cut out, go bag some chicks up at Tilden
Wonderful had the rental, "Nobody Beats the Biz"
Instrumental, attractin' a few
Nothin' really poppin', let's slide to Clara Barton
Bumped into a few good brothers from Morgas Martin
Mentioned Norman Thomas, had chicks
That'll hit flicks, and take you shopping, true indeed
I thought Sarah J. had the one that I need
Mary Burtrum, Julia Richmond, is it fashion?
Elijah Whitney sing the song with me
Sisters from Washington Irv. swing a arm
Brothers in death, pull the fire alarm
Rude ones flow rapness, Western House money makers
Maxwell thunder hip shakers..

Method Man

I'm the bastard the total package like Lex Luger
Pull a sting like a yellow jacket makin manuevers
through the slums nigga Iron Lung ladies and gentlemen
Welcome to my torture chamber pen and pendulum
Foul play year T2000 be judgement day
Face millenium hell to pay
My knuckles soft from the star wars of han solo
South paw ring your bell like its quasimodo what is the law?
Stay hardcore my clan logo move to quik to catch a photo
Jettin on land like jet moto now we lord on the conduit?
These niggaz actin like they been through it
As if the hardcore to the truest
I Can't Lose like Parker Lewis
Set in my ways..
got you corny niggaz askin who is .. JOHNNY BLAZE
Get a late pass stinkin ass sucker ass
Now you sufferin like succotash
while Johnny Cash is makin moves on your moneybags
im strict love stickin hundreds in your honeys ass
my verbal bucket in the background
holdin me down watching these clowns
as they eyeballin all day in the mind
Gettin high y'all
Put it on the skyfold the nite troll
Rap infected get the LYSOL to disinfect it
You don't know me or my fuckin Method
That's the shit that made me tip
when I wrote a pitch how many leech it
Stapleton, the Wild West Park Hill
Now Borne jungle nils one more game hit me with
that shit they be smokin..
got cali niggaz loc'in new york niggaz open
John Hay phenomenon the megabomb
Transformed in a firearm like Megatron
Youget stepped on and shit upon, I'ma stay calm
knowin brothers wanna do me harm
Shaolin whylen what .. punks


I live by the street code never owe
never love a hoe, never flash the dough
cause you never know who friend or foe
got block control solid gold thought
before the blow lets stroll through the ghetto
habitat with no parole
never snitch switch which
keep a fresh pair of kicks
split the tongue snatch the weed
in case the cops wanna strip search
think first prepare for the worst
when you do dirt
remember there's a million other niggas with the same thirst


I know a lot of brothers that think that they can flow
But when I come through it's like everybody's slow
One kid told me he used to be a pro
Until he bump heads with new Cappachino
You might of seen my face in the old school arena
Dipped like a fresh kid sipping on Pina
I'm a felony y'all cats a misdemeanor
Eyeballing all on my dick like Gina
Smiling you're not really ready for the Whylin'
Came up strong but you scared of Staten Island
All on my chest, oh the big fat medallion
What you don't really want this here rut
Rhyme ? 2 rhyme slut
Battle wit dancehall king, you get struck by the lightning
I tear mics up, y'all need to quit
The name of this rhyme is I splashed the shit
Some of y'all sing like never before
I sleep all day while y'all trying to score
Then I wake up like Alien 3
Coming at y'all niggas that stole the rhymes from me
Bitch, this is how the poor got rich
Lay on the track then insert the hit
Nine months later, the rap world is pregnant
Wu babies blow kid, beware the segment
Rumor has it, Donna darts create magic
Nobody in my team have it
You've seen my face on a $20 dollar bill
Then you hear my voice on an Iron Man reel
It's all tragic, rule not the bull shit-atrics
Your rap is swine, mines is like catfish
Birthday rap style, come on make a wish

