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Default Now I Ain't Saying He A Gold Digger...

By Keith Boykin
September 9, 2005 01:15 PM
in politics

"But he ain't messing with no broke niggas." Yes, you heard it. Those are some of the lyrics to a new song that parodies George Bush's slow response to the hurricane crisis. The song, called "George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People," takes the words from Kanye West's now famous NBC television outburst and adds them to Kanye's own hit song, "Gold Digger." The new song, created by Mic and D, is hot.

George, Barbara and Laura just don't get it. Thankfully, FWMJ does. Thanks to Boing Boing for pointing this out. Click here to hear the song (it takes a minute or two to download) and check out some of the lyrics below.
Hurricane came through, fucked us up 'round here
Government acting like it's bad luck down here
All I know is that you better bring some trucks 'round here
Wonder why I got my middle finger up 'round here (...)

Five days in this motherfucking attic
I can't use the cell phone, I keep getting static
Dying 'cause they lying instead of telling us the truth
Other day the helicopters got my neighbors off the roof

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