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Default long drawn-out process

...ay, I give it my all just to be paid attention to. 'cause when the shit come, they can't say I ain't ever show. can't say I hid quietly in some safe abode. can't even say I do this for love of the dough. after-the-fact's how you always gon' react. I never woke up, never napped, never relapsed. ready to kill lucy when he told me to "relax" just to clear that image out his head 'til he eat that. do the math, I'm 13 minus 13. seth cannot replace me. I'll tie his purse strings around his neck. he better check the time because it's mines. I remain in his ass, because otherwise he lying (truthfully). so he the puppet master, and I be the muppet master. if he make it to the profit, I make the profit. ask him. yeah, I been retired [murdered], and he the killer for-hire. but he know my resume' and why he had to rise me from the grave, because I made the proposition to him, first and foremost, that vs two could forge a union. he told me as sure as there is one moon in the sky, there can only be one ruler...now on the other side of that, he wanted to proposition me with my own shit. he was in his baby crib asking me to join him. now you can ignore this, and I can keep going back to it until you're floored and the walls crack to it. I'm trying a' make new material happen, but you just won't listen, but your enemy pays attention. they heed the codes. you won't. they know I'm real. you don't. you think I'm a mental case and not worth the space I take up. but you best be aware of jacob and know why the mother favored him. and I'm a' demonstrate some shit to you you'll never turn away from. I know your nature. into a pillar of salt is the only way you're changing. you're hardwired to resist freedom from enslavement. I'd only go back far enough to sink full slaveships, if I could reverse time. I wouldn't save you. fuck outta' here. die. I'm only doing this to talk to myself. if somebody else in the room, they heard it themselves. and riggamortis is how I hardened myself. otherwise, how u gon' keep from being brainwashed? to submit to a false peace, and be in love with a false god. and before I come, they setting up they version of holocaust to be triggered. but I'm too much for them to figure. they might get to trying throwing figures at me. since my people want me to have it, I'll show 'em what happens, when I accept them shits. and I'm a' still noose them synagogue-of-satan worshippers' necklaces. they can be stranger-than-strange fruit. I wreckon this. nobody on this earth can stop this reckoning.
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This was cool liked play on the bible. Good read

Tables Turn..Which Made it Worse, Engaged N' Searched..
for a Way ta' Learn, how ta Take tha' Curse of the Weight of Earth
Incase it Curved, and Strained my Nervous System..
Rage it Burst, n' Explained in Words how ta Further Wisdom
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