Killa Priest

My mind designed like a Mayan pyramid
When you climb up the steps you could get where the emerald is
I left witnesses for those who didn't believe
Show the depths of sentences, y'all forbidden to leave
Alphabets become images you listen and see
How to breath other lyricist who breathe 3-D
Trapped in each bar gets deep with the God
Like the 5 Pillars that they teach at the Mosque
Trying to define killing you seek a mirage
Terrified thriller have you reach in your heart
Priest 'fenna get dark, dark as he can get
Dark as the first nine Pharaohs who ruled Egypt
Dark as the moon casts its shadows across eclipse
Dark as the ladies with the tarots telling your secrets
Dark as the gun barrel right before you squeeze it
I enter you mind like a auditorium
Your picture was distorted but I restored your film
Now you see clearer my pen has a lens
Like I'm sitting in the theatre coming back again
Remind you of Rakim but I'm not him
Though we one and the same; the second coming of Kane
I'm like Kool G Rap put the Uzi in rap
Or KRS-One said "It was cool to be black"
For Slick Rick pronounced that the Ruler was back
Back in the days where gold jewelry fat
Before Wu or Biggie, Nas, Jigga or Fifty
That was new yeti, they ruled the city
On the West-coast it was run by Death Row
'Pac gave Thug Life but I just hug mics
The grip of the Python, the strength of my right palm
Will crush a competitor's life-form
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i dont know about top five, but one of my all time fav verses is LAD's verse on that Just Blaze beat. track two from Notorious LAD.

im here ta finish ya, my grin in sinista, just left the civic center meeting with the minista

AMG In The Building: Gun Rule To BR
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masta on execute them was dope, gza on reunited, gza on living in the world today ghost on impossible, rza on impossible, those off the top of my head are the siccness if i put more insite they would change probably but those are my 5 fav as of rite now.
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Shitty Brainz
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Shitty Brainz crouching tiger

not the very best ones but favourite

Dirty on Protect Ya Neck
Masta on Chessboxin
Killa Sin on Soldiers Of Darkness
Meth on The What
Shabazz on Diary
Masta on Glaciers Of Ice
INS on Guillotine
RZA on Wu-Gambinos
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UncontrolledSubstans five deadly venomsUncontrolledSubstans five deadly venomsUncontrolledSubstans five deadly venomsUncontrolledSubstans five deadly venomsUncontrolledSubstans five deadly venomsUncontrolledSubstans five deadly venomsUncontrolledSubstans five deadly venomsUncontrolledSubstans five deadly venoms

"Inspectah Deck's verse on "Rap Burglars"

That's the second verse on "Words On The Streets".

5. GZA on Duel of The Iron Mic
4. RZA on Assassination Day
3. Masta Killah on Glaciers of Ice
2. Ghostface Killah on Guillotine (swords)
1. Inspectah Deck on Guillotine (swords)
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Originally Posted by UncontrolledSubstans View Post
"Inspectah Deck's verse on "Rap Burglars"

That's the second verse on "Words On The Streets".
Yea i know but i liked the way the Rap "Burglars version is mixed better....like his voice sounds different and it ounds like its hyper....Mathematics probably just mixed the vocals differently and I really liked the way it sounded
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starkeylove drunken mastastarkeylove drunken masta

1. MK - Da Mystery of Chessboxin
2. Cappa - Winter Warz
3. Inspectah - Triumph
4. GFK - Rainy Dayz
5. GZA - Protext ya Neck
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BIG D O iron monkeyBIG D O iron monkeyBIG D O iron monkeyBIG D O iron monkey

Raekwon on C.R.E.A.M.

nuff said....
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what five you get one i'll be here all night hell wrong with you

um ghostface killah on impossible
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Stikee Fingerz crouching tigerStikee Fingerz crouching tiger

Dirty on 16th Chamber

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gaza go fi dem any weh
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JasonD crouching tiger

1) killa sin - younger godz (number one for sure, the rest is a toss up between a lot)
carlton fisk - mr sandman
deck - triumph
doc doom - terrorist
crisis - killa cal lifestyle
gza - gold (first verse)
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